1 Chapter 1

-3rd person pov

It didn't take long for bakugou Katsuki to learn about Soulmates or the mark that came with it since this happen to be the only thing people talked about since well forever.

For as long as he could remember everyone was obsessed with finding their soulmate but it never really mattered to Katsuki well not at first anyways since before kindergarten he could see the so-called soul-mark bond between his parents the love and affection they held for each other, Bakugou first thought that this wouldn't be so bad that is, until one day his father got into a terrible accident and passed away, then Bakugou saw the pain and sorrow the soul mark truly barred he was traumatized because whilst bakugou's dad was gone the beautiful mark that had bloomed into his mother's right arm running up her neck was still there constantly reminding them that he was gone and that bakugou's mom would never grow old with her soulmate and would never find true love again.

Bakugou tried not to let this bug him at first but when he first heard his mothers' silent sobs, and whimpers of agony and the longing bakugou saw in his mothers' eyes when she talked about his dad he had decided he was just fine without one it's not like he would die if he never meets his soulmate or if his soulmate gets with someone else, he just never wanted to go through the same pain his mother went through.

He had decided it was better to be lonely without knowing love than to know love and have it taken away from you or so he thought until a certain Bi-colored haired bastard walked into his life.

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- present day and 3rd person pov

KATSUUKIIIIIII was the only thing heard for a three-mile radius, as Bakugou's mother was screeching at the top of her lungs to make sure her angry pomeranian of a son was up and getting ready for his first day of high school in a new country.

As to be expected Bakugou even after all that screeching was still in bed refusing to get up, you see Bakugou didn't exactly agree to the sudden move to Japan but of course, he couldn't say anything since his mother was a single parent and supporting the both of them to the best of her abilities, of course, that didn't mean he was happy about the sudden move it's not like he had many friends since he had an explosive attitude he just didn't want to be gawked at by everyone else and labeled as " The short-tempered short new kid" at least at his old school people knew he wasn't to be messed with now he had to start all over in a new place with new people he was sure he wasn't going to like in the slightest.

Before he could come up with any more reason to not get up Bakugou's mom barged into her room demanding he get up and come down which of course started fits of yelling that could practically be heard across the country needless to say after a smack to the back of the head and a handful of insults from bakugou mostly the saying "YOU HAG!" Bakugou was downstairs dressed in black ripped jeans, an orange and white sweater and his favorite pair of checkered vans even if he had no intention of making friends and actually enjoying school he'd be damned if he would go to school dressed like a slob and give the kids another reason to mess with him but if that did happen all he would need to do is set them in their place after he had finished breakfast bakugou made his way to the bus station and dreaded the long day ahead of him before long he had reached his destination.

As he walked past the school gates he had finally noticed how big his new school actually was with a deep breath and a scowl he entered the building only to bump into a girl with a black ponytail that kinda reminded him of a hedgehog.

A loud "sorry" was heard from the girl as she bowed multiple times which was catching other's people attention which was the last thing he wanted he quickly grabbed the girl and steadied her and quickly said "it's fine just please stop bowing" which normally people would smile and say alright thank you but since bakugou had said it with a scowl and a gaze ready to kill he seemed to have only scared the girl even more before she could start bowing again bakugou quickly asked if she knew where the office was which was apparently all it took to get the girl to stop shaking and quickly smile and say " you must be bakugou-san" he responded with a grunt and said " yeah what if I am" which only made the girl smile even more if that was even possible and said, "My name's Momo Yaoyorozu I'm here to show you around the school to make sure you don't get lost let's hurry and show you your locker before it becomes too late."

She quickly turned around and began walking as bakugou began following her he could sense the stares he was receiving and quickly balled his hand into a fist and was getting angrier by the minute one moment longer he would've slammed one of those kids into a locker and ask them what their problem was but by luck or some unknown miracle they reached his locker or what seemed to be his locker he couldn't tell because there was a group of girls and guys aweing and squealing before he could ask Momo what was going on she turned to him and sighed deeply and said " I'm sorry Bakugou-san we got here to late and now we have to deal with the prince and his fan club"

She looked at bakugou and was practically begging for forgiveness but Bakugou would not have it " like hell we do" he said angrily the scowl growing on his face which only made momo give him a look of curiosity Bakugou made a fist and quickly banged on a random locker next to him the bang ringing throughout the hall and even denting the locker he quickly felt the gaze of everyone his anger growing he could feel it in the pits of his stomach and roaringly yelled, " MOVE IT EXTRAS YOU'RE IN MY GOD DAMN WAY" he must've made an impression because the group quickly made a way for bakugou, and momo wasn't to far behind him.

As he was walking he heard people say " bro did you see what he did to that locker" and also " who does he think he is ruining our morning with the prince" and " he's kind of a hottie but he's kinda rude don't you think" this as to be expected only made the pomeranian even more angry as the burning pit in his stomach now growing in his chest the closer he walked the closer he saw what the fuss was about there stood the most beautiful bi-colored haired man he had ever seen as if on cue the man looked up with his breathtakingly gorgeous heterochromian eyes but even if this man was gorgeous he was not about to let this man's gorgeousness get in the way of his burning anger he quickly made eye contact with the bi-colored male and said " hey peppermint move out of my way will ya" gasp were heard around the halls and the priceless look coming off of this so called prince's face almost made Katsuki fall over in a fit of laughter the man quickly said" I'm sorry if I'm in your way but I need to get some stuff out of my locker and peppermint?" he asked and then quickly said" isn't that a little childish"

There were no hints of emotion in the bi-colored bastard's voice but for some reason, Bakugou's chest was burning and his heart rate was flying he could feel his soul mark burn but he quickly dismissed it maybe he was just so angry his mark was acting up he thought to himself and then angrily stated " well look peppermint princess my locker happens to be the one next to yours so please try to keep your little fan club out of the way alright" he glared harshly and let's just say if looks could kill "peppermint princess" would be six feet down already.

Before the man bakugou has now named as the beautiful bastard could say anything he quickly turned towards momo and said" give me my schedule and let's go I already know where my locker is" Momo then gave bakugou his schedule and immediately turned around completely embarrassed by the amount of attention this two were receiving without even a second glance Bakugou turned around and walked with momo completely regretting coming to school today but little to his knowledge a certain Bi-Colored beauty stared at him with curiosity as a thousand thoughts rushed to his head he stood there in awe and smirked completely unsure of the burning feeling in his chest but quickly dismissed it as his so called fan club immediately surrounded him once more and he quickly prayed that he would at least get a chance to speak to the angry blonde once more he intrigued him since no one in their right mind would speak to Todoroki Shoto that way, his brother Dabi and him practically ran the school he just hoped he would be able to run into the angry boy once again because now that the he had caught the princes attention there was no way bakugou would have a calm school life like he wanted but bakugou didn't know that just yet.

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