1 Chapter1 I wish I'd never seen her

The first and only chapter:

I wish I'd never seen her

Murphy sat on the bus, thinking about his misfortunes, how to make money and change his life. A girl with a simple dress and appearance sat on the other side of Murphy and stared at the end of the bus, where a couple was kissing. They were grabbing and rubbing and making love and enjoying their freedom, the girl who was staring at them, put her tongue on her lips and apparently was completely emotional and scared to see these scenes and there was a special regret in her honey eyes and on her part. Another Murphy stared at the girl with a surprised look, full of the feeling that "why is this girl like this, maybe she's crazy or has never been in a relationship before?" Via had no shortage of daughters, but now, with great eagerness, she wrapped her tongue around her lips and bit her lips, and her hands on her thighs also had a special movement.

It did not take long for Anna to notice Murphy's heavy gaze on herself, and she, too, looked into Murphy's eyes with more astonishment and dried up. Murphy turned his gaze and looked out of the sidewalk bus window where people were moving. But he looked at Anna from time to time, and Anna was still staring at him and had not changed the way he looked. Murphy looked in another corner, and when he asked again to check Anna to know that he was still staring at her, he was shocked. He froze as Anna sat in the chair next to him, staring into Murphy's eyes, as well as moving his head forward, and Murphy pulled himself back until Murphy's head stuck to the windowpane of the bus.

Murphy: Aaa. Did something happen?

And Anna said with great enthusiasm: Can you see me? Or hear my voice?

Murphy looked around and at the other people on the bus, and no one noticed, and turned to Anna again and said, "I'm sorry." I do not see you!

Anna got up with gusto and said, "You can see me."

And he jumped up and down on the bus and screamed with joy. At that moment, the bus reached a stop and stopped, and Murphy, who thought Anna was crazy, quickly got off the bus to get rid of him, and the bus doors were closed behind him. And he moved, and Anna went with the bus as she looked out the window at Murphy.

Murphy said to himself: "There is only one crazy person in my life who apparently gives me this world as well."

And he continued on his way, but he had not taken a few steps when Anna appeared in front of him again, frightening Murphy, and he turned and looked at the bus that was going a long way, and looked at Anna again, and as in Her brain was analyzing how a girl who was moving on the bus and walking away from her turned green in front of her in one of them. Anna said with a slightly frowned face: Why did you run away from me and continued with a calm face and a smile on her face. : You can not understand how happy I am that after all this time someone sees me and I can talk to him, I had lost hope and hope, but you hoped again and returned to me.

Anna went on to say how glad she was to have Murphy see her, to which Murphy said with a questioning face, "Which hospital did you run away from?" Do you have a phobia of the destruction of the world, the extinction of humanity, and you know yourself and the last man on earth? Honestly, this is not how you go and see the two people who are busy on the bus.

Murphy turned his face away from him and said, "What's going on in the infirmary? Why don't they keep the psychics together or give them something like a carrot cucumber?"

Anna was embarrassed and her face turned a little red and she turned her head and looked around and then said: You are a human being, but I still love you because you are my only talk in this world.

Murphy: Well, this is getting worse, I'd better call the fire department to save you and your body!

Anna: You better not do this because they will take you with them ..

Hey Murphy, how glad I am to see you again.

A black man in a loose-fitting dress with long, braided hair and a long necklace with a large plate around his neck and sunglasses with two eyes, apparently his men, standing a little behind him and Murphy. He looked at them and was anxious at first, but he collected himself and said with a fake smile, "Hey, Steve, I just wanted to see you. What an interesting thing you saw here."

Steve: So it's good that I came forward, you did not bother. Take it.

Two people with Steve, who had a big, athletic physique and was apparently an athlete, and who, like Steve, were black, stepped forward and grabbed Murphy, who was smiling.

Murphy: Hey I told you…

Steve hit Murphy on the head with his club and knocked him unconscious, and his men put him in a black truck and took him away.

Murphy regained consciousness and saw that he was locked in a chair and could not move, and Steve and a few black men who were his men sat in a chair in front of Murphy and waited for him to regain consciousness.

Suddenly Anna found herself in front of Murphy and said, "Hey, how are you?" I thought something bad had happened to you, this idiot ... and then he went to Steve and said to him, "Hey, Kerry, this man belongs to me, you can't hurt him."

And he punched Steve a few times, but they all went through Steve's body, and Steve just scratched his neck and noticed Murphy coming to his senses and said, "Well, well, where is my money, Murphy?"

"So you used a stupid girl to find me," said Murphy, who was still confused and did not realize that Anna was a ghost.

Steve: Girl? It is better to say where my money is and not try to make fun of Mike and the gay man with these words.

Murphy looked at Anna and said, "Mike?" A strange name for a girl.

One of the men who was with Steve, who had caught Murphy on the street with another man, pulled a stick out of his waist and pointed it at Murphy's head, saying, "Steve, let me kill this racist trash."

