3 The start of his Journey.

After being dropped off with other recruits I saw John and decided to make my way to him

Jackson "Hey your names John right "

John " ya how did you know"

Jackson "I was there when Dr. halsey was testing you"

John "I remember you were behind them and left with them"

Jackson " ya th...

We were interrupted by well this.

STANGER "ATTENHUT Cut the chatter maggots it's time to change into your trainers.

After changing meet me here for the beginning of your training. Before you go you all will address me as sir I am know as CPO FRANKLIN MENDEZ.



Time skip.....

The Spartans were rudely awakened early in the morning by chief petty officer Mendez and his team of instructors at 0530 hours. Mendez ordered them to go to the showers and those who hesitated were treated with an electric baton as encouragement. Later they were sent outside were mendez ran them through 100 reps of jumping Jack's, sit ups, deep squats, knee bends, and leg lifts.

During the excercises mendez would often make notes of how Spartan 118 was doing and send them to halsey.

After there excercises they were then made to jog a mile to Deja a dumb AI that taught them a wide variety of lessons, including mathematics, science, and history between physical training of course.

Their introductory lesson was a video on how the original Greek Spartans fought against the Persian soldiers at thermopylae. after lessons they jogged the two miles to the playground a maze in mid air with a bell at the top, where they were divided into teams of three. The last team to reach the bell at the end would go with out supper, as an incentive to win. 118 decided against teaming up with John and found an other squad.

During the excercises 118 noticed how John seemed to be speeding through and leaving his team behind. which ended up costing him and his team. they went with out food. Jackson luckily realized the true objective of the excercise was team work. he and his team were able to go further then most as they worked together to get through the obstacles.

In the end 118 018 an 008 won the game. mendez commended him for his extraordinary success in teamwork.

time passed they repeatedly trained again and again. until they were assigned to a mission they were to make there way to the objective the last one there would have to walk back to base.

mendez: "Alright maggots you are to make your way to the objective." mendez proceeded to RIP a map into peaces and distributed it among all of us. before arriving John came up with a plan to meet at a river we all agreed.

after landing we all met up were we were able to peace together the map. 117 and 118 proceeded to lead the group to the extraction point. when we arrived we noticed guards that weren't wearing identification uniforms. so we assumed they were hostiles John and Jack took out the guards with the help of their respective squads and allowed the others to enter the pelican were they used deja to fly themselves out of the area and back to base.


after arriving on base dr. halsey called for our team were she proceeded to inject us with different kinds of drugs. she said we would be undergoing the augmentation sooner then our brothers and sisters. 118 through out the years of training was injected with different drugs increasing his body's ability in every way the only side effect was he kept his childish face he along with his squad were augmented on earlier than the others his squad didnt have the same side effects he did but they were plenty strong in their own right 118 was the all around fighter he wasn't overly huge bor was he overly lean like his team 018 was Male he had black hair and was the bulkier one of all of them. 008 was the most agile of them all. yet 118 had everything they had and more. he was stronger and faster. he was taller then the rest of the Spartans even taller than John. dr halsey intended to keep them as reserves she gave them the most experimental equipment. she gave them AI to allow them to process more information and they were taught every thing that was humanity's large collection of information. then they were cryogenically frozen. over the years they would deploy on mission fighting the insurrection every time there team entered battle they would completely emerge unscathed as other Spartans. but they did everything faster then they were re frozen this process repeated even through out the covenant war. while the other Spartans got older they stayed around the age of 16 years old. During a routine mission they were sent along with several UNSC WARSHIPS 5 in total their mission was to fend off the covenant attacking reach there battle ended in a Lose not with out dealing heavy amounts of casualties to the covenant side during a slip space wormhole event with an experimental equipment alarms were issued to shut it down unfortunately it was to late and they along with five UNSC WARSHIPS dissapeared from that world.

During the travel 118 was awoken by his AI Ares named after the God of war for her extraordinary capacity for destruction she was a newly issued AI just 5 days ago. because there last one enterd rampancy.

Seeing the chaos around them he rushed to the bridge only to be blinded by a bright light upon his arrival and then he lost consciousness

waking up spartan 118 awoke to a white room he noticed a woman or at least what looked like a woman if they were gigantic and were glowing of a golden light.

"Hello spartan 118 or should I call you Jackson"

118 " 118 is fine, can you tell me what's going on." simple answer your dead."

118 didnt even flinch he merely asked what's next. " so now what do I just die and disappear."

God like being " well I could do that but the only reason why you died is because the world you were in didnt want you to live you were interfering with the nature of its existence.

so I decided to take you and put you in another world. of course I'm giving you certain gifts to allow you to live in the other world hope fully without you dying to quickly.

before he could respond the same light that sent him here sent him somewhere else.

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