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Something About You (Twilight)


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So there was a guy who loved to do as he pleased. Why? Because he felt that life couldn’t be lived to the fullest if he didn’t. Because of this he died trying to Skydive but the parachute didn’t deploy. Now with his wishes he takes over the world of twilight enjoying a new immortal life. Why Twilight? Just because he wanted to take the sappiest type of vampire movie and make it his own. Plot? Why follow that when you can do as you please. Forks? Well okay he will stay there doing as he pleases Follow Carson as he takes on this new world with new friends and powers. He knows what’s to come. So he will Do whatever it takes to make some of it come true the other half? Who cares he will do stuff as the plot thickens. (I only own my original characters and plot all rights go to original author for everything else.) (Not My picture on the cover if the owner wants me to take it down let me know)


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