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Sonreír (BTS)


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The Bangtan household was chaotic, might I add always. Jin was usually telling everyone dad jokes then busting up with laughter afterwards, making everyone else laugh, Yoongi was always taking naps and anyone who dared disturbed his sleep had to stay and cuddle with him, Hoseok was being a sunshine like usual being hyper and randomly dancing or yelling, Namjoon was trying to keep things in order you'd find him reading or trying to fix things he broke, Jimin was either smothering the members with affection or calling everyone to come play games or just hang out, Taehyung was likely to just call all of them up and they'd go out shopping or to eat, Jungkook was most of the time was listening to music with his headphones in or playfully teasing his hyungs cutely. But they wouldn't have it any other way to be honest they just loved being together. When it came down to business though they would be up late in the studio dancing, or up late writing songs one of the members always made sure to help each other. Jin would bring them snacks and drinks as they tended to forget, Yoongi would help them when stuck with something, Hoseok would give the members massages when they were in pain, Namjoon would give speeches making them feel better,Jimin would just hug them or hold them to reassure the members, Taehyung would cheer everyone up and make them laugh, Jungkook would buy them things as gifts for working hard. They were always there for each other and got through everything together.

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