chapter 1

wake up uche we have to go now before father come back, wake up....

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were am i, father... what happened, sir ade wait this is not my body, I should be at the northern boarder , who is this my head ahhhhhhhhhh.....

he received a set of information that is when it dawned on him that he have been reborn in another time 200 years after the gods became jealous of man for the blessing of the sun on them and sort to destroy man, father is no more kale the god of dead attacked the palace when they were about to leave, the betrayal by sir throwing him into the lake of fire as sacrifices to dead, the pain of seeing your friends turned there back on you because of death, I don't blame them but Mark was like a brother to me, he and his sir Ade betrayed the king and the royal house.

this too him 1 min to process, the owner of this body is named uche I still got my name even after transmigration this little girl must be my sister Ada the own of this body fell from a tree while he was trying to get fruit for the sister.

am up ada lead the way lets go him ( at least I will stay with this family to see how the world works..