Murphy was frightened when he saw the gun in front of his face and said: "Hey man, I am very sorry that I insulted that girl. I did not know that it was your girlfriend. I got this gun wrong and took it.

Anna: No, it's not that I forgot to say…

Steve interrupted Anna again and said, "Mike, the gun and the tiger next to us, we have to take our lungs from him, then you can kill him." I shouldn't have worked with a white man, you even cheated and cheated on my daughter.

Murphy: If you mean Jesse's daughter who works in a bar, she's two years older than you and I, who had nothing to do with her, she offered me a relationship.

Steve: You make fun of me.

Steve took out his gun, and this time he aimed at Murphy, and it was Mike who stopped him, and Murphy trembled with fear.

Steve calmed down a bit and said: "Where is Murphy, the 20,000 euros you took from me?"

Murphy: Okay, I'll give you your money back, but can you introduce me to this girl first?

Steve looked where Murphy pointed and saw nothing and said, "Girl?" Which girl?

Murphy: The same girl behind you.

Steve looked behind him and saw nothing, and turned to Murphy and said, "You touched us."

Murphy looked at Anna in surprise, and Anna said, "I wanted to tell you I'm a ghost."

Anna put her hand on the head and body of the maple present there, which passed by them and the people did not feel anything, and Anna said: You yourself did not give me the opportunity to tell you.

Murphy swallowed and said a little scared, "I think I'm crazy. No, it must be a dream, Steve. I'm going to hit you to wake me up."

Steve: Willingly.

Steve punched Murphy in the face and Murphy was in pain, but when he looked again he saw Anna who told him: "You better not bother yourself, this is not a dream and you are fully awake."

Murphy turned to Steve again and said, "Steve, apparently your fists are not very strong and I will not wake up with one of them. You can punch me a few more times."

Steve: My fists are not very strong, so no matter how hard I hit you, you still do not wake up, it's better for Mike to try.

Murphy took a look at Mike's large, well-trained body, which was twice his size, and the force was rotten in his arms, and he just wanted to hit someone, and said, "I think if Mike hits me, I'll sleep more."

Mike punched Murphy and Murphy fainted, and Steve turned to Mike and said, "What did you do? Now we have to wait for him to regain consciousness."

After a while, Murphy came to his senses and looked around, and Steve was playing poker with his men at a distance from him, and Murphy looked in front of him and saw Anna, who said to him: "Hey, you better fix this situation and fix it like me." I need your help and you…

Steve, noticing Murphy coming to his senses, came up to him and said, "Well, Murphy, let's play a game. I'll give you a minute, and if you don't tell me where my money is, Eddie will brainwash you."

Eddie was a short man with messy teeth and a bald head who loved to play gangster. He tilted the gun in his hand and aimed it at Murphy's head, and Mellon, another Steve man, began counting. Fifty-nine, fifty-eight,…. Murphy became a little anxious and said, "Really, this cowardice that you make Mellon count with this bad voice. He is not good to me because of his sister's case, and he is counting on me to die sooner."

Steve: Well, it's better, it makes me want to get there sooner.

Mellon was still counting, and Eddie was holding the gun to Murphy's head with that gangster gesture. Anna cursed Steve to save Murphy and tried to hit him, but to no avail. Looking at Anna, a thought occurred to him and he turned to Steve and said: I am in contact with supernatural beings and if you hurt me you will be enchanted and they will not leave you forever.

Steve: I do not know how you's with this's Phuket's daughter and Mellon's sister and Eddie and Guide's mother, you better try to be more alive.

Murphy's words were also interesting to Anna, and she stopped trying to hit Steve and listened to Murphy's words, and Murphy continued to save his life: I'm telling the truth, right now one of them is standing behind you, the soul of a girl with black hair And bloody face and teeth darker than the hair on his head with torn white clothes and red and bloody eyes because of their bloody face, it is better to think more that if you kill me, you may not be able to live a calm and experienced life forever. کنی.

Murphy said this in a certain tone and made Steve a little scared and he looked left and right and behind him and turned to Murphy again and said: "Honestly, the more I think killing you, the more it is worth taking sides with an evil spirit." .

Mellon: Ten, no.

Murphy looked around and at Anna with the utmost urgency and fear, and then said to Steve, "I can prove to you that I am a magician! Just give me a chance."

Steve got up from his chair and said to Murphy, "It's no use, it's over."

Mellon: four, three…

Murphy: You just punched your back.

Mellon had already reached one, but to pull the trigger, Steve stopped him and told him to hold his hand, and said to Murphy, "How did you know that?"

Anna had told Murphy about it, and Murphy took a deep breath to get rid of him and said, "So it was right."

Steve put his hand behind his back and said, "Now what?"

