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Something Happened

by sovvblue

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As a young female with a simple mindset and an admiration for her late grandmother’s house, Grace Nahm moves into the place with determination to create the same everlasting memories as her childhood visits did. However, when she can’t stop seeing a handsome, young ghost who is tethered to the house, she must come together with her new companion in order to discover the origin of her newfound lifestyle. — Grace’s hazel eyes welled again. She hated August seeing her in such a weakened state. “I need to go home.” August needed more than a home. He needed to stay like that forever, skin touching. Resting a gentle hand on her chin, he lifted. “Stay right here. I’ll stay with you.” Mei smiled, bitterly. “You don’t have a choice. You’re stuck to this place and I can’t manage the same fate.” August pressed his lips together. “But, you’d like to.” “I would.” He straightened on the bench, wind rustling the limbs around them. Winter was coming sooner than either would appreciate. “Then, can I make one last selfish request?” Grace gave his other hand a final squeeze, then releasing. “Anything.” August’s eyes darkened. “Kiss me.”

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