1 Chapter One

Soulmates , though in the hero school .It was still a subject ,even those who didn't have a quirk had one . To at least know who that person who you'd spend the rest of your life with . You got a tattoo of a flower ,clock ,names ,first words , we're they would touch you first ,and sometimes it would be a tiny Drawing of something close to your soulmate ,alll different . And there's probably more ,that the world hasn't seen yet . These thoughts ran through Bakugo's mind as he sat in Aiziwa Sensei's class . His head rested lazily on his hand as he began describing some of the negatives of soul mates . He obviously didn't listen , because first of all . He doesn't care and second he has heard this a thousand times . 'i don't need a soul mate , it's just a waiste of time and gets in the way of my goal ' . He rolled his eyes as some of the kids raised their hands ."so ,if you don't - if things don't work with your soulmate then you turn different ?" Rip off pickuchu asked . "Well that's one way to put it " Aiziwa began he pointed to the board again "you become depressed , stressed ,sad ect. " He said . Bakugo stared out the window and scoffed . 'why do they even have this class ?' Aiziwa looked around the room "anymore questions ?" He asked . A few hands shot up ,but the bell rang ."ok ,well it will have to qait till tomorrow . You're dismissed " when he was done the class began to stand up ,on their way to the cafeteria . Bakugo began walking while his "friends" followed him.

After they stood in line and sat down at their usual table ,The usual chatter began .While bakugo took a spoon full of curry ,They began talking of the last class . "Who knew there were so many Soulmate tattoos " Dunce face began. "Literally almost everyone denki " said Pink cheeks dumbfounded . "Yeah man " said tape despenser "what rock have you been living under ?" He ignored the conversation and kept on eating . "Everything all right bakugou ?" Asked dunce face . "Oh bakugou only gets like that when we talk about soulmates " shitty hair answered . "Why ?" Tape arms asked. "Because -" he cut shitty hair off before he could speak ."because it fucking pisses me off " he said before taking another spoon full curry . "What's the fucking use of some extra ,just because the world or some shit says their your one and fucking only " he said took another spoon full . "Hey ,soulmates aren't that bad "shitty hair says while blushing and looking at alien eyes ."yeah ,their kinda cool " said dunce face look in ear buds direction . "Their a waiste of time " he said taking another spoon full ."bakugo if you keep talking like that ,then you could get soul mate depression " tape arms says . "Does it look like i care ?" Bakugo said and taking yet another spoon full . Pink cheeks sighed. "Well one day its gonna hit you in the face " she mumbled ,letting only kirishima hear .They decided to change the subject for bakugo's sake .

After lunch ,the school day went by fast . And after a few hours 1-A went back to dorms ,were homework and much other things awaited .

Bakugo sighed as he walked with his usual goons ,even though they were more like friends to him then any other people .He would never admit it . He walked with his hands in his pockets as they played around behind him .As they neared the 1-A dorms ,bakugo felt annoyed . He promised his mother and father that he would video call twice a week ,his mother wanted it to be five times but his father luckily bargained with her . They became like this after bakugo was kidnapped by the League of villains .As he walked in he could see most of class 1-A was here ,he frowned - well frowned even more as he began walking to his room . As he opened his dorm bedroom door ,he met eyes with his neatly made bed and table . His bed sat against the right side of the room while his table sat against the left side of the wall near his closet .He sighed as he put his bag down next to the door .He closed the door before sitting down at the his table .His mother wanted him to call her immediately after school or when he can ."stupid old hag " he said to the silent bedroom .He typed in his password and his wallpaper popped up .It was a photo of his friends meeting his parents .His mother had insisted on a photo so he had to be the one to take it .He gringed seeing that the only person who wasn't uncomfortable in his friend group was kirishima ,who grinned brightly .He sighed again before clicking on the app .There immediately showed bakugou sitting frowning before finally it showed his mother and his father ."Finally brat ,i was wondering when you'd call !" His mother sat smiling happily . bakugo didn't answer just grumbled ."how was your day son?" His father chimed in ."it was fine dad " if it was his mother he'd be screaming at her to shut up .but he knew better than to do that to his father .He had a different relationship with him than with his ' old hag ' of a Mom . "You didn't give the teachers any trouble ,did you ?" His father looked worried for a second ."of fucking course not " he said a bit angry .'my father should know me better than this ,i respect my elders ' well except his mom ."you better not or i'd come over and beat you myself !!" His mother said .'Speak of the devil ' ."Shut up old hag !!" He said folding his arms . "What did you say ?!" His mother retorted ."honey please ,his classmates will hear him " his father tried to calm down his mom ."oh ,yes of course ,i forgot " his mother laughed .Bakugo scoffed "Well,I got homework to do " he said annoyed ." Why didn't you say so ?!" His mother said , bakugo was about to speak but his father cut him off ."All right son ,we'll get out of your hair . We love you and miss you " his father said smiling . Bakugo was about to say something but his pride hold him back so all he said was "yeah , whatever " before ending the call . When he was alone he felt a small smile on his face . Although he would never say it out loud he missed his parents and the usual arguments between him and his Mom and his father trying to calm them down .He really did love them .

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