Anna told Murphy 3 and Murphy told Steve that he was pointing 3 with his fingers, Steve repeated several times and showed a number with his fingers, and Anna, who was behind Steve, told Murphy, and Murphy said the same. He was telling the right answer to Steve. Steve was scared and amazed and could not understand what he was seeing. Finally, Steve pointed his fucking finger behind his finger and Anna told Murphy and Murphy said to Steve: Apparently that Wish good luck to your mother!

Steve took a serious look at Murphy, who was frightened, and said, "I mean, he's a jerk and I deserve it."

Steve was very scared and looked around, he was afraid of darkness and the afterlife as a child, and now Zara was scared, and his people were looking at each other in astonishment and a little scared. He turned to Murphy and shook his mouth in fear. He said: This is a deception and there is no spirit here, surely one of the people in the room will help you.

Murphy, who now knew that Steve did not dare to kill him, said calmly and without anxiety: "Your people stand by you and not behind you and can not see your hands and behind you, and more importantly, they are my enemies because of their wives and daughters." No circumstances help me.

Steve was scared and said nothing, and Murphy knew there was only one more step left for Steve to believe his words, so he thought again, "Well, where was Steve Khunt… Ummmm, 222 Lloyd Street, right?" Let me see what's going on there and what your wife is doing.

Anna quickly disappeared and went to that address, and as she left, Murphy closed her eyes and said a few seconds later, "Well, now on the sidewalk, walking towards my blood, the neighborhood is very secluded. The neighbor's dog is barking at me. Apparently, he can Soul and see, well, now that I've got blood, let's see what's going on there….

Murphy had been to Steve's house before and even had a secret affair with his wife for a while, so he knew he had a dog neighbor and where Steve's furniture was arranged, and he explained it in detail to Steve, and Steve and those around him were frightened to hear him speak. They believed. Murphy was still describing the house when Anna returned and said: "A black woman with wine hair was having sex with another white man in that house."

Murphy opened his eyes and said to Steve, "Apparently your beautiful woman with her newly dyed hair is trying on a bed in the blood of another dead man, and what a noise."

Steve got angry and grabbed Murphy's collar, which scared him, and Steve told him, "If you lied, I would make you wish you were dead."

Steve and his men quickly left the house where Murphy was being interrogated and headed for Steve's house. When they left, he turned to Murphy and said, "That card was wrong. I can only go to places I went to before and saw, or saw a picture of it, like in the movie Jumping."

Murphy was still a little scared of Anna, but he was not so scared and said to Anna, "But you went to Steve's house with the address I gave you."

Anna: That's right

Because Floyd Street is the same street where this house is, and Floyd House is four houses down here.

Murphy: Now it does not matter, you better help me and open my hand faster.

Anna: I think you forgot, I'm a ghost, I can not touch anything.

Murphy got a little upset and said, "Fuck." So I have to work on my brain again. (Fuck was a piece of Murphy who often spoke when he was upset, nervous, or upset.)

Anna: Do not worry, I'll help you get out of here because I'm working with you right now, just keep being a witch.

Murphy looked at him a little surprised, and at the same time Steve turned and sat down in a chair in front of Murphy in a depressed state and sighed, "I provided everything for him: money, house, car and everything, even my back from that man." He was older, so why did he betray me?

Murphy: I do not have the power to read the mind, but I'm sure it was because you gave it your all, if the fish had everything they would think of revolution!

Steve got out of depression and looked around in fear again, saying, "Well, apparently you were right, but I still want my money. If I ask you to be carefree, even my people will not listen to me."

Murphy: Well, to be honest, I gave all that polo to a wizard to teach me how to communicate with supernatural beings and be friends, so I'm sorry I can't give you money back.

Steve: But you can ask for something else. Tomorrow we have a big deal with a big Italian gangster, and if it is done, I will own this city, but that gangster is very infamous and he may trick us and not even pay us. Snake and kill; I ask you to understand before the deal what is in the gangster's head and what he wants to do.

Murphy: How do I know this? I can not read anyone's mind.

Steve: This is your problem, or your intention, and you understand, or you die, and I have to deal with your scary friends.

Murphy: Give me at least one address.

Steve: They closed my eyes and took me there and back, and I did not see the way at all to find out where he is in England now.

Murphy: I can't send my forces and send them there until I have a photo of his whereabouts or an address.

Steve: Eddie, bring me the picture I took with Matthew that day.

Murphy looked at the photo of a teenager in a suit and a serious face with Steve with a laugh that showed how much he enjoyed it, and Murphy said, "Is this kid that gangster?"

Steve: Baby? He is one of the Italian Mafia Cecil and the son of the biggest mafia in the world. Matthew is just a big man with a small body.

Murphy said he would send troops to Matthew's residence to find out his intentions, while Steve would have to contact Matthew and talk about the deal so that Matthew could share his intentions with his own people after talking to Steve; Anna looked at the photo and disappeared, and Steve called Matthew with his ear and a lot of stress, and said in a calm, fearful tone, "Hello, sir, I'm sorry to bother you, I just wanted to ask for a deal again."

Matthew: The deal goes according to what I told you.

