Son Of Oceanus: Land Of Melee
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Son Of Oceanus: Land Of Melee


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What is Son Of Oceanus: Land Of Melee

Son Of Oceanus: Land Of Melee is a popular web novel written by the author DragonKnight531, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 70.6K readers . The novel is being serialized to 11 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What does one do with the power of a God? obviously do his chores, keep his grades up and make sure to throw out the trash. Sam is a 16 year old boy who cant seem to take a day off from strange and supernatural events. the day just keeps on getting weird, and Sam gets to be a part of it, Yippee. with old Gods dying out and new Gods gaining power. There's a battle for control, and the Demigods are right in the middle. His family Try their best to shelter him from the war. But its only a matter of time.

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Your new novel isn’t bad but the text walls are still a bit large. Try to split hen up more often. The grammar is s but funky especially with capitalization and comma usage. For examole there were lots of words starting off sentences that were uncapitalized, and words like “I” was uncapitalized as well. There were some comma usage in places that didn’t need them and commas missing in places that definitely needed them. The length is nice, not too long and not too short so that’s a good thing. The concept seems pretty interesting thus far but the speech text is a bit hard to read. Maybe try having dialogue in a paragraph by itself instead of right in the middle of a paragraph, this will make it easier to read. And add more descriptions to some of the important settings, objects, and scenes. What you have now is good but there is some imagery that is missing.


The story never goes how you expect. Sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't see it coming. Long story short, it was nuts. Great job and I hope you don't slack off like last time.


Only 5 chapters in, so I can't really say much but, Its funny and best of all the plot is picking up. Keep up the good work. I like when Originals make there own books. Keep it up bro! Can't wait to see how this book does.


I like the idea, At first I thought Percy Jackson. But the book is so different you lose the feeling quickly. There two different books. So far The uploading is on time so thats a win win for me. Would recommend if you need a new type of book. Idk if this is Fan Fic so far its funny and has magic and super power so I'd say Fantasy. Great Job author. Also don't neglect SuperFail or I'll be mad!! :-)


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