19 Cha Hae-in (2)

"Uhm….I heard you became the Vice-Guild Leader of the Hunters Guild. Congratulations."

"…Yes, I see that you knew."

"What? Oh… It's because I heard about it from the news."


It was a delicate atmosphere that was much different from what he had expected. It felt cold, but warm at the same time.

The Sword Saint didn't take his eyes off Perseus.

Cha Hae-in also glanced at Perseus.

He felt like he would have been more comfortable if they had been openly cold, but they had a very strange demeanour.

Silence fell upon them once more.

It was at that moment that the meal came.

"Ahem… please enjoy."

It was a simple meal, but Perseus liked it. It was because it reminded him of the days when he cleared gates with his father. You couldn't really bring a 5 course meal into an A Rank Dungeon after all.

'This sort of thing would be nice every now and then.'

Clearing his throat, the Sword Saint asked

"Are you currently seeing anyone?"

"No, I'm not."

"Oho! How upright. If you're a warrior that's how it should be. You should put yourself at the centre. A fine attitude."


"Your personality is straight as if you aren't that bastard's son. Your individual growth has brought incredible results. I'm acquainted with a few of the swordmasters that trained you, you see. They told me that your achievements with the sword are all based on your own hard work."

"The qualities of a true swordsman and a good personality, with a spirit to easily deal with the world."

Perseus was unable to keep up with the flow of the conversation any longer.

He avoided the Sword Saint's gaze and silently ate his meal.

The Sword Saint marvelled whenever Perseus moved his spoon and would nod whenever he picked up side dishes with his chopsticks.

'What is he doing now?'

Perseus felt like he would become sick from discomfort.



"You must have gone through some hellish training. It must have been agony beyond human endurance. I… feel as if I would never be able to imagine it."

"To think you would have no openings even while eating… Truly incredible."

"Ah… well…"

At the ardent and reverent gaze of the Sword Saint, Perseus replied in a vague way.

Yoriichi's body was just that perfect. The training and refining of his swordsmanship skill over the decades was impossible to erase even after the nerf from the goddess. Those experiences have already become a part of his body.

It wasn't an amount that the Sword Saint could comprehend. It's not like Perseus could just say, "Well, the body a goddess gave me had immeasurable talent in literally everything. That's probably the reason, haha."

It was nothing compared to the disciples receiving their training in the Cha Clan.

Perseus smiled awkwardly; too awkwardly. The Sword Saint nodded like an omnipotent being who knew everything.

"He who knows hell does not spit out from his mouth," the Sword Saint laughed as he stroked his beard.

Hearing this, Cha Hae-in was dumbfounded. She stared at her grandfather blankly. She was not used to his praise, especially towards an outsider.

The Sword Saint was notorious for his stingy praises. His standards were set too high. It was difficult for one to reach.

Perseus thought it was getting too awkward and wanted to give his gifts to lighten the atmosphere.

"Well… I brought gifts for the both of you. Would you like to receive them now?"

"Hm? Ah, yes. Thank you. Why don't you give it to us a little later? Rather than that…"

The Sword Saint looked at Perseus with a fervent gaze, the depths of his eyes a burning ember flame. It was similar to the eyes of a parent finding his lost child.

"How about marrying my granddaughter?" he said bluntly.


Cha Hae-in spit out the water she was drinking.

Perseus was equally stunned.

Marriage? All of a sudden? Does dating not exist in Korea?

The unexpected proposal confused both Perseus and Hae-in.

"Grandfather, are you serious…?"

"Is there a problem with my decision?"

"A lot! There's a lot!"

Cha Hae-in's calm atmosphere shifted.

She and the Sword Saint made eye contact. Perseus noticed the surrounding temperature start to drop, and the table shaking faintly right before his eyes.

"I… I can't accept that."

"No need to be flustered," the Sword Saint waved his hand, "It's something I have already decided."

Perseus saw darkness roam around Cha Hae-in's aura. He was awkwardly stuck between the two, eyes flicking back and forth and unable to say anything. He was, after all, watching a family affair from the sidelines.

'Wait no. This concerns me.'

"I acc-" Just before Perseus could finish his sentence, Cha Hae-in lunged at Perseus like a frightened kitten in an attempt to shut him up.

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