102 Chapter 99 Unexpected Visitor and New Information (Part 2)

With all the discussions over, then we all left the meeting room and returned to where Yuriko-san, Soichiro, and Yoshioka were talking with the other leaders. When we see each other, the only woman of the MLDW leaders sets her eyes on Kiriko-san and then they both nod in greeting.

"Alexander-kun! You have to help me!"

Tanaka-san when watching me, run towards me with an unfortunate appearance while shouting that at me. He really seemed worried since he was even about to throw himself on my feet to hold one of them, but it was good that Leona and Saeko got in the way to avoid it, I don't have a hobby of being hugged by a man.

"What happens Tanaka-san? What do you want me to help you with?"

Although I do not like having much contact with another man, as he had become one of the people I admire and also I was a little curious to know what it could happen to put him in a state where the tears were about run down in his face.

"The truth is that the leaders of my camp had thought of disintegrating it and joining yours as the others have done... we agreed with most of the conditions that Yoshioka-san and Yuriko-san have given us, but...

Then a big problem arose! Even if we get a position as captain, the camp will only support us with the support of 3-5 lovers! You can't make me choose only 5 and discard the other girls! You are too cruel to put a limit on the girls we can have! "

" Useless person..."

"You're garbage! Besides, I've told you not to go near to Alex!"

"... I'm more surprised that you can gather 5 girls to want to be your lovers"

Rina, Kurisu, and Rei take the floor before me, in addition, several girls who are around may remain silent, but he is not saved from receiving strong looks from them.

... Certainly, there was that rule that he mentioned, but since until now I had not heard any soldier complain about it and because it does not affect me, then I forgot it... it does not feel bad to live on the laws.

Although polygamy had been accepted in this camp, it was also necessary to consider a problem that it could generate and due to this a limit of lovers was implemented among the soldiers.

A normal soldier who has already participated in the battle and obtained some achievements, the camp would support him with the subsidy for two lovers. For a captain, the number of these would be 3, but also if this has had a good performance could increase to 5. You can say that this was a kind of motivation for all of them to try hard and I must say that this worked very well ... what I can say? Men are really simple creatures.

So the increase in women that a soldier could have was more like a reward, of course, the soldier girls also receive this same treatment, but there are not many who look for more than one partner, once I read that the man gives love to get sex and the woman gives sex to get love, maybe there is some truth in that.

But the main reason why we couldn't allow them to have the women they wanted, was that if we allow it, many women may only look for any soldier to be able to have that benefit.

It was normal since everyone struggles to have a better life and sometimes regardless of having to make some sacrifices, an example of this is the prostitutes. So we cannot rule out that if women know that they can have many benefits in return to give their bodies to only one man and since this being better than prostitutes, then they can decide to become lovers of a soldier just for this.

If that happens, the camp will have to support a large number of women and that would become a burden for us, so that's why it was better that there was a limit and motivate the soldiers to strive if they wanted to have more women.

But still, I understood the suffering that Tanaka-san is going through, if I were in his place, I would also be shedding tears of anguish... but unfortunately, this was a necessary rule.

That's why I started to think if there was a way to help him and then after torturing my brain for an idea, I could find something that could solve his and Rina's problem at the same time.

"Tanaka-san, I cannot make an exception with the rules of the soldiers, but perhaps there is an option in which you can keep all your girls and stay in this camp. Although you will not get the rank of soldier and therefore you will not have its benefits, but if you try hard your lifestyle would not be bad.

This also works for you Rina, you will not be under the direct command of the camp, but you can live in it. You two would be like a kind of mercenaries, as you should know this camp has a store which not only sells but also buys things.

So your livelihood will be practically the effort of your work, you will be registered as a group of mercenaries and may have your weapons with you, but I warn you that if you use these in a bad way inside the camp, then you will be severely punished. "

"Mercenaries?... Well, as long as we can maintain our freedom, then it seems perfect to me"

"I will do anything if I can keep my girls !!"

"... I think the idea of ​​Alexander-kun is not bad, if you are not satisfied with the rules to become soldiers, then you can take the route he has said"

When the two of whom I speak listen to me, they process my words a little and end up accepting it. Yuriko-san who must have had problems convincing the other leaders who were probably fighting for more benefits also gives them this option.

