Son of Thunder and Lightning Book

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Son of Thunder and Lightning


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In the mystical world of Amoria there is magic in abundance and lot's of wild spirit dæmons roaming free . The people of this world awaken their spirit power at age 6 and gain a spirit dæmon through strong bloodlines and can awaken only one element ( fire, water, lightning, plant, earth etc ) during their teens . Being a magi ( cultivator of magic ) is considered the most elite profession and acquiring the title Spirit Emperor means status and power to move continents , burn oceans to ashes and break open the sky. ___________ In Amoria City of the HOLY GALTAE EMPIRE lives a young boy with an innate dæmon Born with strong spirit power but no spirit dæmon, becomes the laughing stock of the city A fatherless child , bullied by people Through hardwork and determination , follow young Aiden Valice Greyonn of the Greyonn Family as he strives to become strong and powerful and acquire the title of Spirit Emperor whiles facing off against rivals , enemies and villains follow Aiden Valice Greyonn as he conquers the continent and becomes Galtae's greatest Spirit Emperor.