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Anastasia Castellanos is a 19 year old teenager working as newspaper editor while going to college. She shares her 2BHK flat in Manhattan with her best friend Nikki Jones She is a fairly normal girl except for the fact that she can see a persons Aura... deciding that she is a nothing but a freak Anastasia chooses to ignore this and keep it a secret until one day when she witnesses something that is too unreal to be true yet too horrific to be forgotten She witnesses a person taking her friends soul and the even more crazy thing is that she knows the person Stuck while avenging her best friend Anastasia finds things that were only considered myths and fake beliefs She finds angels, which have now been divided into the rising ones and the falling ones To stop the war the Queen must be brought back to the throne to guide the angels Easy enough right? The only problem is that the Queen has been missing for almost 100 years and it doesn't help the fact that 'Melanie' is already trying to take her place This a mission where the past has to be revealed and the future to be foreseen, one wrong move and the world might just destroy