1 Chapter 1. Light that ignites Emotions.

In this world that its inhabitants commonly called Earth, several centuries ago the different races lived together in harmony, the human beings who were the most populous had a special attachment to elves and fairies, however, the more they developed in terms of population and technology, the further away from its allies.

Over the centuries, small towns were transformed into large cities and from great cities kingdoms emerged, almost all existing kingdoms had their own cultures, ideologies, beliefs, but they all had something in common; Ambition, the ambition to expand, grow economically, obtain more resources, advance technologically, that your beliefs be praised by all.

For all these reasons, kingdoms began to have increasingly larger conflicts, alliances, betrayals, massacres, slavery, cruelty, none of this was scarce in this time that lasted little more than a century.

Until one day, a kingdom with great warlike power, one of the most developed in technological advances and also adept at magic to which this world was not stranger, discovered in texts of ancient civilizations of which there was very little record in history, the way to create a kind of portal to what appeared to be another world or dimension.

Being tempted by the ambition of knowledge and power that they would obtain from the civilizations that could emerge from the other side of the portal, the King and the eldest princess who was also the wise of the kingdom, magician and an outstanding archeologist, along with the generals and ministers of the kingdom decided to open the portal ...

From this portal emerged a race that had never been seen before in this world, humanoid-looking beings, most with strong and agile bodies of different physical characteristics, some were three meters tall with robust bodies and full of muscles looking like legends of titans.

Others hovered between two meters, however, their well-built bodies full of agility and power were notorious.

Many of them showed large and small bumps on their foreheads like a kind of horns, some more walked with moving what seemed to be a tail behind them, there were even too many with wings that looked imposing behind their backs.

They had a great magical and warlike knowledge which in the following years would help the kingdom that received them, to emerge as the best and greatest.

To keep these beings in their world, the kingdom had to keep the portal open because this race had not yet become accustomed to this new world, if the portal closed it would stop setting this new world for the survival of these beings.

The eldest princess, spending a few days observing these individuals, organized a great meeting with the generals, ministers of the royal court and the King, and after great discussions asked them to close the portal, since the beings of this race had an evil nature that they couldn't hide.

However, the ministers and generals were opposed because the knowledge and warlike power that they could obtain from these beings was gigantic, the King, although he loved his daughter, was carried away by the ambition of knowledge, growth and power, so he decided not to heeding his daughter, weeks later, the King signed a contract with the King of this race who called themselves 'Abysmals'.

After that day, the race of the Abysmals began to arrive in larger groups from the other side of the portal, the kingdom then began to be inhabited by these beings, who contributed with great knowledge for the advancement of this civilization, with all the warlike power that now had along with its magical and technological advances, the kingdom began to expand its territory and power.

After 10 years of wars, the kingdom now controlled more than half of all the lands that human beings knew of this world, however, one day out of nowhere, after discovering how to keep the portal open, the Abysmals began a massacre of high ranks in the kingdom and its was taken with overwhelming ease, after this great blow in front of the royal court that ran the kingdom, the King of the Abysmals murdered the old King who just was able to turn to see his daughter, the eldest princess with a regretful face before dying.

After that event, the world and all the creatures that live in it fell into a scary darkness, in the air the stench of blood grew stronger as the abysmals now had no desire to retain their evil nature.

The remaining kingdoms that had not been conquered allied themselves so that they could at least retain the advance of the abysmals.

On the other hand, the King of the Abysmals took by force the eldest princess for whom from the first day he had had a penchant, and knowing how strong, wise and stubborn this princess was, the Abysmal King prepared several measures so that she was not even in control of his life and he began to physically and emotionally abuse her day after day.

A day after a few months, the royal doctor announced that the princess was pregnant, the Abysmal King did not even blink as he did not have high hopes for this pregnancy, throughout these years his soldiers had raped and abused hundreds of women and when one of them became pregnant they secretly kidnapped and studied her, but the result was that all the women gave birth to babies with unrecognizable deformities or strange shapes, the only thing in common that all shared was that they would be born dead.

Although the King had no expectations for this, even so, he did not touch the princess again from that day, after twelve long months of waiting, the day for the princess to give birth arrived, the royal doctors and several magicians of the abysmals were present in the delivery room, the Abysmal King watched the whole process from a corner of the room with an emotionless face.

After long hours of screaming pain, a cry was heard in the room, a cry that left everyone in shock, even the Abysmal King gaze changed for a second.

Approaching the doctor who received the baby, the Abysmal King carried the infant and inspected it more closely, he was about seventy centimeters, weighed about four or five kilograms, was fair skinned and his eyes seemed curious about this world, he had a strong complexion, very similar to a human child except for two small protrusions that were noticeable on his forehead, two small wings protruding from his back and a small tail.

The King then approached the princess and threw the boy saying with his grave and imposing voice: "As a reward for giving birth to the first Hybrid of our races, I will let you name this boy."

At that moment, the princess's chest was filled with different emotions such as sadness, hatred and madness, but when she saw the light in the little boy's eyes, one more emotion began to be born, Love.

That Light awoke Unconditional Love in the princess that was like the arrival of a storm erasing the flames of her negative emotions and despite the great fatigue in which she found herself, she managed to say a name for him with a sweet but strong voice: "Asherit".

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