1 Starting Over

Carson stood still staring at the beautiful woman in front of him who just announced herself to be Gaea she was the mother of nature and she was secretly the god that he worshiped, of course in secret because he didn't want to seem weird. She had long flowing green hair that touched the ground it was in a braid with flowers blooming from it along with twigs and berries in it.

She was smiling sweetly down at Carson who had just shown up here, he had died from an accident and there was nothing she could do to send him back since his body fell into the ocean being devoured by sharks. So now since he was the most devote of her followers she was going to grant him Three wishes and a new world to start over his choice.

"So young one I'm sorry to say but all I can do is send you to a new world to live. I will also give you three wishes since you have been so devote to me. Name anything the world is not included in the wishes." Gaea said looking at him lovingly stroking his head lightly.

Carson was in a daze but he still heard everything she said, he was just to shocked to say anything after a moment he was finally able to come back to. "I see I don't really care about much I had everything in my past life. Money, Power, influence. So honestly I don't know what I want." He was honest since he didn't know what to with his second chance.

"Well that's fine take your time little one." After that she started humming, being sixty feet tall Carson was an ant to her that's why she sat him in her lap while brushing his hair and humming.

Carson was also reluctant to leave this since he knew he wouldn't get the chance to do it again and that no matter where he went he wouldn't get that chance to see her for awhile, it was a cliche but this was the novel stuff he read about. He knew his wishes but he was still deciding the world but in the end it didn't take long he wanted somewhere simple where he could enjoy life but also relax because their were no true threats to his life, he didn't like the feeling of dying.

"I have decided." Carson said after Gaea stopped humming and waiting for his response, "I want to go to the world of Twilight three hours before the plot. My first wish is to be a An immortal Alpha Wolf that is immune to anything dangerous to wolfs along with being immune to everyone's powers. Second I want the power to control all elements and have the aura of nature. Third and Last I want to have the best cooking ability."

(You know all my characters have to be able to cook since I am a chef myself and want a little of me in each book)

Gaea nodded thinking it over it's not like she couldn't do it anyway so why not, "Sure just promise me that you will enjoy your new life and never forget your past."



Soft wind was push his hair back but his eyes were still closed he didn't want to open them just yet since he was enjoying this moment of piece before he had to head out into this unknown world for adventure, sighing he could feel people were coming near him but he didn't move. Opening his eyes he took out his wallet so he could see what he looked like now since he Gaea didn't give him the chance to so he didn't know what he looked like but his new life was kind of like his past.

His family moved to Forks, Washington after his dad sold off his company setting them for life but his mom opened a new diner here and that is what they did in their free time.

Carson looked at the drivers license in his wallet he was a Teen standing at six foot three, black hair with orange highlights, he had piercing green-blue eyes that had golden flakes in them. His body was well fit with a six pack and swimmers body not overly buff, he was satisfied with his new looks and body so he finally paid attention to the people who had shown up.

To his left was two people a girl with black hair who looked like a pixie with golden eyes, next to her was a guy with dirty blonde hair with golden eyes. To his right were two wolfs one was solid black with brown eyes (Sam) next to him was another wolf with a brown coat but because Carson didn't know the order they turned he didn't know which it was. He looked between the two because he was technically on the line separating the two but he didn't know that so he just watched them quietly to see who would speak first.

"Who are you?" Alice was the first to speak since she was the most curious she couldn't see anything about him and it was weird, but she was really intrigued by him. Jasper stood on the side quietly.

"Your not one of them you don't have to answer her." Sam spoke to him in his mind trying to gain Carson's allegiance since he couldn't detect his Alpha status since he wasn't in wolf form.

Carson still just ignored him too and stood up dusting the dirt off his pants while looking around, he was in the middle of the forest not to far from the entrance of the road leading to town. He still had time before Bella showed up he planned on being friends with her but right now he wanted to look around the town more before deciding what he was going to do now. Without warning he took his Wolf form he didn't care for either group right now, Sam stepped back feeling his Alpha aura and Alice looked dumbstruck but was even more curious since he wasn't one of Sams.

Carson automatically knew how to control his transformation and not worrying about anyone else he took of deeper into the woods to see if he could come across anything interesting. While he was running he could still feel people following him but they were keeping their distance so he didn't stop them since he wasn't doing anything private anyway, coming to a stop he looked down from a cliff at the raging waters that crashed against the side.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Alice asked standing next to him not the slightest afraid he would hurt her. He stared at he but didn't answer.

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