1 Chapter no.1 Days In Space.

When jay was in his childhood his father told about space war and he always told that "don't give up... and always take a right decision because your future and peoples are depended on you, my child ... "

His father was like a statue of positivity. He was a space ship commander. at that time earth was in danger by some alien. the first attack was held on 2026.that was the biggest attack on our county. At that time we know that we are not alone in the universe. all countries closed internal battles, they work together and make a space center of the earth. they are sending peaceful messages to all but some of them want earth resources. "Then we know that if we need to be alive then we need to fight."

His father goes to save the world but ... he never returns home.

By the time, jay forget that incident and try to keep out from there!

After that incident jay trained himself to fight with anybody.


Jay got a job and he goes to his job daily for a few months... because jay don't think he is made for this job. jay knows that he is made to be a space commander like just like his father but after his father's death, jay keeps a distance from there.


Jay was going to his home. jay is living with her grandmother. when jay was going to his home my father's colleague came to meet us. his name was captain Luis. he wants to talk with jay in private and he gives him an offer to join space internship for a bright future.

Jay refuse them because he was thinking about his granny after his father's death he was a man who did not leave her alone. captain Luis also knows this, so he gives time to think about it. then he leaves.

Jay said this all conversation to his granny and she did not say anything about it.

One day morning suddenly she came to my room and say to go with captain Lusi. he asks many questions but she says his father was also thinking about it. she convinced him to go with him.

Jay goes with him but he doesn't know that HE WILL NEVER RETURN TO HOME ...

Jay goes to meet captain Luis and says thanks to him because he gives me this opportunity.

Then we go to a space ship. the ship was just starting in few moments... and jay was wondering about his family and especially his father.

The ship started with high sound... jay see a person was taken his seat with a covered cloth. jay think wtf is this. space ship going in the hight and his ears get unionism then jay is getting vomit because of hight . his side person started to vomiting and then jay was controlling his vomit captain Luis see this so he give him another covered cloth and jay get vomit on it.

Captain luis : You vomet like your father..

Jay: This is genretions.

At this moment he feel he is going with his best friend like jay's father like old times ... but in reality this time captain Luis was going with jay.

Jay was enjoying the space day. jay got training there to become a captain of the space ship. jay noticed that captain Luis was checking him many times.jay think he is thinking that he is able for this post or not!


After some days jay becomes a solider of a space ship and that was his first tour in other planets. they give us High-tech suits and they got weapons to defend them. his space ship captain is Mr.geroge. he was one of the best captain in his life because he listen to everybody , he don't look what he or she is. he have the skill of human resource.

his mission was to take the sample of that planets and research about that and this planet was the suicide area because many peoples said this "there are many pirates ships surrounding this planet." our ship has speed, weapons and electric shields that's why we got this mission.

When we reached at there our drones go to check there and then jay and his team go to make a base for our space ship.

We have no idea that enemies are seeing our moves, they are waiting for a perfect time to capture them. they are making the base for the land their space ship. pirates ships making some noise so some soldiers are going to find the reason for noise that time they got a gold resource.


They are getting all moments of jay's team and all other teams by sensors and they got what they want. they want that gold resource. they know that we have drills and we will gather a gold resource. they have not enough drills that's why they are giving us the way. when they will gather gold pirates will steal all gold and capture their ships...

Soldiers came back and say about this golden resource. some of them stay there and jay and his friends go there to see that resource. all these things they say to their captain. they want this golden resource for the space ship.

After some time our main space ship came on the planet and land perfectly and then they go to gather resources with drills and other machines. while they are gathering resources that time pirates came and they are killing our soldier silently and capturing space ship silently. jay was standing there and jay captured one of them and then pirates blast bombs and capture our space ships and jay was killing them but they are so many, we have not enough soldiers to defend them.

At the end of the battle they lose, pirates capture there captain and his ship and whole resource. then all ships came over us and taking down who want to run. they capture all of them and make slaves of them.


-Written by Jay Thaker-