1 The new transfer


"I heard there's a new kid with light magic transferring to our school!"

"That's just a rumor dumbass."

Bridge high school was especially busy this morning. News of a new transfer student with the rare light magic was spreading quickly amongst the students.


"Oh shit that's the bell, we gotta run to the main hall!"

"Wait for me man!"

Keen always gets psyched up when new students show up. He's a fighting maniac, always looking for someone strong to spar. I on the other hand usually get dragged along.

Nobody really wants to hang out with me, which is fair. I'd stay far away from someone with a black mark under their eye too. Keen doesn't really care and thinks that maybe one day I'll awaken some 'amazing overpowered magic', and when that happens he's first in line for a spar.

Well if I do have this hidden overpowered magic somewhere in me, it's taking its sweet ass time. Until it decides to suddenly show up, I'm just a regular fire magic user. Or scratch that, I'm pretty below average.

"Hey slow down man!"

"What're you talking about Bell, a kid with light magic is waiting for us at the main hall. I can't wait to see what he can do."

Keen speeds up while saying this.

"Fine fine I get it."

When we finally reach the main hall, we were asked by Mr. Henry to join one of the rows of students.

The main hall is this huge outdoor circle in the middle of the school campus. The first thing you'd notice is a large statue of a sword in the middle of the main hall. This sword is supposed to be the sword used by the hero Bell to win the fight against the demon lord Zanoth around one thousand years ago.

Oh yeah, my parents named me after the hero, big deal.

Anyways, I'm not sure why a sword was used when he could've just used magic, but people say that the hero could let his magic flow into this specific sword, making it an extremely powerful weapon.

Moving on from the statue, there's a stage at the end of the main hall. On the stage, there was a single student standing behind the principal.

"Alright students, everyone settle down."

The main hall suddenly fell into silence. The air suddenly felt tenser, as everyone realised that the one standing behind the principal is most probably the rumored light magic user.

Usually, new students just join in whatever class they have and introduce themselves there, but the kids from noble families are usually introduced by the principal to the whole school.

No wonder he's rumoured to have light magic, he's a rich kid.

The four most basic of magics are fire, water, air, and ground. Everyone is born with an affinity to one of them. There are other types of magic as well, like light in this case, which is an extremely rare magic to be born with. There is also a way of forcefully learning a certain type of magic, by buying a magic scroll. A light magic scroll is something only an extremely wealthy noble family can afford.

"Alright students, this here is Zen Blackhammer."


The hall instantly went back to being loud. All of the students couldn't believe what they had just heard.

"Silence everyone!" the principal shouted at the top of her lungs.

The hall went back to silence immediately.

"Psst, you heard that?" Keen says with a huge smile on his face.

"Yes I did, now be quiet Keen don't get us in trouble."

"Hello everyone."

The student who was once behind the principal was now in front of her. He was a tall man and well built, with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail that flowed down and rested on his shoulder. He was wearing the special black and gold uniform that nobles get to wear, rather than the black and silver uniform us regular students wore.

"My name is Zen Blackhammer. I'm looking forward to this school year." he says confidently as he bows.

'And there goes my chance of getting any girls this year, great.' I think to myself.

This is gonna be a wild year.