1 The New Recruit

The Zith Empire holds the largest territory in the Mainefore continent and borders the alliance of tribes in the north, the Ellefar Empire in the west, and the holy state to its south. Despite its large territory, armies and the fact it controls the eastern side of the continent it is currently falling into disarray. It was revealed to the public that the emperor was on the verge of death and the fact there were no successors to the throne has created a civil war between all the nobles who wield any sort of military power.

Weapons clashing in what was once a small town on the border of two fiefs creates a massive contrast to the peaceful life that was being lived here barely one month ago. A youth in shabby leather armour holding a 9 feet long spear was standing near the middle of the battlefield barely containing his fear, for a 14-year-old who has just been conscripted into the Earl's army for the civil war this whole situation is terrifying to him. Though a soldier wasn't what he wanted to be in life if he could survive the wars and get promotions it would definitely be a good opportunity for him.

In the Zith Empire, 14 is the age where you take responsibility for yourself and as an orphan, it is also the age where you get kicked out of the orphanage and have to make a life for yourself. Luin started off by trying to get an apprenticeship with any of the tradesmen in the town, if he could learn to blacksmith or to be a carpenter it would allow him to have a good life, however in a world where connections and nepotism is rife and charity is scarce, getting such an opportunity is nigh impossible.

Without much other choice Luin had to enlist into the army if he doesn't want to starve to death, though the pay isn't amazing as a new recruit, meals are provided and so are your sleeping quarters which is much better than sleeping on a street. What he didn't realise is that although the news of the emperor's impending death wasn't known to the public it was to the nobles. If he knew that one month after enlisting and only three weeks of combat training, he'd be in a real battlefield fighting for his life he would do anything to avoid enlisting. In this brutal, kill or be killed situation it's hard for even seasoned warriors to survive, never mind a newbie who could barely lunge with proper form and power.

"Die!" A man lunged at Luin's neck with his sword as he attempted to kill him, in a panic Luin leant back and felt the sword cross his cheek, losing his balance he fell to the floor and put his right hand toward his cheek which was stinging. An experienced soldier who has just finished off his opponent turned to the side to see Luin falling to the floor and lunged his spear into the head of the man who just slashed his sword at Luin. "Oi kid, use the range of your weapon to kill them before they get to you, you won't be so lucky next time."

Luin sprang to his feet and tried to forget about the pain coming from his cheek while nodding, "Sorry to trouble you Kenneth.", "Kid just shut up and focus on the fight if you want to survive.". Luin tried to remember his training.

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In the three weeks of training, he did receive it focused on three key aspects, always listening to superiors, fighting with his weapon, and the role of his unit and how to fight alongside them. As he was assigned to a spearman unit, he was given a standard nine-foot-long spear which other soldiers in the unit use, and he was taught 4 based movements to fight with to survive in battle, blocking, a lunge, a stab and a slash. Blocking is self-explanatory, using the shaft of the spear to block the opponents attack, the lunge is the movement of taking a step forward whilst doing a large stabbing motion, essentially a stab utilising the full length of the spear and also adding in the momentum of the body, the stab is a simple stabbing motion with the spear and a slash is just swiping with the spear to attack in a wider area however it isn't deadly as most of the spear's damage comes from the sharp metal tip.

As another enemy soldier broke through the ranks ahead of him Luin contained his emotions and sent out a stab aiming at his opponents' centre. Being caught off guard, the soldier gets knocked over by Luin and immediately falls to the floor, learning from his previous mistakes and still feeling the pain of the cut on his face earlier, Luin takes a step forward and stabs downwards with the spear towards the fallen soldiers head. Feeling the impact of the spear on the man's face, Luin's stomach turns immediately.

Shaking his head to get rid of distracting thoughts and trying to ignore what he has just done, Luin continues to hold rank and get a second kill shortly after. However before long, a horn is heard in the distance and the enemy troops start to retreat, instead of chasing after you also hear a horn from your side signalling to retreat.