3 Tang Sect

The girl ran towards Huo Yuhao in high spirits. A greedy, hungry look appeared on her face as she said, "Little brother, are you selling this roasted fish? It smells so good! How did you make it?"

Yuhao didn't show any reaction despite being so close to a beautiful girl. He had seen to many throughout his tenure as a Scion of Light, and even in the duke's mansion.

Feelings such as lust were lost to him ever since he gained the Necromancy inheritance. Only in his last moments, where he was moved by the true love of his disciples, did he feel emotions stirring in himself.

"Why don't you join me for a meal? I have more than enough fish for all of us." Yuhao suggested.

They both were well dressed and had an air of nobility to them. This was a perfect chance to gain more information, especially since his knowledge of Spirit Masters was frustratingly dim because he had spent all his time in the mansion.

The girl giggled in response. "How courteous of you, little brother. Then, I won't be polite." As she talked, she stretched her hand out to take the roasted fish that Huo Yuhao had passed over. She didn't seem to care about what she looked like as she carefully ate the roasted fish, then let out a loud cry of "Hot!".

He smirked as he saw her reaction. Maybe his emotions weren't as dulled as he thought?

At that moment, the youth that had been following the girl walked over. He had a helpless look on his face as he raised his hand and greeted Huo Yuhao. Then he said to the girl, "Xiao Ya, this little brother hasn't even eaten yet, yet you've already started eating."

Yuhao watched them bicker with each other while he bit into his fish. Perfectly done and delicious, as expected of himself!

Soon, the boy backed down from the argument as Xiao Ya stood triumphantly. It seems like the boy was really a pushover in front of her. Seeing the helpless expression on the boy's face, Yuhao consoled him by giving him a roasted fish.

The youth took the fish and gently smiled and said, "I'm Beibei and she's Tang Ya. Little brother, what's your name?"

"I'm Huo Yuhao."

This was who he was now, and the name he would take on for the rest of his life. Not Electrolux or Yi Lai Ke Si. This name had an important meaning to both of them. For Electrolux, it represented his chance at a new life and for Yuhao, it represented his mother and his revenge.

Beibei sat next to Tang Ya. The way he ate the roasted fish was much more graceful than Tang Ya's. At the very least, his hands weren't fully stained with oil. By the time Huo Yuhao had finished roasting the second batch of fish, Tang Ya was already impatiently waiting. Under Bei Bei's helpless gaze, she snatched another roasted fish.

Really, if he wasn't actually an old man, he might have been angry at her for taking liberties with his food.

"This is simply too tasty. I've never eaten such a delicious roasted fish before. Little brother Huo Yuhao, how about I hire you as a chef, okay?" Tang Ya laid down on the grass, and stretched in satisfaction

Huo Yuhao snorted. Him, the Holy Necromancer, a personal chef? Like that would ever happen. Sure, he was weak now, but he wasn't at that level.

Although he had said to his disciples that in the next life, he would become an ordinary person, that was just a lie to console them. In his heart, Electrolux had an immense pride in himself and in his work. Whether it was as a Scion of Light or a Necromancer, he could firmly say that he was someone unique in the vast, wide world.

Can someone like that become an ordinary person? Especially if they had their old memories? Not a chance. While watching them banter, Yuhao shook his head, and decided it was time to go.

He stood up and said, "Brother Bei, Sister Tang, I'll have to leave first."

Beibei said, "Little brother Huo, this is the desolate countryside, and isn't that far away from the Great Star Dou Forest where soul beasts wander. Just where do you intend to go?"

He did not reply, but merely smiled and waved goodbye to the two after he'd packed his clothes into his bag. Afterwards, he turned around and left under Tang Ya's slightly astonished gaze.

"He couldn't really want to go into the Great Star Dou Forest, could he?" Tang Ya gazed at Huo Yuhao's shrinking back as she pondered.

Beibei shook his head and said, "I can't be sure. I can vaguely sense that he possesses soul force, but it's very weak. It also seems that he's alone. This is truly somewhat strange."

Tang Ya stuck her tongue out and said, "Since he has soul force, why don't we recruit him into our Tang Sect?"

Beibei unhappily replied, "You can't be wanting to recruit someone into the sect, simply because they cooked you some delicious fish?"

Tang Ya's face reddened when her intentions were found out, and she stuck her tongue out at Beibei.

Beibei said, "This Little brother Huo has definitely experienced something in his life. I can see that his maturity exceeds his peers from his gaze alone. His talent seems to be a bit special as well."

Tang Ya looked at him with confusion. "What talent? How come I didn't sense anything from him?"

Beibei shook his head. "My martial soul and bloodline responded weirdly in his presence, like it was both strengthened and weakened in his presence. That's never happened to me before. Could his Martial Soul be that of a True Dragon? But then why is his soul force so low?"

A happy expression suffused on Tang Ya's face as she replied, "Since you're putting it like this, does that mean that you've agreed?"

Beibei bitterly smiled, "Sect leader of the great Tang Sect, Miss Tang. Before you took me in as a disciple, the Tang Sect only had you, and you alone, as its leader. Therefore, since your ambition is to strengthen the Tang Sect, it's only natural that we recruit suitable people. This Little brother Huo looks like a rather steady and calm person. If his talent is passable, he's a suitable choice. And from the clothes that he's wearing, his family circumstances shouldn't be too good. Thus, our Tang Sect can recruit this kind of disciple now."

Tang Ya looked at Beibei with a slightly curious gaze as she said, "You're actually quite crafty. I couldn't tell that at all."

Beibei stood up and brushed the dust off of his clothes as he replied, "This is simply called being astute, but calling me wise is fine too. Let's go. Since we've eaten so many of his roasted fish, we should at least protect him for a segment of his journey, just in case he gets in danger when he encounters some soul beasts, no matter whether we recruit him into the Tang Sect or not."

Tang Ya also stood up and giggled. "You're indeed quite smart this time, because your thoughts are actually identical to mine. Let's go after I clean up a bit."