Steve: Okay thank you…

Steve's words were not over when Matthew hung up on him, and Steve paused for a moment so as not to be wasted in front of him: "Be there at eight-thirty. You must be there before me."

And suddenly, so that he did not listen to Matthew, he hung up the phone, cleared his throat, and said to Murphy, "Oh, so what now?"

Murphy: Now we have to wait for Murphy's forces.

After a while, Anna came back and said to Murphy, "Apparently the man does not want to cheat because he told his men to prepare a polo and to disrupt it tomorrow."

Murphy Matthew is not looking for a trick, the deal is difficult.

Matthew smiled happily and said, "Bye." I knew Matthew knew he should not get along with me, if you were right you would be released after the deal.

Murphy: You mean you don't want me to go now?

Steve: Of course not, you are much more likely to cheat than Matthew.

Steve left and left Mike there to take care of Murphy, and Murphy, knowing this, said to Steve, "You can't put another one here for that, because Mike's mood is not very good."

Steve left the house and Murphy greeted Mike with a smile and Mike did not pay attention and sat on a chair a little further away from Murphy; Anna, who had been standing in a quiet corner all this time, came to see Murphy and said to him, "Well, tomorrow you are released from here, it is your turn to help us."

"Why should I help?" Murphy said with a serious look.

"Because I helped you," Anna said in surprise.

Murphy: But I did not ask you this, why did you help me?

Anna: Because you needed help and people should help each other.

Murphy: If humans do not cause problems for each other, there is no need for anyone to help anyone.

Anna got a little nervous about him and said, "But you owe me."

Murphy: Debtor? . I do not believe in these things, you made a mistake in helping me. I only help others for money, like a mercenary, if you have money I will help you, but if you do not have it, I'm sorry, you better go and ask someone else for help.

Anna was upset and said to Murphy: You are a bitch and she disappeared; Mike, who saw Murphy talking to himself, got scared and left the house and sat in front of the porch, and Murphy, who was no longer around, said loudly, "At least make me a movie so I don't get bored."

The next day Murphy woke up in a chair and saw Steve standing next to him with a sack in his hand, taking money out of the sack, throwing it in the air and dancing, and after cheering Murphy, who was eagerly looking at the money. He said: I still want to kill you, so it is better not to look at my money like this because I may change my mind and listen to what I have to say. This time I will go, but if I see you again, I will skin you and I will.

Steve turned to Mike and told him to open Murphy's hand, and Murphy left with his hand open, and again walked on the sidewalk under the partly cloudy sky of the city to nowhere without any money; Murphy was thinking about Anna and that he could get rich with its help and deceiving people, and it was in these thoughts that Anna turned green in front of him, which caused Murphy to get scared and back a little, and Anna said to him without hesitation: "Okay, I will give you money to Help me.

Murphy: So you are a rich girl.

Anna: No. I do not have money to give you, but I give you something that you can earn money by selling it, but before that you have to help me.

Murphy: I will not help you unless I have the money.

Anna thought for a while and then said: Well, I will give you money and whenever you help me and my problem is solved, I will pay you ten times in advance and I will give it to you, what do you think?

Murphy: Where is that advance now?

"Under a hill outside the city," Anna said with a look that showed she was not happy with Murphy and was unhappy with telling him where the money was.

Murphy: What does money do on the hill?

Anna: I said it's not money, a closet from the past that you can sell to make money.

Murphy: And how do you know that treasure, Rajab?

Anna: Unlike you, I'm really in touch with supernatural beings, and they've been there and telling me, so now the deal is acceptable?

Murphy looked into Anna's determined eyes and said yes, and as a sign of the covenant, he held out his hand, and Anna held out her hand, but their hand did not touch and Anna's hand passed through Murphy's hand.

Anna: Well, I do not think there is a need to shake hands, follow me and take you to that treasure.

Murphy Bailey stole from the garden of one of the surrounding houses and followed Anna. They continued on foot, passing through the streets and alleys and houses and leaving the city, and reached the hill that Anna said was a hill. Green with a few small and large stones on the hill, half of which were buried in the soil of the hill, and Anna marked a place next to one of those rocks and told Murphy to do it, the soil because of the rain that lasted a few nights It was raining before, it was soft and easy to dig, and after digging Murphy a little, it fell into a bag under the ground and tore it, and the yellow gold coins came out, which made Murphy laugh and laugh, the coins of the past and History was related, maybe knights or feudal lords or earlier and even Vikings, Murphy collected coins and took them with him and just stared at them and sometimes after cleaning one of them, biting the original coin It tried and when he felt the coins firmly, he was more excited. After cleaning the coins, he took them to a jewelry store that he already knew and his job was to buy stolen jewelry and coins. He sold it to him, although he deceived Murphy's jeweler and did not give him the real price of gold, and Murphy himself understood this, but when he heard the word 150,000 euros, electricity jumped out of his eyes and he accepted the deal and took the money. And going to a secluded place, he took and smelled all the money that the jeweler gave him in a bag, and you laughed like crazy, but apparently all that money was not enough for Murphy, and he made him greedy, and Remembering Anna's words, she said to Anna: You said that you give me ten times more treasure?

