1 A new world


Gina steps out the broken spaceship and finds herself standing in the middle of nowhere. She takes her receptor out, but it's not working. There's no signal anywhere. Her barefoot touches the ground and bought her the warm feeling of mother Earth. "How will I get back," as she looks around her surroundings. Everywhere is just trees and nothing else.

"Help! Help!" a woman screaming from behind is running from a group of men. Gina quickly made herself invisible and the woman passed her. The group of men were wearing all black suits with guns in their hands. "Why are they chasing her?" she wonders as she sees them chasing that woman. She got curious and ran to see what happened.

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"Don't come near me, or else.. Or else, I'm going to jump down," as she cried. She stood above the cliff and looked down. It's high from where she's standing. She doesn't have the courage to jump down, but in front of her are the men that are going to capture her, then slowly toture her. Her feets kept shifting back, which brought her to the end of the cliff. "Don't come," as she warns them. But the group of men don't believe she'll jump down and keep coming closer.

Gina, who was right next to the woman, wants to help out but didn't know how too. "What are you thinking Gina!? You can't do this. If you use your powers to help the humans, then bad sins will happen to you." She slightly hits her head to make herself awake, but seeing this sight in front of her, but couldn't help, makes her so indecisive. She's not sure if she should intervene with this or just pretend that she didn't see it.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" The woman suddenly slips down from the cliff and Gina quickly jumps off the cliff with her.

'What should we do now?" as one of the guys asked. "How do I know? Let's just head back and say that she jumped off the cliff."

A sudden blink, Gina is lying on the floor with blood coming down her head. "What's this?" as she touches her head. She looks down at what she's wearing, and it looks so different from what she's wearing before. She looked at her right, and then left, but couldn't see the woman. "Where is she?" as she stood up and searched everywhere. She walks and walks, then she comes upon a river. The water was rushing everywhere, and it's the first time that she had ever seen this. She was attracted to it , and so she went closer to it. She then squats down and puts her hand in the water. "It's so cooling," as she enjoys it. As she bends more down, her expression changes. Gina saw a reflection that she doesn't recognize. All of a sudden, she got so scared. Her hands and legs start to shake, "This can't be." She puts her hand on her face, "It's real. OMG, who am I?"

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