1 Chapter One: The Beginning Pt. 1


Wailing cries echo unto a bloody field.

As a child is born, in the midst of war.

She takes her first breath on the fields of death.

Surrounded by men long gone -

Unto the underworld they went.

Leaving behind only misery, glory, honor, and fear on their last breath.

The stench of death brought by the conflicts of war.

For reasons forgotten a long time ago.

The child cries as it seeks its mother's warmth within her bosom.

But, none remains except for the warmth of the setting sun.

As legends go of the nearly forgotten past, that came from heroes

Long forgotten by time, yet persists through their words.

That a child born in the fields of war could only die on the battlefield.

Returning once more to where they a born and only then they should find peace.

As the child's heartbeat grows strong with its wails.

The trumpets of men below booms throughout the field to signal their victory.

The child cries on the field, fighting for its life.

Unknowing of the curse or blessing set in stone.

While the stars of the sky fall-like tears of joy or for the misery to come.

One year earlier.....

As a carriage goes through the forest at a decent speed. While the birds outside chirp and sing. While the river brings forth its shimmering beauty and its calming song. While the trees outside sway in joy. While the mountain of high is covered with frost and standing strong.

A sits inside his carriage, occupied by the thoughts within his head. What thoughts they maybe? - let us leave them to his own privacy. The man had a navy blue hair like the midnight sky. His shoulders are broad and strong. While his body is well built and sturdy like the mountain tops. A scar lies at the top of his brow, a reminder of the battles he has faced. His eyebrows creased as he focuses on his thoughts, while his eyes shimmer like the golden summer sun. His face is young yet the light wrinkles that appear on his face serve as a reminder of his olden age. He breathes a sigh as he looks at the horizon where dark clouds form on the mountain tops. An eerie feeling dawns on him.

While miles away, in a beautiful estate with a garden ever flowing of flowers like lilies, roses, lavenders, violets and more. The maids and butlers ready themselves to prepare for the arrival of the head of the house. The young maids worked on cleaning each part of the house under the close supervision of the head butler. While the madam of the house with her bright flaming red hair frets over the arrival of her husband. Her face is soft and flustered as she worries about her secret. Her dress was prim and beautiful, as it looks like the crystal waters of a river. While it flows and moves like the wind. Her dress was light due to the summer heat and of course because of her secret. Her red hair straight and flowing are neatly arranged. She fiddles her fingers within their room while sitting on the sofa by a luxurious mahogany table. Her face showed excitement and worry at the same time.

Knock knock

"Madam Stein, may I please come in?" a female voice outside the door asks.

The woman's thoughts were broken as she heard the voice.

"Ah...Lucy please do come in." as she gave permission to her attendant maid to come inside. As she entered the room she gave the madam a bow as she proceeded to her side. She carried a tray with her that contained tea and pastries. She sets the snacks unto the mahogany table. She walked in front of her master and spoke.

"Madam, you should not fret too much. The master will be happy with your news." with a smile on her face as she held her master's cold hand.

"I know I should not, but with these rough times..and the changing of the political climate. I fear that he is far too occupied with the troubles of the state, and I fear for his safety" she spoke with an elegant tone as she looked up with her silver-gray eyes to the maid present before her with her eyes deep as a dark abyss with her hand on her stomach.

A sigh came out of the maids' lips.

"Madam, you should not fret about the troubles of the state for it will be dangerous for you and your child. I know Master, will not let any harm fall upon you. Don't you remember that he had sworn before on the battlefield as he saved you from the barbarians? Don't worry too much. Besides, I have a feeling that the Master will be happy to have a child to dote upon." the maid replied as she walked to the windows to open up the curtains to let the sunshine in.

The madam looked up to her maid with a gentle smile. As the maid spoke,

"Madam you should let more sunshine in, it will be beneficial for your health and the baby."

She looked back to her master who had a smile on her face, while her features glowed with the light of the sun.

"Of course, of course, what would I do without you, Lucy?"

Lucy the head maid, had served Madam Stein since she was a young child and her as a teen walked towards her master. She gently spoke, "No matter what happens Madam, I am very honored to be always been by your side. Please help yourself with some of the snacks I will come later to call you when the master arrives.

Lucy then gave a slight boy and walked out of the room.

Then, the Madam looked outside of the window where a pair of birds flew in the horizon as she placed her hand on her belly.

"Oh, my sweet child. I wish these brief peaceful times will last. But, I fear that Liden would not hold out for long with the attacks coming the west, south, and the north. With these times I wish for you to be blessed and overcome troubles on your path. I hope that nightmare will never come true....but knowing my luck, it just might." her voice was soft as she spoke, while she rubbed her stomach.

As the man looked out of his carriage window, the carriage driver spoke,

"Sir, we are almost at the estate."

The man merely gave a grunt as a small smile is formed at the corner of his lips. As he taught of his wife whom he had not seen for a month. After, he had gone to the capital to help settle some of the affairs with foreign affairs as part of his duty as the countries war minister.

'Ah, my beautiful wife.' he thought, as he remembered her smiling face, fierce attitude, and grace. A woman of elegance, wit, and strength. Yet, on his mind, he sees her as a squirrel fiercely guarding her stashed nuts. He gives off a slight chuckle about his thoughts and wanders off to her well being.

'I hope she is well, I've heard she's been confining herself to her rooms lately. I hope all is well. But, alas there are more troublesome troubles ahead. And so I pray and wish for this peace to last and for the war on the borders to finally seize! For, I fear for the lives that will be lost, and I fear I will break my promise of defending this land and protecting those I care for.' The man thought as he touched his heart, and within the pocket of his clothing held in the same spot lies a locket.

A locket that holds promises, memories of joys, and struggles - truly a relic of the past. A reminder of how today came to be.

His thoughts were then broken by the carriage driver as he spoke,

"Master, we are only a few minutes away from the state. We will be there in no time."

The man then spoke with a rich timbre, "Thank you, Adam. I appreciate all your hard work."

The old carriage driver spoke, "Master, it should be I who should be thanking you. It is an honor to serve as your driver for all these years."

The man then looked in front of him where the seat lies for the driver and smiled. Then, his mind had drifted back to his lovely wife.

'Oh, Helena I can't wait to see you. My lovely rose knight and wife.'

He then reached for his pocket with his one hand and took out a small box. He slowly opened it and with the sun's light, the accessory shimmered with a light glow. It was a gold pin, with rose gold vines and thorns, while the main piece was a rose, while its center is finished with a ruby.

An accessory fitting for his wife.

He then closed the box and placed it back to the right pocket of his pants. As he noticed that the walls which surround his estate. Then the carriage came into a stop at the entrance of the gate that is made of steel and embellished with gold for design.

The carriage man then spoke, "We have arrived home, master."