1 city ​​of sick pleasure

City ​​of sick pleasure a coastal city named after vagabonds and merchants who lost themselves in countless pleasures and perversities , full of thieves , prostitutes , murderers , drug addicts and slaves .

When a new unexplored continent was found, dozens of explorers set out in search of fame and fortune and power, but of course with an unexplored continent, people who were despised and wanted for crimes,

They looked to this opportunity as a fresh chance to start over, or to continue their perversities without persecution.

And Duential pleasure was formed by these hescorias.

2 o'clock in the morning a child was walking between alleys and alleys , he had a rickety appearance , if someone looked at him it would reduce that he was between 9 and 10 years old , but because of his huge dark circles and a scar on his left eyebrow , he did not have one . youthful appearance and not shiny.

He was heading towards one of the wooden houses on the edge of the city walls,

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Coming close, moans that were imperceptible before began to increase the closer he went, as if he already knew what was happening, he leans on the wall of the house to try to rest, because he is so tired and hungry.

Lost in thought begins to reflect

"Oh shit, I spent all day carrying the cargo from that ship, I'm all crushed, the boss who gave the work, he didn't even feel sorry, it's still just that, he gave me 10 copper coins if I hadn't gone out to eat something, something would have already dropped dead tsss, the worst thing is, I only have 3 coins left,

that woman will be very angry, I would have already run away, if I hadn't been so weak.

Suddenly in a nearby tree, a shadow of approximately 1 meter and 50 approaches with an impressive speed.

-more than shit

He looked like a tiger but he had no flesh or fur and was covered with green moss and you could see some of the bones in his ribs, the beast coming closer and closer, while the boy trembled in terror the tiger opened its huge mouth to bite ben on the boy's face.

While the boy was shivering and almost peed on his clothes, all battered and worn, a whistle is heard

-java stop playing with that bastard, you'll end up throwing up if you eat him

A tall man with sunburned skin came out of the house, was wearing leather armor on top and baggy trousers, with tousled hair and a pert nose, holding a woman in his arms,

She had the seductive appearance, blonde hair, firm breasts and slim waist, a lovely face

Looking at the boy's face had tones of disgust and fear as he looked at the two who were laughing