30 29 - It's now or never!

|You are now facing the dark realm's boss

Your mission is to defeat it, if successful you would be rewarded greatly. If you fail, death would await you. Good luck and may the odds be in your favour|


[Why does the unexpected always happen?] Mickaila cursed as he tried to force his way out from the poison ivy's grip.

|Skill: Detox

Status: Activated|

[Wow, by the end of this whole ordeal, my detox level must be the one that skyrockets the most] Mickaila joked despite the difficult situation he is currently put under.

With the blades within his hands, he smiled menacingly, |Skill: FireBlade, Status: Activated|

And like any other plants, their greatest enemy was fire, those surrounding Mickaila were burned whilst the others retreated back to their safe zone.

After being released from their clutches, Mickaila was back on his two feet touching the solid concrete floor whilst he stared upon the large humanoid bolder in front of him.

It was literally like a ginormous human looking creature but instead of being made of blood and flesh, it's body is replaced with the cold concrete stone, a body that was stronger and more durable than any usual human could ever be. It's appearance was more of the male mannequin shape but in a giant size and it's cold and threatening eyes stared back at Mickaila with an indifferent interest except for sleepiness and aggressiveness aimed at Mickaila, potentially due to his disturbed sleep.

Now with Mickaila's mask being dropped and put away, the two began to have a heated staring contest, and just as their eye contact separated, the ginormous enemy in front of Mickaila looked up and with a loud voice, a roar was heard from its mouth and soon dark shadowy mists began to suddenly appear around the whole room surrounding Mickaila with no specific shape just like a large blurry fog in a cold and solitude morning.

Soon the dark mist surrounding Mickaila moved in together and slowly started to form its shape. And within seconds, the dark shadowy mist started to dissipate and his view started to clear up. Appearances of different creatures formed in front of Mickaila from the most dangerous looking blazing blue eyed tiger to those of dark shadow warrior knights.

"This again?" Mickaila questioned in an unlikable tone.

He sighed and tightened his grip on his double daggers, running straight past the shadows and fighting any in his way in an attempt of getting to their boss and defeating it before any more trouble came along. But as expected, this was harder than it seems.

With so many shadows in his way, it was hard for Mickaila to even touch the boss, let alone have the opportunity to defeat it.

But nevertheless, he didn't give up and carried on pursuing.

~2 hours later~

Mickaila grasped a strong hold on his weapons along with an exasperated breathing, the air within the room became more unbearable by the second. His system has also notified him with toxic chemicals within the air and within the next few minutes, if he doesn't defeat the boss, he is indefinitely a loss cause.

And as for the boss, he seems to be running out of mana with the amount of shadows decreasing by the second but still it wasn't enough for Mickaila to reach it. With only 50 MP left for one last mana surge along with his health decreasing at an exponential rate, Mickaila's life was now at risk unless he quickly thinks of a way to defeat their boss or else it'll be the end of his story.

With this in mind, his heart started to beat at an exponential rate, was this because he was frightened?

No, instead of a scared and helpless expression on Mickaila's face, it was more of a focused and menacing look, it was an evil smirk which was plastered on his face. His blood was pumped with excitement as he tightened his grip on the swords within his hands.

"It's now or never!" he exclaimed with a big smile as he charged forward...

~Few minutes later~

Panting heavily as black blood covered Mickaila's sword along with his features becoming more and more pale by the second. And as for the large humanoid boss which was now laying on the floor in front of Mickaila has slowly begun to disappear leaving some materials behind which was automatically collected by his system and with a blurry conscience, notifications began to pop up in Mickaila's sight.

|Congratulations, you have defeated the boss (1)|

|Exp would be rewarded|

|Congratulations, you have now levelled up|

|Congratulations you have gained the title: Necromancer|

|Congratulations you have gained the skill: Shadow extraction|

However his sight was blurred that he wasn't able to read the full extent of what the system has shown. Even with the use of healing liquid, his wounds wouldn't stop bleeding, 'What's going on?' he questioned the system as his head started pounding and without knowing he got out of the alternate realm and before his mind could collect the information, he collapsed on the cold stone floor in what seems like a familiar and quiet street.

Unable to move, a familiar and small figure walked towards him, even as Mickaila tried to stand up, his body wouldn't listen to him.

'Your internal organs have been inflicted with strong toxins, taking into account how your health is nearly at 0, you were lucky to survive the poisons within the room for so long without collapsing there.' the system replied nonchalantly, not even worried with Mickaila's current situation.

'Well, nice to hear tha...' however, before Mickaila could finish his sentence, his eyes slowly drooped and began to close as his consciousness slowly fell into darkness.

And whilst Mickaila was unconscious, the little figure approaching him began to call for help before more men came and took him away within the dark gloomy night.


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