Anna: That's right. I will give it to you when you help me.

Murphy: So what's the problem?

Anna: Am I dying?

Murphy: I'm sorry, I do not have a good relationship with God, so I do not think I can help you.

Anna: I'm familiar with the creatures that can make life and hell, the ones that tell the treasure.

"Tell me more about the problem," Murphy said in a calm tone that seemed to frighten Anna.

Anna: I went into a coma six years ago because of an accident and I do not remember anything about that accident, I remember my family, friends and some memories, but I do not remember most of the events before and after the accident and I do not know why and how I went into a coma. And now my soul is separated from my body and no matter what I did and no matter how hard I tried, I could not return to my body and no one could see me, spending years alone without a friend and talking and only occasionally with souls who were on the way to another world. I was talking, you know how crazy I was talking to my friends and family and I answered them while they were not listening to me at all, I could not feel anything and the sunlight on my skin, cold or heat caressing the wind on my ass or The smell of flowers and touching something, you do not know how much I miss eating a fruit meal and an ice cream, years passed and I had come to terms with my soul until a handsome and sexy white man in a crowded street that someone paid attention to me He could not look me in the eye and said: Hello, the girl is apparently very lonely.

I was so happy that I had never been so happy in my life and I jumped up and down and said to him: You can see me.

Azrael: That's right, I'm talking to you and I can see you.

I hugged him out of sheer taste. Azrael said to me reluctantly: "I'm sorry, I like men, so you can separate from me."

I matched myself and separated from him, but again I asked him eagerly: Who are you? How can you see me? You are not a soul, I can feel this.

Azrael: I am the angel of death.

He smiled but his smile was so scary with what he said that I felt like crying but because I was a soul I could not cry and I begged him: Please do not kill me I am still very young and I have not done anything special in my life and I did not have any pleasure and experience and I am even a virgin! Of course, I kissed a person several times, but he was just a kiss and that person was just a friend!

Azrael: I'm sorry, the time of your death has come and nothing has been done of me.

I fell on the ground and cried and begged, although there were no tears in my eyes and I started to say from my grief and complexity: oh what is this life? I had not yet left the city where I was born, I went as a coma, once a real guest And I did not go to bed and I did not even drink alcohol and I only smoked a cigarette once, I'm sorry that I have to leave without saying goodbye, Dad, I could never tell you how much I love you, Ajay…

Azrael's heart came to mercy after seeing my sigh and moan and said: Well, let me see if there is a way to save your life.

Anna quickly stopped crying and stood up and said with a smile: Thank you.

The angel of death wrote something on a piece of paper in his hand and took a pigeon out of his white coat and put the letter in a special place on the pigeon's foot and released the pigeon.

I was surprised to see a dove and said to the angel: Dove?

Azrael: Yes. A fool in heaven wished that God would use a dove to do his work and correspondence, and God wished and fulfilled it, because heaven is where all wishes are fulfilled.

Anna: But the pigeon does not take long to go to heaven?

Azrael: He is not going to go to heaven, God is in a casino around here and he is making money and blowing, fuck, apparently I should not have said that.

I was lost in what he said, but a more important issue came to my mind.

Anna: If I die I will go to heaven right?

Azrael: No, you are going to hell!

Anna: What? But I was innocent and a child who went into a coma.

Azrael: Heaven is a place for special people. Well, you know, God needs help to control this world and its people, and those people who help him go to heaven, the shepherds go to heaven, and the sheep go to hell. They keep a small group of other human beings in ignorance and slavery, and in the end they go to heaven because of their work.

Anna: A. As you likened it, so my devil is a wolf!

Azrael: No. The devil is a dog that helps the shepherd.

At that moment, the pigeon came back and I hoped it would bring good news, I had my hands tied and I was just anxious and worried, just praying and whispering.

Azrael: Well, not too bad, you can live.

Anna: Really. thank you. God, thank you very much. I mean, now I'm going back to my body.

Azrael: No. There is a condition for returning to your body.

Anna: Bet? I do not know, I accept whatever it is.

Azrael: You have to understand who caused your death.

Anna: You mean someone wanted to kill me and I was not in an accident.

Azrael: Fak. I whistled again. I should not have said this, well, I will correct it, you must find the reason for your death and return to life

I wondered why someone wanted to kill me, a teenage girl, if not what I had done to someone, but for now it was important to come back to life and find out who wanted to kill me and then I could understand the reason for that person's work. .

Anna: But I do not remember anything from that incident and my memories are incomplete.

Azrael: Well, God has provided a way to restore your memory and memories of that night, there are things that are special to every human being and you have the illusion of these things, things that if you touch them, your lost memories will return, the first of which is a box full From the memorial you buried with your best friend.

