1 Chapter - 1

Tomen was waking up because of the noises downstairs. "Huh? Already 8 pm. Time to get up and take shower".

He closed his eyes and water was dripping onto his head. "Why did we lose this last game, dang it!! Even I tried to carry my best." "Huu". Tomen blew hot air from his chest " nevermind, I will definitely try to win next week's event!".

"Dong Dong!! AREN'T YOU WAKING UP YET??" his mom knocked on the door with anger and shouted. "Coming mom!! I was taking shower".

He run down downstairs and had his breakfast. And as usual, his mom was blaming him for staying up all night and sleeping all day long.

"Ahh... I am full mom, thanks for your meal". Tomen went back to his room and start his daily routine. "OK! time to rank up!!" He opened his computer and started playing game. A few moments later, with the sound of the sudden explosion, all light went out.

"WHAT IN THE FUCK IS HAPPENING!! I AM ABOUT TO WIN THE GAME!!" Tomen controlled his anger and opened the window to smoke. Then he saw a green light coming down from the sky.

"It's star shooting? " he mumbled and lighted up his cigarette. "Wait this light getting bigger?"

Then he realized this thing was heading towards him. He had no time to dodge, so he closed his eye and prepared to die. A few seconds later, "I am dead now? I still can feel my body".

He opened his eye gently and saw an ancient book beside him. "What is that" he picked up the book and tried to read the title. It was written in Burmese. Tomen father was half Burmese so he can read a little Burmese.

"Wi-Nyin-Lwint-Nee?" As soon as he read it he became dizzy and fainted.

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