3 Chapter 3: An Opportunity

"I think I'll go and have a wonder around" Sparky says and has a stretch before getting out of his chair.

"Do try and behave yourself" Jacinda warns him.

"Mwa, I am the living embodiment of a saint" he replies whilst putting his hands together in a praying motion.

Jacinda rolls her eyes as he wonders off.

Nial by this point has been doing everything he actively can to avoid Milo, but needs must and he has to use the toilet, reluctantly, after scouting the area, and with no sign of Milo, he deems it safe to go.

Stepping inside and taking a brisk look around to make sure the coast is clear he goes and uses the facilities.

Walking back outside in a chirpy mood, Nial stops dead in his tracks as he realizes that Milo is leaning against the wall in front of him, with his arms folded and glaring again.

"You!" Milo snaps and grabs Nial by the scruff shirt pinning him up against the wall.


"You made me loose my concentration!" he snarls through gritted teeth.

"Please dude! They'll be other opportunities at colleges" Nial pleads with him.

"I'm gonna beat the crap out of you" he continues to snap.

"He he, rawr, go on, beat the crap out of him" Sparky interjects and throws some popcorn at the pair of them out of a tub he has bought.

They both look at each other before looking over at Sparky, completely bewildered and not sure what to do.

"Put him down" Sparky instructs Milo almost as if it is a hassle to him.

Milo glares at Nial reluctant to loosen his grip.

"Ughff" Sparky huffs and places his finger and thumb together before spreading them apart quickly.

Milo and Nial are pushed apart in different directions and both stumble to the floor.

"WHAT THE HELL DUDE!!" Milo snaps.

"I didn't even see him do anything" Nial mutters and appears to be backing up on the ground.

"This is all your fault!" Milo snaps at Nial.

"How is this my fault?" Nial snaps back.

"Right, the pair of you come here" Sparky instructs them, and without warning, starts to levitate the pair of them up off the ground and into a standing position before placing them both in front of himself.

They take a look at each other, clearly in shock and not sure what to do.

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"Now why are you so pissed?" He casually asks Nial.

"I failed, no one is gonna wanna take me on now, and its all his fault" Milo replies glumly.

"I didn't mean to make you loose concentration mate" Nial tells him sympathetically.

"I'm willing to take you on" Sparky states abruptly.

"Really?" Milo asks perking back up.

"Are you representing one of the big organisations?" Nial asks noticing the lanyard hanging around Sparky's neck.

"Not exactly, I run Sparks Sorcery here in the city" he replies and hands them both a business card.

"Never heard of it" Nial states and scratches his head.

"I have one condition though" Sparky states leaning forwards and sticking his finger up.

"What ... Is it?" Milo asks whilst looking at Nial.

"Either both of you come and be apprentices, or I'm not taking either of you on" he informs them and casually walks off to go and sit back with Jacinda.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me" Milo remarks and Nial rolls his eyes.

"Did you see what he was able to do, it didn't look as if he even moved" Nial mutters reflecting on what has just happened.

The pair of them watch as he wonders off.

"You've been causing trouble again, haven't you" Jacinda remarks as he sits down next to her again.

"What are you on about now?" He asks rolling his eyes as he does so and slouches back into the chair.

"You have that usual big grin upon your face, that only happens when you have been up to mischief" she states.

"Humhuhur" he mutters at her and smirks whilst biting his lower lip.

"And that concludes the first part of todays trial, we will pick back up again at twelve o'clock" Malcomb announces before walking away from his podium.

Sparky begins to levitate a water bottle before spinning it in place as he looks about the place, his attention is drawn to Milo and Nial talking, apparently quite calmly considering their run in earlier on.

"Well what do you think then?" Nial asks Milo.

"Ok I'll admit he seems legit" Milo replies whilst checking out the website from Sparky's business card on his phone.

"There isn't that much information about his organisation on the internet though" Nial points out scrolling through the search browser on his phone.

"But he is registered with the Sorcerers Association" Milo also points out.

The Sorcerers Association is a world wide recognised governing body that advises governments on laws, legislation and regulation to deal with sorcerers activities in all forms of the industry.

"Could be a good opportunity" Nial suggests.

"I am curious to know exactly what he is capable of" Milo mutters and looks over in Sparky's direction.

"I'm in if you're in" Nial tells Milo.

"Let's go find him then, but this does not mean we are friends, got it!" Milo replies sternly.

"Sure whatever" Nial states and the pair of them head off to find Sparky.

"Are you trying to make a storm inside that bottle?" Jacinda asks.

"Hum?" Sparky replies apparently not realising how fast he is spinning the bottle.

"Oh" he replies with a grin and the bottle immediately stops spinning.

"Hey" Milo says appearing into view with Nial.

"Hi" Nial also says with a little wave.

"Jacinda, I'd like you to meet my new apprentices" Sparky tells her before taking a bite out of an apple with a crunch.

"You knew we'd say yes?" Nial asks.

"I had a feeling you would be interested in the opportunity" he replies.

"Pull up a chair boys" Jacinda tells them with a smile.

They drag over some empty chairs and sit down with them.