Soul Shard Captor [BL]
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Soul Shard Captor [BL]


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What is Soul Shard Captor [BL]

Soul Shard Captor [BL] is a popular web novel written by the author LucyPanDora, covering LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 264.6K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 187 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After Noah's much-awaited ascension, what greeted him was an AI system calling itself Black, offering him a job working for the World and Soul Management Bureau.  He has to transmigrate into different worlds, using an identity of some unfortunate soon-to-be-dead dude, and live out the remainder of his new life there however he wanted. Easy-peasy! ...Right? ...Ok, sure, there are a few small kinks here and there... like terrorist attacks, murder plots, zombie apocalypses, hostile alien invasions, and the like... but one should always look at the bright side! Noah: "...Blackie, is it just me or is this good brother of mine looking at me like a hungry wolf seeing a juicy piece of meat?" (°△°|||) Blackie: "Don't worry, host. He is just a bit excited due to nearly losing his life back there. You know, adrenaline." (¬‿¬) Noah: "…are you sure that's what's really going on here?" Blackie: "Absolutely!" (≖‿≖) … Noah: "Blackie! His-his-his little brother is poking me in the ass!!" Blackie: "It's just morning wood." Noah: "He just took it out of his pants!!" щ(゚Д゚щ) Blackie: "Relax! Bros often help each other out with these things." … Noah: "Oh god, Blackie! He is putting it in!! Help!!" QAQ Blackie: "Don't panic. Relax and follow my instructions." (︶^︶)ノ Noah: "Speak! Hurry!" Blackie: "You've got this. Breath in, breath out. Relax your muscles." Noah: "How is this helping?!" Blackie: "It'll hurt less that way." ╮(╯∀╰)╭ Noah: "…Whose system are you, mine or his?!?" (ノ꒪Д꒪)ノ︵ ┻━┻ -Many missions later- Noah: "This secret mission that you can't tell me about… it can't possibly be to get fucked by the target?!" (ꐦ °Д°) Blackie: "Of-of course not! Ho-how could that possibly be, eh?" (; ゚ 3゚ )~ ML: Right, right, that's just a very (not so) coincidental bonus. Ψ(╹ڡ╹ )Ψ Note: There are no abusive domineering asshole MLs here! All fluff, no angst! Warning! Expect occasional explicit, kinky smut. More info in the info chapter.

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Author here~ I just wanted to let you guys know that this version of SSC is being published not through Inkstone but through my publisher's cooperation with Webnovel. It will be the official version of SSC in the future. This also means that: 1) At the time of writing this, the novel can't be tagged. If it could be, the tags would be World Hopping, Comedy, Adventure, System, Fluff, Doting Love Interest, Gay, R-18, etc. 2) Since this is not published through Inkstone, I don't receive notifications of your comments and reviews. So, I'm sorry if I don't respond to your questions or comments, it's because I probably didn't see it. I usually only check the most recent chapter for comments. You can always visit my discord server or author site and ask the questions there. (You can find the links to both in the Info chapter.) 3) My comments won't have the author tag, but you can recognize me by my username LucyPanDora. 4) I can't leave author notes in the box meant for author notes, so I will be leaving them at the end of the chapters themselves. 5) I can't create auxiliary chapters, so all the information about the novel and everything related that's not an actual chapter has been put into the Info chapter. 6) I can't create volumes, so every chapter will have the name of the volume in its name, e.g., Arc 1 Chapter X, or Arc 2 Chapter Y. Volume = Arc = New World 7) I use kaomoji in the chapters that might contain Chinese or Korean characters. This might make the novel get flagged by Webnovel's anti-spam algorithm. If this happens, you won't temporarily be able to vote on the novel. Don't be alarmed. It will get fixed soon. 8) I can't moderate reviews, so I won't be able to remove spam or mistaken reviews. When you leave a review, please check whether the rating that actually got published was the rating you intended to give and if not, please delete your review. I had people report that it is hard to give 5 stars on some phones, and they ended up giving a low rating unintentionally. 9) Webnovel doesn't limit how many reviews you can give, so while you can't edit your reviews, you can add new reviews if you have more to say. You can also use this right of multiple reviews to offset the damage done by spammers or BS reviews. 10) If you notice the novel's rating drop due to someone leaving a BS one-star review, I would really, really appreciate it if you could leave a five-star review to offset the damage. I work really hard every day to write something you guys will enjoy, and each time I see someone leave a 1-star review just for spite, or some crappy reason such as getting triggered by the usage of emojis, it pains my heart. Especially because there are so many novels on Webnovel that might have a higher rating, which are filled with grammar and spelling errors, blatant plot holes, paragraphs written just to pad the word count, etc. 11) It takes more than 30 five-star reviews to offset a single 1-star review. It's fine if you don't think my novel is your cup of tea. We all have our tastes, and they are especially varied when it comes to humor. There is nothing wrong with disliking something, but please don't be malicious in your reviews. Thank you for reading! ❤ I hope my work can bring a smile to your face in these dark times and become something that will pick you up after a hard day at school/work/life.


