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Sovereign of Creation


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The ambition of the people has made this whole place a field of war, and when the abysmals race arrived, they took this one step further, transforming everything into a Hell. Asherit is a 6 year old little boy, due to he is the only hybrid between the human race and the abysmal race, he is hated by everyone except his mother whom, although she is the Queen of the greatest Kingdom, is also a prisoner of the Abysmal King. In order to protect those that he loves most, Asherit will enter in a world full of wars, schemes, assassinations and mysteries where only the strongest Cultivators can survive. Join Asherit on this journey full of action, adventure, romance and fantasy, which will help him grow and become stronger to fulfill his goals. All Rights Reserved for the Author. *Visit our Patreon page where you can support my work and get Chapters weeks before the free release schedule. https://www.patreon.com/red_sky ​We will be posting this story on ​RoyalRoad, Scribblehub, Wattpad and our webpage (Where you cand find also the spanish version) (https://redskyen.blogspot.com/) too.


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