5 4 - are you on drugs?

"I knew it!" She exclaimed, "Leohart has gone overboard this time." As anger rose into her eyes.

But then as soon as she calmed down, she looked into Mickaila's eyes once again, "but for some reason it seems you have something else to tell me don't you?" Rosalia asked Mickaila who looks a bit more fidgety than normal.

But nevertheless he nodded, "So what else are you hiding from me, huh?" Rosalia said folding her arms together and sitting back on the white sofa she was previously sitting on.

And that was when Mickaila told Rosalia all the details of what happened after he got into the cave from where he sees the stone door to the internal temple like room full of statues and a book that became a system and then dying a horrible death which still made Mickaila shiver when thinking about it but he held it in he also talked about how he revived and battled a dire wolf and fully becoming a player.

"Ok, if what you said were true then you should've suffered some injuries." she said looking at Mickaila with concern with both his internal and external injuries, from external wounds to internal mental illnesses.

"Well, after killing the wolf, I got this healing liquid so all my injuries are all cured" He said.

Rosalia just nodded, listening closer until he finished, Mickaila then told her of everything he learned from the system and its function along with these newly awakened hunters that the government has been collecting.

After Mickaila has finally finished speaking, the longest conversation he has ever said, Rosalia just looked at him in a daze along with worry.

She then reached her hands out touching Mickaila's head, [no, it doesn't seem like it has a temperature?] then her eyes widened, [No, it can't be can it?]

She took a deep breath, looking at Mickaila with a serious expression meaning she wasn't joking with what she was about to say, Mickaila returned her with his attention, "Are...are you on drugs?" she asked whilst Mickaila was shocked at what his sister accused him off, [I mean, if I don't have money to buy food then definitely I don't have the money to buy drugs].

Mickaila gave Rosalia a questioning look, "Did you seriously ask that?" as his expression was much more composed now. Rosalia cheekily giggled whilst Mickaila sighed, "Do you actually think I have the money to buy drugs?"

"Furthermore, it's not even healthy, I'm not that unreliable" he said crossing his arms together. Normally people who use drugs were to either get the thrill or try running away from reality but for Mickaila, despite his life is hard, it wasn't to the extent that he needs to run away from it as the choices he made was something he has decided on so there is no one else to blame but himself if anything does happen.

"Let me guess, you didn't believe me" he said whilst Rosalia just hesitantly nodded.

"You know how people have been disappearing from the world, it must have something to do with these monsters or even the government." he carried on speaking, "Ok, if you still don't believe me, I bet we could find something on the internet or maybe on Youtube." he said as brought out his phone on searching up the internet which only shows news of people missing, he then went onto Youtube to search up these missing people or mysterious people using mysterious powers and just as thought, many different scenes of these so called hunters have presented unique abilities, 'System, find out if these people are missing.' Mickaila told the system and a few seconds later, 'Yes, they are indeed missing' the system answered.

"There here's your evidence." as Mickaila handed her the phone of the videos whilst editing these individuals' names on the laptop to search up these people on the news to see if they were missing and just like what the system has said, they were all missing.

"So... these may all have been photo-shopped, just look at the comments, everyone has the same belief as me." she said not budging from her belief, "Ok then, look at this." As Mickaila handed her the laptop with all the missing people which includes the ones shown on the videos.

Rosalia just looked at the videos and back at these missing people' data and found they were a match, "How did you know their names?" Rosalia asked amazed, "As I told you, I have the ability like a gamer and my system is like a high tech intelligence so it was able to do any facial recognition and show me the details of all these people and that is how I got their names."

Although a better way of showing her the evidence was to present her with the system however the system can only be seen by Mickaila himself and no one else.

"So do you believe me now? Or do you still think I'm on drugs?" Mickaila questioned Rosalia, "Maybe these were all just a coincidence" Rosalia said, doubting herself a bit, Mickaila sighed, |inventory| as he reached into the screen and grabbed out the bottle of healing liquid.

"Y...your hand...it...it disappeared!" she said shockingly rubbing her eyes to check if she was just hallucinating but no matter how much time she rubbed her eyes, she was still faced with the same situation, and as she sees her brother's hand reappearing, within his palm he was holding a bottle, "ho...how?" she asked with no words to describe what she just sees, [I mean not even magic can do this].

Mickaila smirked and got a knife and a large bucket from the kitchen before reappearing back in the living room, "Damn, this is going to hurt." he said, "what are you doing with that knife?" Rosalia questioned about taking it away from his hands however before she could reach out to grab it away, Mickaila had already started cutting himself leading to massive bleeding, "What do you think you're doing? Are you crazy?" She fiercely said with an absurd expression plastered on her face, she quickly stood up, about to go and get the medical kit but was grabbed by the hand before she could move, "Let go!" she demanded but Mickaila just shook his head, "sit down" he firmly replied, Rosalia tried pulling her hands away but it wasn't working, for the strongest soldier within the army, she thought it should've been easy to loosen from his brother's grip but nothing seems to work and against her will, she just sat down folding her arms, "why? your bleeding!" she said with worry, her eyes were about to tear seeing how Mickaila was self-harming himself, [maybe I should really take him to the hospital to see if he needs rehab] she thought.

But Mickaila just smiled, "Don't worry sis" as he took a sip of the healing liquid and just like that, Rosalia saw the several deep cuts heal within a split second, her eyes widened not certain what she saw was real.

"If this isn't enough evidence, you could take the bucket of blood to the hospital and ask one of the experts to confirm if it's real blood and do a DNA check to see if it matches with mine." Mickaila said with confidence that this evidence is irrefutable.

Rosalia held onto her head,"ok, let me think for a while." she said as if she was feeling unwell from all the information that seems impossible but still happened before her own eyes.

"Fine, I believe you however if what you said were all true, doesn't that mean our world would become a ruin in 8 months time?" she questioned whilst Mickaila could only nod, "And that is why we should train and become stronger, if we do this, we are sure to survive."

Rosalia nodded but still showed a bit of doubt, 'System, can anyone become a newly awakened hunter?' Mickaila asked, 'Yes, however some conditions must be meant.', 'And what are they?' Mickaila questioned, 'they must kill one of these monsters from the portal.' Mickaila nodded, [this should be easy to do, my sis is really strong so as long as the monster isn't too strong my sis can easily beat it] with that confirmation he smiled.

"I don't like that smile" Rosalia said, retreating from her seat a bit, unsure of what her brother had come up with this time but her gut feeling tells her that she won't like it.

"Oh come on sis, this would only take a while." he said as he grabbed his sister's hand and exited the house.

[Now then, system, where is the nearest and weakest monster?] He asked

'Location confirmed, it's near to what you call town, a 30 min walk to the north and you'll see an alleyway.'

He nodded, "now then, it's time to hunt!"

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