"This place seems quite interesting, I don't know if you would mind showing it to me, boy"

When they all return to the conversation with the other 3 leaders to see which option they decide, Kiriko-san who was next to me speaks. Having no problem since I had nothing to hide or be ashamed for things we did here, I think that life in this camp is good and is much better than compared to others, so I confirm her request.

"Kiriko-san, then I say goodbye. We will see each other in a couple of days to get moving towards Kinato"

"It's okay"

Then the captain of the police goodbye to Kiriko-san. I, she and Rei walked around the camp and the others went to their respective jobs or accompany others, so only we explore the interior of MLDW.

"This is the presidential suite! This is where I sleep with several girls that you met before!"

"…I see"

The first place we go to, was the most striking of the camp and this of course was the castle. I quickly take the two girls to the most important part of this and show it to them with great emotion, although the reaction I get from them is somewhat muted... well, I can't blame them since Rei already knows it and sleeps here, so for her it must be something normal. As for her mother, perhaps being the wife of one of Kinato's leaders, the place where she sleeps is not very different.

Then we leave the castle while Rei covers her face with one hand and Kiriko-san watches the streets we pass, after walking a few minutes we reach my second goal.

"This is the pink zone!... unfortunately the girls won't let me in there, if find out they will probably make a big rush about it, so we'll just look at it from here..."

"... how old are you? Do you know what people do in this place?"

"Alexander, why among all the places you had to choose this one to show it to my mother?!"

I knew that Rei would be angry... I thought that if I came under the pretext of showing this place to Kiriko-san, then I could finally walk the streets here, so I attempted to bring them, but... seeing her act this way, If I move forward, she will surely tell the other girls and they will reproach me for that.

Without another option I go along with them to the next place after saying goodbye to several girls who greet me from the other side... it feels very bad to have something you want near you and not be able to reach it, so with a feeling a little depressed I walk again on the streets.

Since I was not in a good mood, I ended up ignoring Kiriko-san's question, but it seems that this was rhetorical since she did not insist on it. Then some time later, we arrived at the cafeteria where I confessed to Haruna.

"This is a cafeteria where they prepare delicious sweets and several of the girls like to eat"

"... I am not very fond of sweet things"

"Haaa, well, at least this place is more normal"

I ask them if they want to eat something but apparently, they are not hungry and so we look at the customers who were eating until Kiriko-san turns to me.

"Aren't we going to other places?... So far you have only taken me where it seems you could pick up girls or spend time with them..."

"...these were the best places in the camp I know... the others seem boring or I don't like spending my free time in them, I have enough to have to check them as a camp leader "

"...are you really a leader of this camp?"

"Yes, he is it mom, and it is perhaps he who has helped more... a-although he is probably the one who least works to manage this place and probably is the leader of the camp with more free time...

But he is a very skilled boy and has earned the trust of most people in the camp or even other camps! So he's someone trustworthy, you can't be fooled by this, mom! "

Kiriko-san looks at me as if analyzing me and makes a somewhat intrigued face, seeing her mother's reaction Rei immediately begins to tell her good things about me... well, I think there are some that it was better to keep them for herself, but still appreciate her intention to make me look good.

"If you want to see other areas of the camp, it is better for Rei to show them to you... I don't want to go there, I prefer to stay here and eat something"

"Come on mama! I will take you to see the other places in the camp that may interest you... it is better to leave before he says or does something worse"

"…it's okay"

That last murmur of Rei was something rude, if you ask anyone, they will surely say that I am one of the people with the best reputation of the camp and that can only be due to my good behavior... well, it is impossible for everyone to speak only positive things about me, but that is normal since I am exposed to public opinion as a leader of MLDW.

Although surely the rumors and gossip that are said about me are much better than those of Komuro and Yamada, so I can be calm in that regard.

After seeing the mother and daughter couple leave, I enter the cafeteria to spend time until dinner which is when I can meet the other girls. Time passes quickly when you have fun, having spent a good time talking and watching the clients of the place and waitresses, they had a high percentage of skin exposure because they had to attract men to do business in the case of prostitutes or create a good atmosphere for the establishment as for the waitresses, then in the evening return to the castle.

