10 Malibu

Arriving at tonys home we exit the vehicle and approach the door he guides me to a guest room and let's me settle in.

Examining the room it does look luxurious which doesn't match my military style but that's not really important as all I need is a roof and four walls to minimize my exposure to the elements.

deciding to gear up so that I can start protecting Tony I disable all the hidden cameras in the room, with that out if the way

I grab all the gear I needed from my own world and come back just in time for Tony to barge in.

"SO you found the cameras huh" he said it as statement rather then a question.

Ignoring him I grab all the cameras that I had removed and hand them to him.

"I would like to have privacy in my own room if you dont mind." said are spartan with a nice deep and commanding voice.

Tony hearing him went wide eyed.

"I thought you were MmmUTe." he stumbled out the word a little apprehensive after hearing the intimidating tone I used.

I just look at him ignoring him and walk up to the foor opening it for him and signaling for him to step out.

Sighing he steps out and I follow right after.

He makes his way to his garage were he stios me.

"Look buddy you can protect me and all that just not down here." Tony said pointing at the glass door that lead down into the garage.

Looking at Tony 118 just salutes and walks away patrolling the mansion or house whatever this facility is called.

After that he detected some unusual movements from his radar heading towards where the movement was he opens the door only to have to face down and look at a red head who was struggling with groceries and the door, deciding to just grab the groceries that were in both her hands with just one hand and stepping out of the way 118 asks.

"Where would you like these put ma'am".it was priceless to see her face but quickly she just went back to normal with a deep breath and said with a sigh.

"sigh just follow me to the kitchen". the red head commanded.

So right about now you must be wondering why did 118 just let s stranger into the house well he scanned her and with the help of his AI he was able to gather that she was Tonys assistant slash something else.

"So who are you and why are you answering the door and not Tony". Pepper said with her hands to her hips, after we walked into the kitchen where I set the groceries down on the counter.

"New security guard, Ma'am you can just call me 118 or spartan I dont reallyhave a preference ". said 118 with his usual cold and unnervingly callous tone.

"Umm so that answers who now where's Tony. Pepper asked already able to gander that he was either in bed with a strange new girl or downstairs working on his projects.

118 simply pointed down answering her question with a nod she a

walked away and headed down.

118 decided to resume patrol this time outside.


Tony was currently working on a new suitcase for his iron man armour cause the other one didn't activate when he was in the car.

when he heard the door open and close turning he saw pepper he jokingly told her.

"What's that guy doing just letting people walk in too my home with out even giving me a heads up, I'm talking about you Jarvis". Tony joked.

"My apologies sir but miss pots asked to surprise you".Jarvis responded sounding strangely like codsworth from fallout 4 ( he only sounded like that for that one time, mainly cause his voice popped into my head when I read out the sentence in my mind)

"Speaking of Guys what's with the new security guard what happened". Pepper asked confused as to why Tony would even need one.

"Let's just say we met on the road and we bonded a bit". Tiny told her with a snioe knowing she would find out after watching the news later tomorrow.

"So how about you and I head up stairs so that we can form our own bond". Tony said as he went forward and gave her a Kiss.

As there lips touched they both felt a electric shock course through their body as they separated for a breath of fresh air breathing onto each other with steamy breaths.






Deciding they couldn't wait until they got upstairs Tony grabbed her and removed her clothing while kissing her neck pushing her onto the hood of one of the cars where they would have steamy hot sex.

After opening Peppers Blouse he removed her bra exposing her beatiful breasts, and after taking a second to admire them.

seeing her sexy pink nipples and wondering how they would taste Tony lowered his head down cupped her right breast with his left hand and began to lick her nipple and give it a small bite.

while he was focused on one breast his hands were on the other fondling her left breast squeezing it with his and and pinching her nipple.

Tony would switch between breasts while his free hand made it's way under her skirt and moving aside her panties he began massaging her clitourus with his free hand.

moan after moan she released slowly getting louder as she felt the pleasure from both her tits and pussy combine into one.

melting her mind away from all the stressfull thoughts she had.

as she lost herself in the pleasure soon she climaxed trembling as she grabbed onto Tony's head and pushing his head into her breasts as she climaxed as her grip loosened she let Tony go and began removing his clothes licking his bare chest making her way down as the tip of her tongue danced further down to his abs all the way until she reached his trousers.

feeling a stiff hot rod through his jeans she helped him unzip and remove his jeans then after removing his underwear and being smacked by Tony's erect cock she stared at it with lust filled eyes grabbing it gently she started licking it over time she licked after and faster until eventually she opened her mouth and took it in feeling the pleasure and the teasing from all the licks Tony grabbed Peppers head and thrusted his cock down her throat making her gag but she endured as her lust over took her gag reflex and she moved her head with his thrusts faster and faster swirling her tongue around his long shaft as it continued to thrust down her throat mercilessly.

feeling him stop she opened her eyes only to see him shaking and eyes clenched closed as she felt his throbbing cock explode a load of cum with every throb.

After swallowing his loads she laid on the leather seats and let Tony lay on her pinching her left nipple and sucking the right one Tony's countless experiences with women has allowed him to build stamina for another go.

continuing his movements he grooped her breasts and licked each one until eventually his manhood recovered its former flame and raised once again.

Moving his pelvis into position he trusted into Pepper making her moan out in pleasure at every thrust.

Again and again Tony's perseverance and hard worked allowed Pepper to reach climax.

feeling her climax Tony decided to wrap up so he sped up his thrusts and not long after he reached his climax pouring in a load into her womb causing her to moan one last time.

AS Tony And Pepper lost consciousness our favorite Spartan was unfortunately still patrolling when his AI SHOWED HIM A VIDEO OF WHAT HAPPENED.!! He was a little bit startled but decided not to think about it and to continue his patrol with a Sigh.









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