107 A Dragon and a God

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— — — —

At the dining table, there was an incredibly gloomy aura as Huang Yu and Gu Yue sat next to one another whilst Hui Mie sat alone on the other side.

Taking a bite out of his steak, Huang Yu couldn't help but repeatedly shift his gaze between Gu Yue and Hui Mie.

There seemed to be an invisible battlefield between them at this moment as the two of them tried their very best to disintegrate each other with their eyes.

Too bad that they couldn't do that.

Huang Yu though, was a completely different story.

The period of awkwardness for Huang Yu remained for quite a while.

It was only when the sound of Hui Mie putting down his utensils sounded did the silence finally break,

"So, Silver Dragon King, how has it been living under a forest for so long? Did you particularly enjoy your stay there for a couple of millennium or so?"

As Gu Yue heard this, a seemingly innocent smile appeared on her face. "It's been rather lovely. However, let's not talk about me, let's talk about you God of Destruction. How's your love life at the moment?"

Oof. That was super effective.

A slight crack sounded from the chair as Hui Mie forced a smile of his own. "Well, I would love to tell you, but it's not really something that you juniors should know about."

"Haha, I'm so sorry about that. I really just wanted to know some stories about the beautiful love story between the God of Destruction and the Goddess of Life." Gu Yue said with a laugh.

"From the memories of the Dragon God, he found his two juniors rather… cute when you stood in front of him."

At this moment, Hui Mie found Gu Yue's smile outright sinister.

Alright, two can play it that game.

You underestimate my power Silver Dragon King...

"Oh, the Dragon God felt that? It's a shame that he got split in half by the Asura God though. If he was still here, I would love to exchange some pointers with him now."

Hearing this, Gu Yue placed her elbows on the table as she held her face up with both hands.

"He would have definitely been happy to do so. Maybe you could bring your wife and learn a bit or two from him. After all, he has both of your Godheads along with a myriad of other abilities."

At the side, Huang Yu was listening to all of this with a slightly ugly expression on his face.

He was truly facing a dilemma right now.

Should he stop them or not?

What a difficult choice…

Watching their passive aggressive ribs on one another was like watching a train wreck.

He didn't want to stare, but he just couldn't look away.

To be honest, if this was anyone else right now, Huang Yu would just say "Fuck it." and let the whole world burn.

Hell, he would be the guy actively dumping gasoline into the dumpster fire before he sat on a couch with a bag of potato chips in his hand.

Then, he would take a potato chip… and eat it!

Unfortunately for him, the situation here really didn't allow for that.

Hui Mie seemed to be on the losing side at the moment, but that was because he hadn't used his true ability…

Call it a hunch from a connoisseur of the Dao of Bullshittery, but Huang Yu felt that Hui Mie was playing a pig to eat a tiger.

Gu Yue had reached the level where she had begun to grasp the essence of such a profound Dao, but Hui Mie…

That man seemed to have begun to become one with such a horrible Dao…

How frightening.

There was a look of helplessness on his face as he began, "It can't be helped. The Dragon God is rather ancient so he's very powerful."

It was only then did Hui Mie's expression turn absolutely sinister. "Speaking of ancient though, how old are you anyways this year Gu Yu—"

A dry cough suddenly came from Huang Yu's throat as he gave a meaningful look to both sides.

Huang Yu wasn't an idiot.

He knew where Hui Mie was going with that sentence.

How the hell could he not? That was the exact same burn he would use on her every single time they bantered.

And each and every time he said it, he ended up sleeping alone on the couch for the night...

Until Gu Yue decided to sneak onto the couch during the night of course.

Ah, but let's not stress the details.

Back on topic, as Gu Yue's boyfriend, he had the responsibility to shield her from all wind and rain.

Hence, there was no way he was going to allow Hui Mie to finish that sentence.

"So.." Huang Yu began, "Since we're all done eating, let's clean up. It's getting pretty late."

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Shifting his gaze to Gu Yue, Huang Yu gave her a wink. "We should be heading to bed after that right? We have a lot of catching up to do."

Seeing this, Gu Yue seemed to lag briefly before she nodded her head vigorously.

"I think my injuries are acting up again. They've been rather debilitating these past few weeks without your help. So, you'll have to stay up to help me all night."

That was all that is to it.

Absolutely not for anything else other than helping her recover her injuries.

As Huang Yu gave a nod in reply, Gu Yue lost her interest in Hui Mie as she hurriedly cleaned up her own plate along with helping Huang Yu wash his.

The moment they were done, she dragged him off as the bedroom door slammed shut with a bang.

Still standing there outside, Hui Mie had a blank expression on his face as he involuntarily uttered,

"What the fuck just happened?"

— — — —

An amazingly beautiful red-haired girl with silver at the tips sat on a vast open plain filled with a myriad of flora as she stared into the distance.

Her similarly red eyes seemed to hold a sense of sorrow as she sat there silently.

By her feet, they were several small beasts laying there who seemed as if they were extremely familiar with her.

All of them seemed to understand her current state of mind as they tried to cheer her up with soft nuzzles.

While this would have worked normally, with the situation that the red-haired girl was facing, it didn't help even a single bit.

"Zhi Nu, what are you doing here?"

As a distinctly male voice resounded throughout the open plains, the girl, now known as Zhi Nu was snapped out of her thoughts.

Turning her head back at breakneck speeds, she scrambled to her feet as her eyes made contact with a pair of red irises with a black cross in the centre.

The man was one of average height, with an athletic build with long, brown spiky hair.

He wore a set of tiger skin clothes that left his midriff uncovered as a winged band floated around his head.


Zhi Nu's sweet and delicate voice rang through the field as she instantly burst towards and caught him in a big hug.

Her uncle was slightly surprised by her action, but his eyes turned gentle as he stroked her hair with his calloused palm.

It was only a few moments later did she finally release her uncle from the hug.

Looking at Zhi Nu's slightly teary eyes, red-eyes narrowed.

"Zhi Nu, why are you crying. Did someone bully you?"

Hearing this, Zhi Nu let out a soft shout as she hurriedly wiped the tears in her eyes. "No, uncle. No one bullied me."

The man raised an eyebrow. "In that case, please do answer my previous question. What are you doing here? You know that the others don't like you having much contact with me..."

"Uncle, I don't care about those guys. They're always so uptight about the rules and regulations." Zhi Nu said with a frown. Taking a quick glance at her uncle, she slyly added. "They've gotten news about Imperial Father but they're still dilly-dallying with the procedures and stuff for leaving the Divine Star…"

A smile appeared on the man's face as he heard this. "Little girl, you don't have to beat around the bush like this. This is about your old man right?."

Zhi Nu blushed faintly before she nodded slowly at her uncle's words. "Uncle, can you send some of your clones to search for Imperial Father?"

"Sure! I've been itching to have a fight with him after so long anyways." the man said with a loud laugh.

"Didn't Imperial Father beat you up really badly that time when you attacked the Heavenly Realm though?"

"That was a long time ago. I've gotten a lot stronger now. Your old man may not necessarily be my opponent now hahaha!"

Plucking a few hairs from his head, the man gently tossed them up into the air before they formed tens of thousands of clones of him.

Giving them a signal with his eyes, they nodded back before they disappeared at speeds faster than light.

Turning back to Zhi Nu, he gave her a smile as he reassured her. "They'll be on the lookout for your old man now."

"Thank you uncle!" Zhi Nu said with excitement clear on her face.

"No problem. Something like this is just a small matter…

For the Great Sage Equal to Heaven."

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