2 Slow life progresses (shortly)

I finished watering my crops. My crops seem to need less water than other farmers'. I was shocked on how my crops only live off with 5% of the water most farmers need.I sat on the big stone after some weeding maintenance..... This tone is magical. This stone is a stone that dates back from my grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand dad. It seems to also be a stone from the creation of the empire. The empire's history is thaaaaaaat long. Eh? Why am I sitting on it? ~~~~Because it's there.

This stone faces my fields and is only 15 mere(1m) far. The sun does not hit the stone though the lack of presence of canopies. Rain and winds leave this stone. Oh. Its amazing when you see this stone in a storm..... Its safer on top of this rock than my hut. But this stone's magic doesn't seem to work with other people. Only when I'm present and nobody is watching then..... I was called a liar once and had been isolated from the village's children because of this stone not working when I boasted it to the adults. Thats sad. It was a year that nobody came to me to be friends.....

Except Kola....

eh? Why Kola?

because she fell on a kola kola tree the first time we met. Thats why Kola. It still makes her mad though when I tell it to other people.

Were turning 15 this luna(lunar month). For some reason , Kola and I are born in the same month. Im a week older than her....

Yet, Kola still likes to stick with me even though she's near marriageable age.... She bites my arm everytime I tell her this. Yes. Bite. Bite marks are more painful than labor work.

She has grown as a beauty. Though childish. Young men in our village seek to ask her hand after her coming of age ceremony. True to say, Im a liiiiiittle jealous. She has always been there for me. I even showed her the power of the stone. Not. The fucking stone just wont do it. When I was isolated, growing up, having my own field. She even sometimes help me of tilling the soil. She has been always a like a younger? sister to me. She's always close to my heart. Im comfortable with her. Seeing another man take her away is painful as fuck. But, Im only a farmer. A beauty like her has bloomed to her fullest and just like my vegetables, can fetch for a price.

I looked up to the blue sky.

I sighed.

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