Anna: Julie.

Azrael: When you find the first thing, I tell you what the second thing you have to find.

Anna: But there is a problem, how can I find those things, my soul, because I definitely need my hands, feet and senses to find those things.

Azrael: A human being on this planet can see you and talk to you, find him, take that leaf and remember this, you only have nine months to find him, and at the end of this time, I will come to catch you. Oh the bus came.

Anna: What?

The angel of death went to the bus and got on the bus while I could not move from the cup and it was as if my feet were stuck on the ground and I was just shouting: Hey. Wait, how do I find that person?

Azrael: Oh, I'm sorry…

The bus left and I never saw that angel again. I searched the whole world for that person, but I could not find him, and when my time was running out and I was ready to die, you saw me, and it was like a miracle.

How do you do that when you have to?

Anna: I can not masturbate because I have no sense.

Murphy: It was a very long and nonsensical story. Where are you from now?

Anna: San Francisco. America.

Murphy whistled and said, "Too long." Now how do we find that box and it's apparently destroyed in your memories.

Anna: I remember that box. A box full of souvenirs and gifts that Julie gave me and buried them somewhere in San Francisco, but I forgot where the box was buried, but surely Julie knows where it is, my full name is Julie Evans.

Murphy: Julie Evans? His name is familiar to me, but he is in America and I am in Hamel, so I certainly do not know him.

Anna: But she is a famous superstar with the title of aj.

Murphy: What? aj? She is a famous celebrity. Sure, we can't see him, but most importantly, how do you know he's your friend?

Anna: We grew up together and our blood was next to each other's house. When Julie was 8 years old, her father left her mother and brother, who was 4 years older than her. I was with Julie for a while and I comforted her. You can check out her house, which used to be on Scott Street in Rollins.

Murphy: Even if you were right, it would be impossible for a normal person like me to see aj again.

Anna: So we have to pull it out with a trick or a threat. I have memories and information about Jolie and I know many things about Rajab, and you should use this information to just drag him to a corner and ask Rajab the box. All we need is a number that I can get, now you better go and get a ticket to Los Angeles.

Murphy: Well, apparently we have no choice but to do so.

Julie Evans, nicknamed aj, is a very beautiful and blonde girl who, as a child, knew that she had a bright future in the field of music because of her beautiful voice. After Anna fell into a coma, she quickly developed into a superstar. He became very famous, he was known in most countries of the world, and he had a lot of followers in virtual networks, and his songs were always among the best in music applications, and he recently turned to acting and played a small role in a movie. Was. Every year, a large number of boys and girls commit suicide because of Julie, and this shows her high popularity.

Murphy took a plane ticket to Los Angeles and went there. Anna was not with Murphy during the flight because she had gone to find Julie's number. Murphy was only thinking about the future, what he could do with millions of pounds, and as he looked out of the plane window and swam in his dreams, he fell asleep and the flight attendant woke him up and said, "Sir, we have reached our destination."

Murphy got off the plane and was now in Los Angeles, the city where dreams come true or are destroyed. Murphy was the most unknown and anonymous person in the most famous city in the world. He left the airport and looked around. He wanted to see the city and its beauties, but it did not take long for all his thoughts to fly in front of him when Anna appeared in front of him. His brain fled.

Anna: Well, let's do something. I found Julie's number.

Murphy: How did you find his number?

Anna: Well, some people care a lot about celebrities and whatever they have, I think it's kind of sick.

Murphy: But this is very dangerous.

Anna: You are going to call from a telephone booth and cover your head and face so that the cameras around the telephone booth cannot identify you, so there is no need to worry. Tell him something went wrong. Do you know the death of his best friend Anna Belfort or Anna Scissors?

Murphy: A pair of scissors? What a ridiculous nickname.

Anna: She loved Edward Scissorhands, so she called me Scissors, and I called her Julie Sparrow.

Murphy: Well, apparently you both had a crush on Johnny Depp.

Anna: Now it does not matter, you have to make an appointment with him and at that time I am with him to make sure everything goes well.

Anna gave Murphy the number and suddenly disappeared, and Murphy covered his face with a mask of contamination and called Julie on a nearby landline.

Murphy said in a serious voice to Julie, "You are aj, right?"

Julie was sitting on the couch in her comfortable clothes, writing her lyrics when her phone rang and she answered the phone, which was Murphy, and after hearing her question, she said, "Who are you? Where did you find my number?"

Murphy: It doesn't matter. The important thing is that I have information about the incident that happened to your friend, Anna Belfort or Anna.

Murphy: Who are you? Where did you find my number?

Murphy: Do you want to know the truth about what happened to your friend? If you want to know, come to Los Angeles Park in three hours and most importantly do not tell the police because then I will disappear.

Murphy hung up the phone and went to the other side of the street and waited. After a few minutes, Anna came and said, "She called the police and said everything."

Murphy: Well, it turned out, so I have to call him and tell him I know he told the police.

