1 Speedy Death For A Speedy Player!

"Let's go! World Record!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. My name is Sam, and with that achievement, I'm officially the best speedrunner!

I sighed in relief and took a drink of my still cold, dripping, Root Beer as I talked to my friends I a call. "Did you really do it?" One of them said excitedly. "Hell yeah, I did! I even recorded it! Time for another million followers!" I said with pride.

And in the blink of an eye, I was dead. How and what happened?! I looked around to see nothing but the void and abyss of nothingness. 'So this is what death is like.' I thought.

Suddenly, a white figure approached me from above, "You know, your title of speed-runner suits your death." The figure jokingly said. Many questions are running through my head. Who is this guy? And how does he know me?

In a flash, the answers hit me like magic. It's God.

"I see you've figured out who I am, my child," God said, his body still shining bright. "Yeah, I have. But why are you still bright? Are you hiding something from me?" I asked.

God replied with a slight chuckle, "To be honest, I don't know how to turn this off. The angels said that this would make me appear holier than I already am, so I used it.

I gave him a nervous chuckle as I silently laughed inside. I mean, God himself doesn't know how the divine works... "Holy Father, just walk forward towards the human. It will automatically turn off..." an angel appeared out of nowhere to notify the clueless God.

"Erm... Yeah, I knew that" he said as he walked forward to me.

What I saw was unbelievable. God. Is. A. Child...

God tilted his head, "Is there something wrong? You seem to be confused about my body, child." he said.

"Erm... I just think it's pretty funny how you call people children despite you looking like one." I said, immediately bracing for something terrible.

"Haha, nice joke," God replied sarcastically. "Honestly, even the angels make fun of me for it. They say stuff like 'I didn't know you could be a parent at age 5'" he quoted one of the angels in a mocking tone. I looked over to the angel in the same place as us. "Erm... Please don't embarrass us like that, father." the angel said in a soft voice, almost like a whisper.

God sighed, "Just forget it... Sorry for going so off-topic, my child. As I was saying, you died a very swift death. A very electrical one."

"How electrical?" I replied. God gave a smile, "Well, you see. That cold can of root beer you were drinking was dripping. You fell asleep on your desk, leaning on your CPU. the drink dripped onto your electrical socket and your computer exploded. Shouldn't have kept your tower box so close." He said.

For those that put the CPU below the desk. I introduce my modern innovation! Putting the case on the table instead! It makes it much easier to turn on the computer, input some CDs, and much more stuff! It can even be a good divider for LAN parties!

...who knew such a fantastic innovation would lead to my death.

Seeing my depressed expression, God tried cheering me up, "Hey, did you know you lived only like, an eighth of your life span?" God said.

"Yeah, I'm only seventeen years old! Yet I died so early. I wonder how my friends are." I said to myself quietly.

"But don't worry! I'll just have you live the rest of your life in another world!" He followed. Is this it? Is this finally gonna be my reincarnation anime? Where are the cameras?!

"Woah, what are you looking for?" God asked the frantically moving me. I took my time to calm down, inhaled, and asked, "How am I gonna live the rest of my life if I'm dead?".

"Isn't that obvious already? You're going to work for me of course!" God replied cheerfully.

As soon as I heard those words leave God's mouth, my jaw dropped and my expectations were shattered, not in a good way.

"Hahaha! You should see the look on your face! I'm kidding!" God burst into laughter upon seeing my defeated face.

"In all seriousness, I'm going to reincarnate you into another world."

I was about to jump in glee but was interrupted, "BUT! It's an almost deserted world. You have to build your own civilization. You know, like those cool turn-based RPGs in your world!" God gave conditions to me...

"Your goal is to build a kingdom within 30 years. After that, I'll bring you back here and see how your kingdom does without you in it. If it survives for more than 10 years, I'll give you god-ship to that world and give you anything you wish." He said.

"This should be easy for you 'cause, like, aren't you the best speedrunner? What do you say?" God reached out his hand to shake mine to confirm the deal. All I have to say for this "wager" is...

This is totally unfair! I speedrun story games! Not turn-based strategies! What and how do you even speedrun something like that?! How do you manage a darn kingdom?! The games I played never prepared me for this!

"Oh! If you're worried about not knowing enough to start a kingdom, here! I prepared these things for you!" At the snap of his fingers, 4 "items" appeared.

The first item was a book labeled "Kingdoms 4 Dummiez". The book consisted of kingdom blueprints and how to run it. Not that useful but still useful nonetheless...

I look over to the second item, a backpack of basic human needs. A sword too! I put the book inside the bag and strapped it on myself and gripped the sword in my right hand.

God giggled and said, "You look like those default characters in RPGs that literally no one picks! Haha!".

"Oh, come on, father. He doesn't look that bad!" an angel jumped to protect me.

"How sweet of you to stand up for him! Tell you what, I'll let him bring you so you can protect him, even in the other world!" God said something.

"No, I didn't mean it like that—" "Too late! I've made up my mind! You shall be his literal guardian angel!" the cruel God interrupted.

Suddenly, magic circles surrounded us, and we were waved goodbye by the child God.

"See you in 30 years!" God said as he waved us off.

"Wait! What about the two—" I was too late. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor of some path in the middle of the woods.

It was old fashioned scenery you'd find on a camping trip. Plenty of trees. Wildlife everywhere. Makes it very confusing because God said this place was a deserted one. Maybe he meant there was no one here...

"Ow! Why did father have to make me accompany you?!" the angel next to me sobbed. Getting a good look at her, she looked around the same age as me, black, long hair that reached up to her waist. And a rather slim body— Ow! "What are you looking at, creep!" The angel slapped me.

"Oh, my bad. It's just... It's hard to believe that I'm looking at and talking to an angel..." I lied. I don't wanna go to Hell for eyeing an angel...

"Sigh... What am I gonna do now? Do you have your items?" the angel asked for me to show the items.

"Here, I have a kingdom guide, some essential needs, and— Ow! What was that?!" Did something come crashing down at me? It was so heavy I nearly got knocked out!

"Oh! What's this?" The angel picked up the item that fell on me. "It's one of the father's items to you! Look!" She showed me a bag of coins, looks to be about 100 gold coins...

"Oh yeah, Dina here shall be your fourth and final item! She's like an encyclopedia for this world!" God whispered into my ear. Wait, how did God whisper into my ear?

"Am I just an object in my father's eyes...?" Dina said in a depressing tone.

I manned up and said, "Hey, cheer up! He probably just wants you to experience independence by accompanying me here! That takes a lot of trust you know?" I said to her to try and cheer her up.

"Yeah, but that doesn't change the fact that the father sees me as a tool and not his child!" Dina said angrily. Oh, shoot. Erm... "Then prove him wrong...?" I replied softly. "Why did sound like a question?" Dina asked.

"Nevermind that! I have to speedrun! We've wasted so much time already!" I said to distract her.

"Sigh... Okay then. Let's get the show on the road! I gotta get home soon and tell my father off!" She said as she stood by my side.

This is the start of my Isekai Speedrun Journey!