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Space Explorer


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Humanity suffered in the 21 century an extintion event wipped 90 % of the population in those times. Humanity mourned their loses and strived to one again rise from the ashes. The countries of old no longer exist, after a brutal fight a single power rose and the Alliance was born from the ashes of old. The alliance cut from root the wastrels of society in those thimes, made a unique lenguage a single coin and new sets of laws commonly known as Alliance Constitution. After all that humanity was finaly a single entity in which the necessity of the masses prevailed, in the 26 century humanity discovered an Alien Artifact in one of the explorations that were made in Calisto at first humanity was entrailed by the discovery but not so much their leaders. What their discover wasn't some super technology or something like that, what their discover was a introduction "book" to what is known as the Milky Way Common Language because in space using different Languages equals to death. The technology of the book still open a few roads to humanity to advance but the brunt was still made by scientist and enginers that developed the very first Fusion Plant. Later was the development of VI (Virtual Inteligence) not as advanced as an AI but also not so dangerous as the later. With that Humanity started to explore ther solar system in earnest. with the development of sub light engines the travel between planets was more efficient. and with that humanity made the first contact with a truly extraterrestial life. Humanity was lucky the first life form that they encountered was agenerous one but according to them their time in the universe was running out so they left to humanity an archive with a fraction of their knowlege because in their own words "Humanity needs to create their very own place among the stars". So it begun the age of exploration and the subsequent age of Conquerors humanity expanded and know humanity stand as the apex form of life in the galaxy. is the start of the 32 century humanity controls half of the galaxy after a brutal war with the other civilizations, know begin again the age of exploration to fully control the very center of the galaxy that none of the apex lifeforms has control of it.