1 The Abandoned Toddler

As the winds blew and the trees rustled an old man found a toddler covered by rags put into a basket, the old man couldn't help but pity the toddler who was forsaken by his parents and thrown onto the cold pathways of the forest.

"Oh you poor soul that has been forsaken in these unfortunate times, I don't know who your parents are or their story, however, they could've at least put you somewhere else that is not in these dark parts of this forest, yet at the same time, I understand their decision after all even the hungry wolves of the mountains are better than the humans of this world, so let me take you in child, and let me feed you, clothe you, teach you, until the day you grow up to be a fine young man-" as the old man spoke to himself the little toddler seemed to have smile hearing the old man, however, this didn't go unnoticed by the old man, and at that moment the old man stopped his monologue and instead smiled and stopped speaking he then picked up the basket that the toddler was in, and continued walking to his dwelling.

As if remembering something the old man stopped walking and said " Ah I forgot to give him a name, hmm what should his name be? Well whatever I will think of one tomorrow" saying what was on his mind the old man continued walking and started to hum out a tune.


7 years later

"Grandpa, Grandpa, wake up today is the day," said a young boy he was evidently excited judging his tone. The young boy had a handsome face, with black hair complementing his blue eyes that seemed to be like the ocean itself.

" Okay, okay stop shaking me Alex, my old bones can't handle this anymore, did you even eat yet?" as the old man who went by the name grandpa got up his eyes fell on his grandson, and couldn't help but thinking to how fast the years went by and now the day where his grandson will finally start learning martial arts has come, he couldn't help getting a little excited, after all, he can finally teach his martial arts to somebody, after such a long time.

As if Alex's body realized something he suddenly got attacked by a wave of hunger, causing his face to scrunch up a little.

" Looking at your face I guess not, well let's eat breakfast first, and then I will start teaching you." said the old man.

At that moment Alex's face seemed to brighten up, and said "Okay Grandpa Max, I guess we can eat first, and then you can teach me!".

After eating breakfast, Alex and his Grandpa went onto the field in front of their home, as they both took their positions a few meters apart, and then Grandpa Maxwell said " Ok so the first thing I will teach you is…."

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