1 how I met my boyfriend john

I saw in bed texting my friend anyia

about school she said tomorrow

I said okay see you tomorrow she said ok

then I stopped texting her then my mom call me I said yes mam she said come here I said okay coming went downstairs I saw my mom she said to me can you go to the store for me she said I said yes I said what do you want from the store my mom said some salad and pizza chicken she gave me the card I said okay I'm right back my mom said be careful I said okay then I left I i got when in to the

Al I saw the pizza pick it up and put it in a basket to the next Al walking picked up the salad then I saw a boy like my age

he look at me I looked away but he went over to talk to me he said hey what's your name I miss. Him huh who are you he said oh my name is John I said oh hi John do I know you he said oh no I just wanted to talk to you I said oh he said how old are you I said huh why you ask me that he said I just want to know I said oh okay he was waiting for to ask her but I

I wish I could talk to anyone but I talk to him anyway he said oh where's your parents I say huh what I don't need to answer that do you want something he said no I just want to talk to you I said okay what do you want he said your name I said I don't need to ask for that to you I'm sorry but I have to go he grabbed my arms that hold on I say what do you want he said your name say oh okay my name is Destiny are you happy now he said why are you being so mean I said I'm being so mean I just don't know you he said okay alright I have to go now I say okay bye he left but when he left my heart was beating fast I know why little strange I just keep thinking about him when I went home but when I went home I'm always waiting on me my mom said hey what where are you I sit at the store why oh I'm dancing my mom said my mom said your sister here I said what she said your sister Mariah I said oh where oh where is she she said upstairs in her room she's got back with her. I said where is that he said she said at work I said what is he all right my mom said yeah I sent mom can I talk to you I said yeah what is it I said it's free nothing but I saw this boy and she said oh well boy nothing just a boy but he talked to me and she said what my mom said I said it was nothing off I said what my mom said boy I said it was a boy at the store like my age my mom said what do he want from you I say nothing he's going to talk please really weird but he was cute though but Mom said what I said boy was cute mom said what his name I said his name was John my mom said is he cute I said Mom and she said what I'm not telling you it's embarrassing I want to go upstairs now later mom I run upstairs to my room step on my bed but my sister already went something I say what you want right here she said nothing and just want to see you cuz I didn't see you all day oh I'm sorry Raya what is it she said nothing it's just I heard you and Mom stalking I said where you was listening you little I said what do you want she said enough meaning I said nothing can't get out and she said okay and my sister my mom called me for dinner and my sister we went downstairs to eat that was here I said that you here we both have Dad in what town in to eat that's a quiet now time to eat now I said okay I finished eating tell everybody good night and I everyone he went to my room when you're ready to put your bed for school tomorrow

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