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Soul Reaper: Bringer of Death


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Bringer of Death Battle of Grunge In a massive open wasteland different banners could be seen raised under the moonlight, the Melios Royal family had their blue emblem with the Image of a lions head with a battle axe and sword behind it, standing at the front of the 4 million strong army were 3 imposing looking men on really Intimidating beasts. Derios what’s our plan of attack?, Philip asked a Middle aged man that looked to be in his early 40’s but was actually 2 centuries old already, he stood at 6’6 feet tall and had a muscular build, he was sitting on a pure black griffon called Hades that had fire as it’s mane and a metallic tail that glowed really red with fiery eyes and wings on its back, it stood at 7 feet while on all fours, he wore a black armour with red engravings to match the colour of his Soul Beast and he had two battle axes on his back one glowing red and the other glowing black I’ll attack from the front while you and Adisa attack from right and left, he replied while staring at the terrifying looking man at the highest mountain in the wasteland, it was none other than Uzeroth, The Harbinger of Choas, he was a man that stood barely 5’7 feet tall with a pitch black dragon behind him that stood at 20 feet making him look like an ant compared to it but the power coming off him was more frightening than the Dragon itself scaring the soldiers of the 3 kingdoms except for the veterans and the kings. Philip take your army to the left I have the right! Adisa said while marching his army, he is a tall looking dark skinned man with shining silver armour on him and a Golden spear on his back, walking beside him is his Soul Beast Snow, a 6’5 feet tall pure white wolf with blue fur on its paws with a long tail with a blue icicle at the tip, it emitted a chilling cold 100 metres around it making those close to it shiver like hell except for Derios, Adisa and Philip and some of their generals, Philip rode his soul beast a Pegasus with four wings that stood at 8 feet tall and had brown fur and a stony looking tail with a mace spike at the tip he named him Rocco because of the stony tail. ………… Standing far far away was a young man in his twenties wearing nothing but a simple golden and black robe but the obvious thing about him was his jet black and white hair and his ominous looking black and golden irises, he looked like a sage just sitting and enjoying the weather. Mazael what do you think?? Should I join the fight now he asked his Mentor and oldest friend, Well don’t you want to wait for your friends before you guys go join the fight Mazael asked back, They look like they need my help those monsters Uzeroth created look quite strong to my Soul Perception and they are outnumbered 3 to 1 even with the numbers of the soldiers. Standing up and dusting his robe he opened his mind link saying to his friends, “ Hey guys how long would it take you guys to get here” , a female voice replied back angrily, if only you had reduced your speed a little but you were too eager to kill monsters we should get to you in 5 minutes with our current speed, Alisha out!!! Hehe it’s not my fault I have to kill monsters and increase my soul bank and besides Uzeroth is my mortal enemy I’ll kill him no matter what, he said while moving at supersonic speed and seeing the battle starting in front of him. The sound of his flying made everyone look up and every soldier on the ground saluted and shouted together It’s Eros!!! The Soul Reaper!!! The Angel of Death is here!! Victory is ours!!!, with up to 10 million people screaming it was a magnificent sight and it made him happy that people saw him as a hero even though he had killed countless in the war all this time. Looking up Uzeroth couldn’t help but sneer as the one person who was actually a huge pain in his ass could be seen flying towards him in the blink of an eye I’ll make sure to kill you this time Soul Reaper!!! He shouted causing a little tremor all around the battlefield.