1 Is it a person you know?

Its Saturday, school will begin next Monday and I still haven't had enough fun. I can't wait to go back to that hell hole, I thought sarcastically. I don't hate school exactly I just don't like it but really, who likes school?

"Kim!!" my best friend Ashley screams at me, bringing me from my thoughts.

"yes?" I asked with a roll of my eyes.

"I have being trying to ask you a question for over five minutes now" she said feigning anger.

"I'm sorry, just thinking of school, what were you asking?" I asked with amusement. I knew she was asking about the dreams I just told her about.

" so do you know who this guy you've being seeing is?"

"no, I just keep seeing his silhouette, and my heart thumps erratically when I see him, you know its just like the story my mom always tells me about. The gush of excitement that runs through me, the anticipation. I always thought it was a made up story but I guess not. " I said all at once.

Its really unbelievable, that a person I've not met can make me feel this way even when it's all just a dream.

" do you think it's a person you know? " Ash asked again.

" Ashley, I can't see his face you've asked this twice already" I said exasperatedly.

" hey ley, I am going out and.... " Jeremy barged into her room and abruptly stops talking when he saw us.

" Jeremy!!" Ashley screams "stop barging into my room!" she huffs.

I chuckled knowing they'll soon start bickering if I don't intercede.

"Hi Jeremy" I blushed a little "you need to stop barging in what if we were naked or something" I said half-jokingly

"I'll love to see you without clothes on babe" he winked while chuckling.

I'm sure my face was as red as a tomato. Ashley threw a pillow at him and he dodged and left while guffawing.

Ash turned to me and gave me the 'I know what's going on here' look and I just fall back on the bed while giggling.

Ashley doesn't stop bothering until I admitted to having a crush on her brother.

"that's so cute" she gushed.... I rolled my eyes this is so Ashley. She's a hopeless romantic. I soon left and went home since it's getting late.