1 New prologue

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to escape death? Have you ever considered what it feels like to narrowly escape dying?You most likely haven't ,Right?That's why you're reading this.

If you have experienced the previous state of mind ,your life must be really bad ,huh?well let me tell you the tale of a certain boy who has had countless experiences with death while still being a normal person. You heard right, I said he was a normal person . He was not not a military personnel , no one with a tragic backstory , nor some kind of thrill-seeker, he was just a perfectly average young adolescent boy just like someone might have seen around you. He was not anyone with some great fate neither was he special in any way he was simply normal . the only thing about him that was somewhat abnormal about him was the way he died ,for your information his death was not heroic in any way it was the direct opposite it was pathetic ,cowardly and common. During the ten months before his death he was in many different forms of accidents and incidents ,whether it be natural disasters like earthquakes, floods or typhoons or man made incidents like robberies or slasher attacks ,he survived many different forms of near death happenings . Now you might be thinking this boy is extremely lucky or is there someone plotting something against him? The second point I don;t know but i never said anything about him being lucky did i ? although he himself might survived all these occurrences the people near him didn't , a lot of his friends, his family ,his relatives and even random bystanders all died while something happende near them/ Your probably thinking how did he not commit suicide after all of this? Does he not feel anything from people near him dying/

He did try many times to kill himself but each time he did something happened , either some kind of person who detests suicide came and stopped or some other strange coincidentual thing happened

Your wondering where the person i am talking about is he still alive ? and to that question my answer is he is dead . he finally died after everyone near him passed away near him was this depressing cause this was not meant to depress it is simply what happened . may his soul get solace

BTW his cause of death was him getting run over by a truck which for some reason, even after hitting him didn't stop and ran into a nearby airport and crashed into an empty plane


[Ugh everything hurts ]

[ Getting run over still hurts ]

[Did that do it ? Am I finally dead/?]

Or is this some kind of last minute hospital ward for run over people like the other one?/if it is I,I,I can't do this shit anymore just let this end I wanna die just let it ALL END ALREADY!!!

For now let's open my eyes and see what's up

{uhm,Uhm huh? Why is it so dark ?]

It's really dark

I got run over right , so,I should be in a hospital somewhere right?

This is a hosiptal right ?

[Huh, why am I naked? Did i get kidnapped to get sacrificed again?]

Well if i am kidnapped for sacrificial purposes again i hope they succed

Any second somebody should be comint to get me from whatever cultresponsible for this

Any second now,, any second now

Ten minutes later

Any minute now, any minute

Why is no one coming ?

Do even not want to kill me ?

[Hell o , is anyone there ?]

I asked in a decently loud voice to which there was no answer

Not feeling disencouraged I yelled in a much louder then before


That should atleast make someone come here

Five minutes later

Come on atleast someone respond

[hellooo, Did YOU not hear me I called y'all a bunch of fuckwads and dipshits , so at least respond if you don't want to prove me right ]

[ Hey, are you listening? respond when someone is talking]

Ten minutes of shuting and verbal abuse


[hum, hunh, humh , huunh]

What kind of pussy-ass cult kidnaps someone and does nothing after

When I get out of whatever is restraining me i'll beat their asses

[ huun, hhunnh, hhuun, nhhen]

After a full minute of continuous struggle against my constraints i managed to break out

I tried to search for the constraints but i couldn't find them it was as if they disappeared

[Okay, let's find the exit and also beat up one of my kidnappers , that will make me feel good ,yeah ,meaningless violence]

[ okay, let's see the least amount of echo was over here I think so I should also go this way, yeah ,that logic is perfect. So let's also"BWACK'' ow.]

Did I just crash face first into a wall , thats so stupid

[ if there is a wall here i can use it as a guide and find the exit]

So let's do that

"Caress "touch ' "touch

[ Ohh, here i can go through here, lets go}

I start walking at a brisk pace that isn't too slow or fast after sometime I see some light in the distance. Thinking i found the exit of where i am i increase my speed and run towards it

After I ran to where the light was i saw something very -

[it's an Ipad]

As i can tell it's an Ipad, not only that but it is a floating Ipad on a pedestal

My instincts which i have thoroughly developed in the last ten months of my life are telling me touching will lead to something bad,but i am a dipshit who likes to go against reason and the worst thing that can happen to me is death which i wish for so I'mma go touch it

[ Okay, i should first bring it down ]


That w-was definitely a click right. I clicked something, RIght?

When I was panicking over what i clicked i noticed there was a piece of paper directly below where the Ipad was so tied to read it

[let's see"Thou who readst thine paper hast most certainly passed thyme mortal coil , whence thou activate thisth odalisk thine existence shall beith reconstituted]

[ What kind of prick wrote this bullshit, oh this is the place of the pussy cult. I Should find my clothes and le-...??]

Wut da fuq. ?????

[My hand, my hand , my sweet glorious hand!!!!!!!]

My hands are disappearing(well only one of them

{what's happening ,how is this possible ?]

Okay , okay calm down me and think

[ the note it said something about oda-something and activating does that mean the Ipad(??)]

But when did I turn it on

[The click sound ]

If we are following that logic means I 'm finally dead, well this was unexpected.


That is how I completely turned to dust

SOmetime later in another world far away from here a certain grey-ash haired boy was born in a certain village in a world of swords and magic


Hi my name is Allen and i am a genius

Why am I a genius you ask because at 3 months of my birth i learned how to walk at 9 months of birth I could speak pretty well and at 2 years of age I used magic it totally stunned my parents when i did it,so yes i am a genius

I am currently 3 years old

I live in the village of Orin

Recently I have been having strange dreams of a place I have never seen ,or a very dark room with someone I don't know talking to me

When I tried talking to me my mother About it she said It's not anything important but I'll figure it out sooner or later , because I am a genius

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