Anna: With this phone booth you can not call again.

Murphy accepted and left with Anna.

The police went to Julie's house, a large, luxurious house in a secluded place in Los Angeles. Julie had long since learned to live independently. The police entered Julie's house. She was sitting on a chair with stress and was only thinking about who that person was, people had bothered her before, but none of them had said anything to her best friend Rajab and what had happened to her. The police officer approached Julie with a booklet in her hand and said, "Mrs. Evans, you said that someone called you and disturbed you and asked you to see some information about your friend, Annabelfort, who happened to be there five years ago by accident. Which you have with a car, give it to you in a coma. Right?

Julie: It wasn't a normal call, she even knew the nickname I was calling Anna and she even had my number.

Police Officer: When and where did he meet with you?

Julie: Three more hours in Los Angeles Park.

Meanwhile, Anna's head is found and she stands next to Julie and listens to her talk to the police.

Police Officer: You go to the meeting place and we ambush and arrest that person, probably just a stalker and only investigate you and get information. You better not worry.

Anna returns to Murphy when she hears this. Murphy has rented a small apartment in a small, quiet neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and she has fallen asleep on the bed of her room. Anna calls him and Murphy wakes up and Anna tells him: He told the police everything and they are going to monitor Julie from a distance and arrest you when you are found. It is better to wait and contact Julie again when the police leave.

Murphy: So I'm unemployed tonight and can I be myself?

Anna: What do you mean?

Murphy: Well, apparently Los Angeles has beautiful places and more beautiful girls.

Anna: Do not say that you want to spend tonight with love and mood.

Murphy: This is just a fun bell, the police are probably monitoring Julie and her calls for a while, so it 's better for you to find another Julie number while I'm getting to work.

Anna went to Julie's house reluctantly and dissatisfied, the police had left Julie's house, they had been monitoring her all day at the place where Julie had said, but they had not found any suspicious people nearby. Julie was alone at home, sitting on her bed, taking a picture of Anna from her belongings and looking at her, and said, "Anna, why did that really happen that night?"

Tears welled up in Julie's eyes, and Anna looked at him sadly and said, "I wish I knew."

But Julie did not listen to Anna as usual, a voice came in Julie's room and her bodyguard entered her room and said: I got a new number, that other person can not bother with this number.

The bodyguard placed the SIM card inside the envelope with the number written on the envelope on the table next to Julie's bed. Anna read and memorized the number on the envelope and disappeared.

Julie: Isaac, you have a friend who is everything to you, every time you see him you are happy, you feel that he is even closer to you than your family.

Isaac: I think everyone has such a person in their life, but that person is not a friend to everyone!

Julie: That's right, and that person is not by their side.

Anna went to the disco where Murphy was, Murphy was dancing with a girl in the middle of the crowd and the girl was flirting with him with special skill, but Murphy saw Anna separated from the girl and went to a quiet corner and Anna went to "Write this new issue," he said.

Murphy wrote the number that Anna said, which Anna continued: Call her and tell her that you knew you told the police and you did not make an appointment and make a new appointment and this time talk to her in a harsher tone.

Murphy put the number on a piece of paper in his pocket and said to Anna with a fake smile, "Okay, I'll call her tomorrow."

Anna: What? Tomorrow? Why now…

Murphy interrupted him and said, "That beautiful black-haired girl with that great body dancing in the middle and you see her staring at me and waiting for me, you can't miss her."

Murphy walked over to the girl, took a glass of alcohol from one of the people dancing there, and nodded.

Anna: Hey Murphy, stupid bitch ه .Hooooo

Anna took a breath of anger and said, "Really, why should a madman see me among all these people?"

Murphy drank and danced all night, sometimes with beautiful and stylish girls, sometimes with skilled and attractive idiots, and even in the form of drunkenness, sometimes with his men, playing crazy all night, and he was no longer sober. The next day Murphy woke up in his bed and until he opened his eyes he saw a beautiful girl with red hair and wine who was lying naked on the bed next to her. Murphy smiled with satisfaction when he saw her and her beautiful daughter, but he wanted to touch her face. He saw a hand on his side that was a rough hand for a girl. When he returned, he saw a boy with blond hair, who was also naked and lying on the bed next to Murphy. Murphy screamed and jumped out of bed and quickly left the room. The girl and the boy woke up and wrapped the sheets around themselves and left the room unaware and surprised. Murphy turned to the boy and said to him: Who are you? Existence?

"Who are you?" Said Moshrabi's daughter to Murphy. This is my boyfriend.

Murphy: Why is your boyfriend sleeping next to me in my bed?

Wine hair girl: That boyfriend of mine should be in bed next to me. What were you doing there? He looked around and continued: But this house and he turned to his boyfriend and said: Why are we here.

The boy and the girl started talking to find out why they woke up in a stranger's house and his bed.

Anna's head was found and Murphy saw her without preamble and said: Apparently I slept with a boy last night! This is very confusing, it means me… oh.

