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Sorcerers and Humans


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It's hard to say what attracts people to the annotation. I will try to interest readers with originality. In my book there are no: inappropriate idiotic jokes, cringe, systems, cultivation, isekai, fillers, inappropriate eroticism, too boring cliches (obviously, I can't get rid of them all, at least I try to reduce the number). Just Western Fantasy that will eventually shift towards dark fantasy with a relatively interesting plot. A large number of characters, each of which has its own line of behavior and is not like the others (within reasonable limits). There is quite a lot of magic and "politics" so, it is an epic fantasy. In terms of volume, approximately 5 books are planned, and in terms of time, it is 3.5 years. Plot: the archmage, fearing for his position, decides to prepare a palace coup on the eve of the war. At the same time, 3 future main characters enter the Academy of Magic. (the plot in the academy will end in 1 book, then they will become adult magicians). To all those intrigued, enjoy reading. Map https://imgur.com/a/7UAfTiB


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