Sovereign of ParadiseSovereign of Paradise

Sovereign of Paradise

by Elude

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Sovereign of Paradise. The oasis of death that Tylem yearned for had at long last come, or so he thought. Failing to defeat the unique heart cancer, Tylem, an eighteen-year-old youth who went through his entire life without anyone, ends up reincarnating. Little did Tylem know… that at the final moments, his still-beating heart had clawed out from within, spitting out a mysterious ball of light that would change his tragic life forever. Viewed as a genius, follow Tylem as he traverses his childhood once more, seeing the bleak world remain all the same. The evil mother, who disdains him, willingly departs to visit King Yama with a smile. In front of the hanging rope, Tylem’s clear eyes resembled a calm lake, the familiar landscape mocking his empty heart. This time around, Tylem will coldly walk through the ordeal of life without the stinging tears that once clouded his judgment. From a tragic youth, he shall climb up and finally find his place in the world, evolving along the way. Come read the long, emotional tale about how a cultivator conquers the impossible Tutorial, see through Tylem’s eyes of how he, a heartbroken son, orchestrates a grand plan to descend the twelve chaos rings into great mayhem. Join Tylem on a story about how relationships can come and go, learning the ways of the world. Goal: I will start uploading two chapters a day once we hit one-thousand powerstones in a single week. Thank you all for the support! . . . . . . Warning from Author: This novel is not for everyone, even more so the faint of heart. It takes on a darker, sinister outlook at times. 'With Cultivation, I Will Defeat the Tutorial' is a thought-provoking tale about a youth still trying to find his place in a world that doesn't need him. If you're looking for a predictable, unchanging MC who has a very clear motive from the beginning, this is not the place. Furthermore, as much as I wish that I could manage to write a perfect story, I, alas, cannot. I’m just one measly human, and plot holes will very likely exist—along with cliches. I might also forget things and repeat information at times because of it. Apologies in advance. Regarding the stability of updates, I have work, but I’ll try my best to ensure consistency. Like most people, the characters in the story don't make perfect decisions, but it will fit their character and age—followed with reason and justification. The first arc can be considered a very long prologue focused on the explanation and development of Tylem and his mindset before the main plotline takes place. . . . . . .

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