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Soulmate Game: Her Lethal Love


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What is Soulmate Game: Her Lethal Love

Read Soulmate Game: Her Lethal Love novel written by the author mimitea on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, system, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Everyone has a destined soulmate, and in the World of Syre, a game is played amongst four empires to find your fated half. Occurring every 30 years, chosen nobles and royalty are gifted with the memory of their past life and an invitation to the game by the Mercy of God. The rules are simple: find your soulmate at all costs. If you lose, you and your family are cursed to die within 12 months. If you win, you are gifted with the highest social class's prosperity and wealth for the rest of your life. Mira was a spy who reincarnated into an orphan peasant. When she receives half of her memories with an invitation to the True Half game, her first motivation is to find and save her brother. But why are these three handsome men always in her way? The playful Duke heir, the cold-hearted Crown Prince, and the mysterious noble Xith keep messing up her plans! Mira wants nothing to do with them—until it’s revealed that one of them is her real True Half. Will she find her brother? Will she find her soulmate? Will she uncover the secrets of this evil game? Let’s find out. * * * #soulmate #magic #system Credits: @turtleboiii for the cover Updates every 1-2 days Note: I try to take my time with the novel to make sure it's the best work I can put out, so update schedule does not always go as planned when edits are necessary


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first hehe..very fresh and unique concept and plot! each chapter ending leaves you for a surprise or twist that has you wanting to read for more! extremely well written and done so far! hooked as far as i can say and in love with the fl, mira, so far we can tell she’s strong, confident, and clever. looking forward to more from the author, take it easy and don’t overexert yourself! rooting for you author, good luck! <333


The writing style was just great. i love it. Sometimes it feels like I was reading a poem, perfectly fits to the historic background. The story may be quite complicated since the mc was living on like two worlds her past and present, but the author surely pulled it well. Great job..


Excuituisitely written story! The grammer is almost perfect, the use of vocabulary diverse, and every scene has been described in detail. Can see the plot unfolding from the first chapter. Love the concept so far! (ps- your synopsis got me hooked.) Look forward to reading more.


Great writing quality, interesting story, and unique characters. Good read so far, even for someone who isn't into the romance genre.


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