Well, the vegetables are growing bigger and bigger as time goes on... Soon enough I might need to sharpen my sickle for the harvest. Oh..... and I need to pay that fucking lord. That pig that only wants my vegetables! Why.? He lends me some(1/3 of money needed) money to plant something for the season and when the harvesting comes, he takes more than half of my vegetables. Some of you might say that is fair but...I mean just why take my raw vegetables! I can procure funds for returning thrice fold my debt to him by selling my vegetables. But why! I can sell them for an even higher price! Why!!! Why eat them! I borrowed money and you take vegetables?! The lord seems not to know the conversion of vegetables to money.... He's a nice guy(though a gluttonous pig). but!

huh.... T×T

Im afraid..... that if i say something,my neck will just not be a part of my body....

Why? I mean my vegetables are better than other farmers but why woul a lord take my vegetables!

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