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Sovereignity And Supremacy System



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Bonnie died on his way home. He was shot by some anonymous. Waking up with an unknown entity by his side, Bonnie didn't care about the situation. He got scouted by the Villain System. Anyways, after a few arcs, he was taken in by the SSS, aka the Sovereignity and Supremacy System. The number one system among system. Bonnie found himself a daughter! He named ber Fonfon. They literally act like mama and daughter. His little Fonfon always follows him through the realms as a human, as his little sister. His daddy, too, always follow him anywhere and everywgere to protect and pamper him. It has been a thousands of years since he and his daughter travel around the realms. One day, an error has occured, causing Bonbon and Fonfon to save the realms, ahem ahem, with the help of Bonbon's daddy. Bonnie: Daddy, i want ice cream. Literally his stalker: En, wife. Bonnie's dad: ..... This whore..!


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