Over the past two months SSC has become my favorite BL novel on this site. It is a masterpiece filled with humor and fluff, delivering daily dose of sugar to those who read it. I'm now like a child on Christmas morning, getting up excited knowing that a new chapter is waiting for me to read.  If you are a BL lover, heck, even you aren't, this is something you should definitely give a try. But beware, you might find yourself with your heart stolen, thinking about it every day ;)  And if you find that the writing style isn't to your taste (I can't possibly imagine why, but everyone's taste is different so surely there will be someone who won't like it), you can just stop and go find something else to read. No one is forcing you to read, and you aren't even paying anything to read it.  Just don't come here to rage over something stupid like the emoji usage and bring down the rating of this gem. So what if it uses emojis? What's wrong with having "pictures" mixed with text? If J.K.Rowling decided to print a version of Harry Potter where there are emojis inside, would it become a trash book? Don't be ridiculous. You might personally find that the emojis aren't fitting, but you can just ignore it and concentrate on the beautiful essence of the remainder.  Don't automatically assume that a book is some kind of am*teurish cr*p just if it doesn't use the format that you are used to. SSC isn't. It is as far away from cr*ap as one could possibly go - the writing is fluid, no grammar or spelling mistakes, there are no plot holes or glaring logic flaws, characters are well developed and very lovable, the plot is smoothly and steadily building up, the romance is to die for, etc.  The craft of this novel is exquisite, but of course, no matter how beautiful something is to one person, there will always be people who find it ugly. It is a matter of taste, not an inherent flaw in the work itself.  I've read someone complain that the start is vague. You only feel that way because you have gotten used to information dumps in the beginning of novels and SSC has no information dumps whatsoever. It feeds you information gradually which is great, no long texts of boring info, no filler text, no sections you just want to skip because you don't really care, etc. If it is vague, and the questions you have aren't explained soon after, then you'll just have to wait until it becomes relevant and gets elaborated further.  Someone also mentioned tone flip-flopping? Yeah, it's what makes it so funny! It leads your mind in one direction and then tugs it in reverse creating this surprise comedic effect. It's the punchline of a joke. Sigh, what I'm trying to say is, it's ok if this isn't the type of humor you enjoy, we all have our preferences. But don't mistake what others consider great humor for bad writing!  And what do you mean maybe the author will come back and edit it? What's there to edit? The "overuse" of emojis? Um, objection! I don't want them edited out!


If you want to read a novel full of comedy, fluff, and romance then this is the novel for you. Every chapter leaves you wanting more and more! You can't help but feel excited when you see there is a new update. If you don't believe me on how great it is then check it out for yourself. I promise you won't regret it;)


I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard in my life. 😂 This novel is absolutely brilliant!! It’s so adorable and filled with fluff. ❤️ You must give it a read! You definitely won’t regret it! Every chapter is so interesting and funny and makes you feel all giddy inside. I love it so much that it’s become a part of my morning ritual. Can’t start a day properly without getting my daily dose of sugar. MC is so lovable and funny I have no words, I can only squeal. ML is a hillarious, horny love struck yanderish mess and is absolutely wonderful! Blackie, oh Blackie 😂 thank you for digging pits for your host otherwise how would I be able to read this recently published delicious scorching-hot smut? 😍 (Like ‘daym, getting a lady boner here’ hot!) Cough, what are you still doing reading this review? Go read SSC instead! Go, go, go! Our “addicted to SSC” club is recruiting 😝


love it, wanted more, very interesting.... that's all I can say to describe the feelings I had when reading this.....so,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


This story is amazing! It's definitely focused on the process of the two (male) main characters falling in love, so be warned if BL/gay stories aren't your thing. But if they are, you should definitely read this! The story is currently focused on fluff and feelings, but it's definitely heading towards some passionate bedroom activities. It will definitely be worth the wait!


Oh it's so cute! It's a magnificent story and deserves 6/5 stars! Best part is the updates are very even and fast, so you don't have to wait long to binge read! It's such a great book!


So amazing. I really like the author's notes, they can be funny/interesting/or just a plain hi, for me that just makes it all the better because you know that the author is a real person and that just makes it so much better for me.


This is really good! It's super funny to watch the interaction between the MC and his system who is hilarious. Also very funny to watch the other characters who have fallen in love with the MC get noped by the ML.


I really love the relationship between the ML and the MC, (yes I know, kinda a no-duh, but actually sometimes I don't like the interaction between the MCs), I do think there's a few spots where it's a bit slow, but most of those are world building and character building, which makes sense because it's still the first arc. I also looked on the author's website for where to vote for what arc comes next and I'm really excited to see what comes next. Thank you for your beautiful writing author!!


I usually find it hard to get into transmigration novels but not with this. this is a really good book. I've been reading it on the chrysanthemum website but I still put it in my library here. There's enough suspence and fluff to keep you hooked.


Saw someone accidentally bring down the rating of this gem and came here to pad the review count and bring it back up. Sigh, sigh, giving this anything less than a 5 is a sin. 😧


Come on we need more reviews guys! This book is so sweet and heartwarming. It deserves some love. Reviews help get it out there so more people can see it.


Fluff, comedy, BL AND Quick Transmigration ! ! ! ! My favorites all into one novel. 💖 Supporting the author for a job well done from Chrysanthemum Garden to this site. 💖💖




The story is really sweet and has a good flow. The characters really draw you in and get you invested in what comes next. The hardest part is the wait for the next chapter!


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