SPACE : Nathan Love Story (English Version) Book

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SPACE : Nathan Love Story (English Version)


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Dinda never thought that her life would be utterly ruined like this. It happened when her adolescent romantic relationship with Panji ended dreadfully. She had lost the most invaluable thing she had as a woman and Panji abandoned her without a second thought. He was hiding behind his parents’ back by subjecting her to a restrictive requisite under their names. Naturally, Dinda’s family would not accept such an absurd requisite. Therefore, Dinda was transferred from Wijaya Kusuma High School to Airlangga High School for nothing but to cover up her family’s humiliation. At her new school, Dinda barely made a friend. Even her arrival at the school was already targeted by the school’s worst delinquent who were ready to pounce on her. What sort of mischievous act would Nathan do? As he was the school’s worst delinquent who had his eyes upon her.


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