Speeding Through Shadows: A Flash of Rebirth

this is a fandic about a normal guy from earth getting reincarnated into the flash wc TV show as a 19 year old who looks only similar to his old self.

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Tp is good

After the whole caitlyn getting kidnapped thing, we realised when we had returned we couldn't find Ronney, and I honestly wasn't sure if this was the universe correcting the plot, but I think it's rather that Martin Styn, had resurfaced and is probably trying to figure out what had happened since he was unconscious.

My guess is that he tried to go look for his wife, only to realise that he wasn't in his body, and is probably looking for help.

"Don't worry about it Cattie, I'm sure he will be back, he is smart enough to know that we are his best shot at trying to fix whatever happened to him." she just nodded in reluctant acceptance and went to her lab.

After that all happened I returned to my apartment to continue trying to figure out how to make the absolute cold gun to properly work without having to refill it. But after an hour of doing that I decided to meditate, The reason being that I know that there is a type of chi in this world as shown by Wally West im the future after going on his whole journey, and although I've managed to get the meditation skill, it's been difficult to level it up, and even trying to just feel chi or whatever it's called is very tricky.

After meditating for a while, I got ready for my kinda date with Cecile, though this is our first time meeting in person but yeah. I got myself looking presentable while also making sure I didn't look too formal and with that I was ready to go.

We were going to a diner and once I arrived at the place I quickly found where our seat was booked under her name. I then waited for a while, ordered a coffee and then eventually she came walking through the door with a nice cosy Looking outfit with a lovely looking sweater as well as a briefcase.

She quickly made her way over and looked surprised at seeing how young I was. She sat down and ordered a coffee.

"I must say, I wasn't expecting you to be so young, from all the help and information you have been providing to me, I must say I thought you would be a lot older."

I just smiled at her and replied with a "Yes it's good to meet you as well, and well i could say something similar, i wasn't expecting you to be so young Either, and beautiful if I might add."

I said with a small smile.

She just smirked and relaxed a little. "Well let me formally introduce myself, im Matthew, a really good informant if i do say so myself."

"Believe me, I know." She gave me a playful smirk and then introduced herself.

"And well I'm Cecile as you know and it's a pleasure meeting you mister informant."

After that we got down to the nitty gritty stuff of a formal contract that I would be an independent informant for her cases, and that she can call for help Whenever she needs it with a pretty good pay for me which was nice.

After all the formal stuff was done we relaxed and chatted, got some good old diner food and had a blast, just before she was about to leave i spoke up. "Although it's nice to be in a formal contract now, how about we do this sometime again, as although I've lived here my whole life I haven't really explored the different restaurants and diners, how about it?" I said with a good natured smile, which she returned and agreed. I already had her personal number so that was great.


The next day I found out that something had happened at Dr.Wells house and drove over there as i'm pretty sure this was the day that his house got destroyed by that sound guy, what was his name again? Henry? Harry? Hyper? Harper? Yeah I think it was Harper right. Well anyways I drove down to his house and saw that there were police outside his house as well as the Star Labs van.

I quickly made my way inside, and saw Cisco and Caitlen talking to Wells. 'They must have just arrived.' "Yo, Guys what happened here?" I asked and they turned to see me. "Ah, Matthew I see you also arrived." "Ah yes, Dr. Wells. Nice house btw, though i must ask, why glass walls? I can see that it's bulletproof, but actually how did this even break? There doesn't seem to be a point of impact."

"Good observation Matthew, yes there isn't a point of impact, as it all shattered at once. As for the glass walls, it feels less constricting compared to the reinforced walls at Star Labs."

After giving him a nod Caitlin came over and asked where I was yesterday. "Ah, I was meeting with someone, just getting a Salary for myself as an informant."

She didn't seem too happy after I mentioned that it was her but well she needs to realise I'm not always just going to be there after she just bounced off me, well I don't blame her too much but you get what I mean.

"Hey Barry, have You realised that there isn't a point of impact with this glass? I mean look at how it shattered, it's as if it happened all on its own '' He finished my sentence and realised that it didn't make too much sense if it were a simple prank.

"I have an idea, I was doing an experiment with my powers and I broke a glass, let me show you." I quickly found a piece of glass that wasn't completely shattered and brought it over. "Check this. If we vibrate our hands at a fast enough frequency and touch this.." *Crack* The glass shattered almost like how the glass around us looked. Barry then again finished my thought process. "It generates vibrations in which it can shatter… but what could do that, Sound!" We both said. Just then Wells rolled up to use and said "Exactly Mr. Allen, Matthew." "But you already knew that. So Dr. Well you know who did this then?"

"Well I know who it is, Hartley Rathaway."

"And who is Harly Ratheway?" "The prodigal son. He has returned."


Back at Star Labs now we were all discussing Hartley and all that stuff when Barry says he won't let him hurt any of us etc. after which we went our separate ways for now, and I decided to hang out with Cattie, it was pretty fun, just going through some of her notes.

Just then, there was an alert in the cortex, and it was Hartley then I quickly suit up and go to were the mess was happening at Rathaway Industries, just then I saw the Flash shoving him down, and having a conversation just before Hartley was going to shoot Barry I punched him and knocked him out.

"I had that, you know!" "Yeah yeah, c'mon let's get back to the lab." I snarked back and we left without any unnecessary drama.

After putting Hartley away, having a chat with caitlyn and placing a tracker on Hartleys Gauntlets I left to continue coding my programme as I had gotten a few more offers.

Later I learned that Harltey had escaped and Barry went after him while I went to check on Caitlyn. After the whole debacle and putting him away again then started going more smoothly, it has been about a week since the team had some character growth and that Harrosoisan needed to earn the team's trust back.

"Yo, Cisco Cate, come look at what I found!"

I proceeded to show them the video of Martin Stein and Ronny merging.

"Dude, first of all that looked cool, and second the thermonuclear of the particle accelerator seemed to have somehow merged the 2 together"

"Well I have an idea on where to look for Ronney, because if I were a person who is disoriented and didn't know what was happening to myself, I would go home."

Catilyn hugged me tightly and thanked me over and over again as I got a call about Barry needing help with a teleporting Meta.

"We will go look for Ronny, you go help Barry." I nodded and ran to help Barry.

"Yo, I heard you needed help with Woman slipping through your fingers, literally." I said to Barry as we both started going after the girl and eventually I managed to get my hands on here but she teleported with me and I felt slightly disoriented, but then I got a new skill as the information shuffled into my mind, [Teleportation Lv1] and eventually she got away but we followed her to a gang's hideout but like in the original her and her boyfriend escaped by car and we went after them after taking the lights out. And honestly it was a sad sight as the guy had abandoned her in the car.

After which Barry got a call that his dad got beat and they went to go deal with that, just then I got a call that Caitlyn and Cisco had found Martin and managed to Bring him back to Star Labs.