33 Chapter-32<Call of Tower>

'Conquer Yggdrasil?' Arvin asked.

{Yes. Reach the highest floor and defeat the strongest being in the Yggdrasil.} Lopt said.

'Woah… Defeat the strongest being… Will I be able to defeat it?' Arvin asked.

{Sure kiddo. Remember you have a god by your side. And not any god but one of the strongest gods out there.}


{I am sensing you are underestimating me?}

'Well… The power you gave me is a Mischief system… Mischief… So don't you think that strongest is a bit of over-stretch…' Arvin said hesitatingly.

{You will see. And when you see my strength will make you scream Master Lopt 666!}

'666… Why?'

{Oh you are an Indian… I forgot… I mistook you to be Chinese…}

<A.N- 666 comes from Chinese gaming slang, where gamers would put '666' in the chat after seeing another showing an impressive skill>

'What does 666 mean in Chinese?'

{You don't have to know that…}

'I thought you were referring to the devil's number 666… You know that is used in the bible… 666 refers to either the number of the devil or the number of antichrists. I am not sure.

{I don't mean that. Chinese used that number in a whole other way…}

'So let us eat something… Then let's get out of here.'

{I think you should skip eating here.}


{Don't you remember the commotion that you caused?}

'Yeah… But I was asleep for 36 hours and nothing happened. So what is wrong in having breakfast?'

{Dumba**… Remember carefully what happened that day. You started transforming back into your human form in mid-air. What if someone would have seen you? What if that Alman guy saw the color of your skin? There aren't many boys in the city with brown skin you know…}

'But still, the chances of me getting caught is very slim… Plus I am very hungry.'

{Aww… Look at that my little boy is hungry… Will you eat meat jerky and alberian pie for breakfast?} Lopt said in a voice as if he was talking to a little kid.

'Ye… Yeah,' Arvin said while hesitating. He had sensed that maybe he had said something very wrong

{Now my little boy can you tell me… Do you have any idea what you have stolen from that Alman?}

'I stole some rations and his safe…' Arvin said it was then his brain working overtime. He started to think about whether he had something valuable in his inventory…

{Ah…. Something I made a right choice choosing that man's human…*Sigh*…. Dumbas* listen to me carefully. You unknowingly have something very valuable from that Alaman guy… So it would be better for you to get the f**k out of here as soon as possible…Capisce?}

<A.N- Capisce?" is American pseudo-Italian slang for "understand?>

'Capis… what?'


'Woah… Ok, I get it…' Arvin said.

Then Arvin took off his clothes and transformed into a Corgan. Then he flew out the window. Arvin was thinking that he should go to other cities and try to sell the grains. He didn't know the direction of any city, but he knew that all the cities were south of Kalgan forest. They all are situated in areas that are very far away from Kalgan forest. So Arvin started flying towards the south…

{Where are you flying towards jack-a**?} Lopt asked.

'I am flying towards the nearest city… Why?'

{We are not going to another city. We will go to Kalgan forest.}

'What? Why?'

{To start your training of course.}

'My training? I thought I had done all the training that I need with Josh?'

{Kiddo don't take it the wrong way but… That Josh guy is trash. He was able to increase the durability of your body via his training. But if compared to my standards all he did was to help in warming up.}

'What do you mean?'

{Just start flying towards Kalgan forest. From today onwards I will train you my way.}

'Ok then if you say so…' Arvin then took a U-turn and started flying towards Kalgan forest.

Arvin was a little bit scared of the Kalgan forest. But he knew that one day he would have to eventually go there. That is why he did not argue with Lopt about it. Plus the idea of a God training him was very interesting. He started wondering about what Lopt will teach him and how powerful will become after Lopt's teaching?

As Arvin was thinking about Lopt's training and all, he was disturbed during his contemplation by Lopt's voice…

{Can you feel it?}

'Huh? Feel what?' Arvin asked

{Try to feel it… Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths… You will start to feel it.}

'Feel what?' Arvin asked, confused about what Lopt was talking about.

{Just shut up and do as I say kiddo…}

Arvin then didn't ask another question. He looked and saw that he had left Arcane city and Kalgan forest could be seen in s distance. Arvin didn't know what Lopt was talking about but he trusted him. So he closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths. He was flying in the sky so there was no way that he would slam into anything so without any worry, Arvin closed his eyes.

He emptied his mind. Arvin could feel cold air coming from the forest. It was then he started feeling something. It was hard to describe this feeling. That feeling told him to go into the forest. It was just like the first time he opened his eyes. He had a feeling that he should go to the forest. But his mind told him that he should not do that. It would be a very dangerous venture if he gave in to that feeling…

{You are feeling it now.} Lopt said.

'Yeah… I am having this feeling… This feeling dictates me to go in the forest.'

{I know… Earthlings from upper floors call this phenomenon the Call of tower}

'Call of tower?'

{Yes. An earthling starts having this feeling when he/she is closer to the gateway.}

'What gateway?'

{Well some people call it an elevator, some called it ascension tower while referring it too has ascending pole}

'So I am having this feeling because of a tower?'

{Yes. That tower is just any tower. It is the gateway to another floor.}

'Oh… I get it now. It is like an elevator.'

{Sort of…}

'What do you mean?'

{To understand that first, you need to ask yourself a question… What is the difference between all the floors?}

'Amm… Don't know.'

{Well each floor is made in such a way that each floor has a different type of habitat to it. Like if one floor is a rain forest then the floor above it would be desert.}

'So every floor has different habitats.'

{Also each floor is also different… in terms of physics…}

'How so?'

{For that first you should understand the meaning of mana. You know what .}

'It is some sort of energy that could be used for magic.

{Correct. It is such energy that could be used to do magic. Mana can be found all around us. But the amount of mana found on different floors largely varies. Or in other words, it could be said that the higher the floor, the more mana in its environment.}

'So higher floors have a high level of mana in their environment?'

{Yes. And the more interesting part is that mana enhances your bodily function.}

'What does that mean?'

{Do you remember the bird that you saw on your first day in Yggdrasil?}


{Have you seen a bird like that on earth?}

'So with the mana made that bird evolve in that monstrosity?'

{Yes. Mana changes the body of a being that absorbs it.}

'So I will also become a monstrosity in the future like that bird?'

{Only if you don't follow my instructions.} Lopt said jokingly. While he didn't know that Arvin took it too seriously…

{Well because of the large amount of mana, the gravitational force of each floor increases as we go up. Plus it also makes various other changes. Which makes it harder for beings from the lower floor to survive on the upper floors.}

'I get it now…'

{Which also brings me to the defense system that we gods installed on each floor.}

'Defense system?'

{Yeah… We made beings that guard every entrance of the ascension tower of each floor. So if one can defeat that guardian being, then he/she could easily withstand the next floor.}

'So that means that I have to defeat a super strong being to get to the second floor?'


'Well, that is just great.'

{Don't worry, I guarantee you… With the mana stones that you have with you will be able to ascend to the second floor in a month. And maybe be able to kill that Laman guy…}

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