4 X men

when Jackson came back to his senses he realized he was free falling his armor seemed heavily damaged along with his body he would probably be able to survive the fall but he would most likely be heavily injured, along with his armor being destroyed. he couldn't control his fall but he decided to see if his AI could do some thing.

118" Ares can you here me."

Ares" of course fleet Admiral Jack".

(ok so alot of you may be confused as to how ranking especially why it's the highest. long story short since he spent most of his time on ice they decided that they would use him for a suicide mission knowing he'd complete the mission and die trying. so they ranked him up gave him five warships and before they could issue his mission reach happened. and then he died. RIP fleet admiral Jack I could have added a little more to the story but I would end up getting writers block especially since I get it quite easily. any way enjoy.)

118" Ares can you reroute power to my shields and put me in armour lock this is going to be a rough landing."

"Affirmative Fleet Admiral Jack"

feeling his armour lock around him and seeing as he was about to crash into some ones yard he prepared for what would be a rude first encounter.


minutes Before in the x men mansion.

As every one was getting ready for classes early in the morning they started to hear a loud rumble immediately every one was on alert the x men including Charles went out side to investigate noticing a meteor coming in their direction professor Charles orderd Jean.

Charles" Jean I'm going to need your help so redirect and slow this thing so as it doesnt crash into the mansion.

as they struggled with shear speed and weight they moved the direction from where it was going to instead land right infront of them where it would eventually hopefully come to a stop.


a huge crash and it dug through the ground reaching right at the feet of the professor once the smoke cleared they were able to see that instead of a meteor it was in fact a robot scratch that noticing the increasing amount of blood which Logan pointed out with his enhanced smell. it was in fact living.

POV change to 118.

coming to my senses I noticed my surroundings surprised by the human presence I was attempting to move remembering the lock down I ordered ares to shut it off.

"ares" I ordered in a deep and commanding voice. " Disengagement protocols Delta 13085"

as the suit released its lock the suit began to spark until it settled down. finally able to move Jackson stood up at full height standing at around 8 feet 6 towering over every one.

every one was stunned especially hearing his deep commanding voice they were also surprised to here a response.

Jean boldly stepped forward "excuse me but could you follow us to our medical center your injured and need healing"

Charles " she is right after your patched up you can tell us about whatever is going on"

Logan " not so fast bube I can smell blood that doesnt belong to you so who did you kill. cause I ain't letting you in here".

118" Classifi.. baargh. ou.

the Spartans form leaned forward small amounts of blood leaking from the cracks in his golden visored helmet. 118 grabbed at his helmet unlocking its compression and allowing a large amount of blood to escape.

everyone was terrified. yet what shocked them all even more was the fact that that huge body belonged to a child. Logan immediately sensed something wrong this wasn't a regular super powered kid but a military experimented kid.

118 "If I'm not wanted I'll leave"

walking away he was stopped by a puff and a blue humanoid form appeared. immediately entering a combat stance he was flooded with memories of the covenant immediate after realizing the error of his judgment he just saw a boy with strange features. he relaxed and apologized.

118"sorry kid you just reminded me of some people but you look more human than alien sorry for the tensing up.

kurt "ah I'm totally sorry I know that being the fuzzy dude freaks people out."

118 " it's not that it's just I have bad memories with genocidal aliens"

Charles " please follow kitty to the medical ward." Professor Charles cut in so as to not prolong his injuries with more questions.

after entering the mansion ignoring all the curious stares of the other children 118 was led to the medical ward were he had to get help from the x men to to remove his armor as he didnt have the necessary gear to remove it he had to get help from Ares and the x men's advanced equipment. after stripping the armour he removed his under suit exposing to them his naked form and countless scares from the surgeries and from the different wounds he's received from burns to bullet holes from certain incidents.

they were all horrified.

kurt " mine Godt what happened to you"

118" I'd like to say classified but I dont think that applies to me any more as I'm officially missing in action. I died and some strange being revived me and threw me into your world with gifts as she put it haven't really figured out what they are didnt really have time to."

Ares show them my history.

Ares showed them how he was Indoctrinated at a young age and the different augmentation and pictures of there mangled and bloodied augmented bodies.

they were disgusted by what they saw and horrified.

how could they do that to you. said Kate.

I accepted it I needed it for my revenge.

it was what saved humanity with out those augmentations we wouldn't have been able to save humanity from extinction.

118" I'm done you want to know more then you'll have to wait longer. "

after getting settled in they started healing him.

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