There, the cooks and workers of the castle were preparing to serve dinner, so I advance to the table where I usually eat with everyone. Several people had already taken a seat and discussed several issues, so I proceed to do the same as them.

"The atmosphere in this camp is very good, it does not compare with anything to Kinato's. Here, people concentrate on performing their work and there is, for the most part, a feeling of optimism that they give off when you see them. In comparison, In Kinato, the people there just waiting for the food to be distributed, and lately they can't even fill their stomachs.

Perhaps it is good to have people entertained so that they forget at least for a few moments their sorrows or what the world has become now... "

"You are right Kiriko-san, this place may not compare to what our old days used to be, but it is also not a bad place to live"

When I take a seat, I listen to the dialogue between Kiriko-san and Haruna who spoke happily among themselves, the others also nod to their words causing a sigh in the first one that should be comparing both places in her mind.

I did not expect the situation there to be so bad, but I understand that if the people in that camp only depend on what their leaders do, it is likely that the environment is somewhat depressing.

"Well, let's not talk about those things if discourages you, Kiriko, I'm sure things will get better over time. But For now, you should relax a bit and take this as a vacation, later I'll take you to a room in the castle where you can rest and sleep without worries"

"Hmn? Thanks, Yuriko, but don't bother. I'll just sleep in Rei's room."


Seeing her friend or acquaintance somewhat discouraged, Yuriko-san enters the conversation and tries to change the subject to improve her mood. Unfortunately, her words make another person surprised and start to get nervous... probably she, like me, had forgotten that matter.

"What's wrong, Rei? Don't you want to sleep in the same room with your mother? I thought you would miss me more."

"I-it's not that mom... I really missed you, b-but..."

"Fufufu, the problem I don't think is Rei-chan, Kiriko. The complication about staying where your daughter sleeps is because it's not her room... it's Alexander-kun's"


Yuriko-san who seems to have fun with the situation does not give Rei a chance to find a good way of saying it… well, she was unlikely to find a justification for that anyway.

Then, as a result of Yuriko-san's words, Kiriko-san frowns and puts the eyes on her daughter who becomes even more nervous because of her gaze and seconds later they change towards me that continued to see what was happening while eating the dish that one of the girls had brought me when I sat down.

The others at the table also watch with interest what happens, but those who had a more remarkable reaction were people like Hirano and Haruna who looked at me with nervous eyes probably being worried about me. Or Yuki, Mizusu and Niki who seemed to be watching a good drama, that was still good, what bothered me was Komuro who had a big smile as if he enjoyed all this.

Tch, I think I should teach a lesson to this ungrateful son of mine who saw that his father is in a bad situation, enjoys it. Certainly, this was somewhat awkward, it was like when you are with your girlfriend's house alone and you suddenly hear the door of the house open... but I can't please Komuro and act silly here, so keeping the calm I acted as more naturally than I can and wait for Kiriko-san to say something while she and I stare into each other's eyes for a while.

"This is something unexpected... but now I understand why you seem to have separated from your childhood friend Takashi... I'm also surprised that you like boys younger than you"


"... his childhood friend now has a boyfriend, so it was impossible from the beginning"

"Fuck you damn !! Who has a boyfriend? !!"

"Come on you two, don't quarrel!"

"" ... ""

"We have to talk about some things between us Rei"

"Y-yes ..."

His mother's words make Rei feel ashamed and cause her face to blush, so since I had a bad taste in my mouth from Komuro's eyes, that's why I muttered that to vent me, but it seems that I said it too loudly since he reacts immediately... I was going to answer that of course, I talked about him, but Haruna intervenes so we both just keep silent while we observe each other.

Finally ignoring the claim of her daughter, Kiriko-san with a serious look says that to her with a tone of order rather than a request and that is why Rei can only respond in affirmation while showing a worried face. After this, dinner was quieter and then being all satisfied we retired to our rooms.

The only difference to previous days is that Rei had to stay in the room assigned by Yuriko-san to Kiriko-san and thus be able to talk to each other during the night.


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