Anna: If this situation gets better, you did not have sex with them, you just slept next to them!

Murphy: I do not know. Maybe that boy did it to me, or I did that girl, or even that girl did it with Dildo Maduta.

The boy in bed looks at Murphy in surprise and says to his girlfriend, "He's a madman." He is talking to himself. We better get dressed and leave here.

The girl and the boy go to their room and start dressing.

Anna: Your clothes are still on, but those two people are naked, so this shows that you did not have sex with them.

Murphy: Really? Hoo.… But now I do not know if I am happy or sad.

Anna: Ha?…

Murphy, who sees Anna's curiosity, says, "Well, happy that the boy didn't call me, or sad that I didn't call her the beautiful girl."

Anna: Well, last night you hit the face of that beautiful and attractive black-haired girl, but you drank so much and got drunk that you got in the car and got it wrong, and those who got in the car were so drunk that they didn't notice you. But home and you came right!

Murphy: Well, that shows that luck is just a penny.

The girl and the boy who were naked in Murphy's bed got dressed and came out of the room and passed Murphy and opened the door and went out and the boy said before he came out and closed the door: It is better that you are a friend and a psychiatrist. Take it!

Murphy said to Anna in surprise and astonishment: "Did you see that boy?"

Anna: No, he was stupid with you and he thinks you are crazy and he meant to take your imaginary friend that I am to a psychiatrist so that the psychiatrist can understand that you are crazy.

Murphy: Huh? Well, it was very complicated, I did not understand.

Anna: It doesn't matter, now you have to call Julie and make a new appointment, we have to find that box as soon as possible.

Murphy turns his way and walks to the bathroom, where Anna says, "Where are you going?"

Murphy: I still have to empty everything I ate last night in my stomach and then fill it with a good breakfast.

Murphy goes to the bathroom and after a while he comes out and goes to the kitchen and takes milk, juice and various foods out of the refrigerator and starts eating them, and after a while he prepares with his hands and a lot of procrastination and leaves the house. . He calls another public phone with Julie's new number, which he had written on a piece of paper, and now that paper has been crumpled and because of its color, apparently a drink has been poured on it and its numbers are not well known. Until Julie answers the phone, she says, "Hello, Julie."

"How did you find my number again?" Says Julie when she hears her voice.

Murphy: I'm closer to you than you think, and you'd better not try to tell the police again, because I might be gone forever. Come to Union Metro Station.

"Why should I go there?" Says Julie, a little angry at the stranger.

Murphy: You really do not want to know what happened to your best friend and how he turned into a piece of meat on the bed.

Julie was silent and did not say anything, and Murphy said again: Come there at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and it is better not to say anything to the police because I understand.

Murphy hung up without saying a word, and Julie, wanting to say something else, heard the beep ringing, put her phone on the table next to her, stopped playing the guitar, and walked out of her private studio, which was inside her luxurious home. He sat on the sofa in the living room and thought, and Anna, who wanted to know what he was doing, was by her side and watched her. Julie's bodyguard came to her and saw her confused face and said in her mind: What? Is it?

After a short pause, Julie said, "He called me again. He was the same old man and he found my new number, and he even knew that I had told everything to the police last time, and that was probably not the reason."

Isaac: They must be a group, one is calling you and the other is watching you, and maybe even in the police station there are people, it is better to say everything again and tell the police so that they can follow up.

Julie says dissatisfied: "No, I should not say anything to the police, she must know something about Anna's death, I can feel it, and if we step on the police and in the middle, the person may disappear. The police can not do anything, just here and there." They interpret and interpret the law with their big words.

Isaac: So what do you want to do, just go see that person.

Julie: Because no, I have to find out what happened to Anna.

Isaac: What happened to Anna in a car accident, and now in Comas, what are you looking for in this case?

Julie: I have to get ready because I have an appointment this afternoon.

Anna goes back to Murphy who is taking a bath and waits to get out of the bathroom, Murphy comes out of the bathroom with a towel covered and Anna suddenly says to him: He does not say anything to the police so do not worry and go to the place .

Murphy: How can it be known that the police do not know about me right now, even if they keep the police, they still bring people with them, their bodyguards or other people.

Anna: Don't worry, I'll be there and if I see a bodyguard or someone with him, I'll tell you, and you have to get help from your brain, which has been useless so far, and drag Julie to a corner so you can talk to her alone.

Murphy: To say that for the sake of a comfortable soul, he is a famous celebrity. If the police catch me for harassing him, I will have to stay away from people forever!

Julie gets ready a few hours before the appointment and leaves her house, but in the large yard of her house, she pulls Isaac into a corner and cautiously tells him: "Maybe they put a device inside my house to spy on me, or someone from He would help them at home, so he could not talk there.

Isaac: So how do you know I'm not one of them?

Julie: I do not know, but now I need to trust someone and get help from him.

Isaac: So what do you want to go to the police now?