Somehere In France With You Book

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Somehere In France With You


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"Vive La France" It's Sepember 1940 and the germans have just steamrolled through France. Fear of the Germans have truly skyrocketed now that they had taken of the French country. But there was always one thing stronger than fear. Hope. And in those small segments of hope were The French Resistance. A brave French group that dedicated their own lives to bring back true france. They carried out small to big operations such as Espionage, helping downed allied pilots escape capture, conveying Intelligence to the allied powers etc. And in a small village in german-occupied France, were two Spanish siblings, Lucia and Antonio Castelló. Who mostly passed letters and anti-german Propaganda around the village and beyond. They had never even seen a downed allied pilot before. But when the two siblings find 2 pilots injured and one on the brink of death, how will they help them? Will they be ready to return to what they left behind? How will they escape the watchful eyes of the German soldiers that watch all the inhabitants 24/7? This story is about: ~A German pianist ~A Spaniard plagued with Anxiety. ~A resistance member with a hard punch ~A Nazi with toothache ~A stubborn Australian pilot ~ And his kind polish friend with one ear ~A Jewish athlete


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