Soulmates [ Reverse Harem ]
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Soulmates [ Reverse Harem ]


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What is Soulmates [ Reverse Harem ]

Read Soulmates [ Reverse Harem ] novel written by the author ImmortalVengeance on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A reverse harem/soulmate/supernatural au "Your soulmate?" Zachary whispers as he looks at Raphael in disbelief. Isaac frowns. "What do you mean your soulmate? She's mine!" Ezra growls. "No." Kairo suddenly speaks up. "She's my soulmate." "The hell?! She is MY soulmate!" Daniel yells. "Why are you guys lying?! " Lucca grits his teeth as he watches silently. They continues to argue with each other, the growls are loud enough that the place shakes slightly. Until they eventually started to change form. "Stop." Valentino's deep and strong voice booms in the air. He glares at all his sworn brothers before gestures to Ara. She is slipping away. __________ Every human being has been born with a name of their soulmate tattooed on any part of their skin.The black ink will shine in silver after they touches skin with their soulmate. Arabella has been born with nothing but a letter 'S' on her wrist.Not a complete name. Just a letter. She thought God have made a mistake, and she concludes that she doesn't have a soulmate. Hence why she determined to live her life to the fullest.With unbalance life she lives, she couldn't care less for having a significant other. How wrong is she when not one or two, but eight sexy as hell men enter her life exclaiming they are her mates. There's no record in history about a girl being mated with multiple men when there's exist the other way around. What more unbelievable is the fact that her mates are supernatural beings she never knew about in her entire life. What's gonna happen? Warning!!! Profanities are not censored. May contents mature content. P/s:English is not my first language and the cover is not mine.


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it got me hooked up instantl, so far it's good , can't wait longer for updates hope the updates would be frequent .... overall it's really good book for reverse harem genre


please can u update faster I can't wait for the next chapter 🙏🙏🙏....................................... .................................


There are only 5 chapters out but I’m already in love with this book. The characters seem to be complex, I love the relationship between the MC and her siblings. The book overall is amazing so far and I can’t wait for more updates!


Honestly pretty good, just beed to fix the english. .


I love the novel mmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu jhbvbhvfcdrxcftvgybhnj cx4e5rc6tv7ybuijn z***rdcftvygbuh zwexcfvygbh zxdecfvygbuh xdcftvgybhunj xe5rc6tv7ybh tfdrx***ctfvygbuh drcftvgy hdxcf gyuhb tfyguh


I love it. So creative and fun. My only problem with it is that I have no idea what the authors schedule is. The characters are cool, and the background was pretty nice but said before the story, unconventional, but pretty good still.


So far I like this story and I'm so excited for the next chapters 🙌❤️❤️❤️ it's so well written and I hope the author will update more 💔🥺😭😭😭 love you author ❤️❤️


Good book. The story is so good that i want to read morrreeeeee. It was just that i Don't know the chapter update time But thanks to the author for this wonderful story


Oh wow! I loved ! The world is original, the characters very different from each other and well described. Well done for this work! I hope you have the strength to keep writing this amazing story! Fight!


PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!! So, overall, I love the story and plot and whatnot. The only problem is, the updates are extremely inconsistent, and sometimes it doesn't update at all!!! Please please please update, it's such a good reverse harem novel!


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