25 24 - A different Mickaila?

"so it was you?" As Mickaila stared at the being sitting at the far end wall observing the battle unfold before it. 

With its identity being found out, the leader of the warrior knights stood up from its position and faced Mickaila with the same intense bloodlust or even a stronger one that beats Mickaila's causing him to look inferior. 

"Tsk... Guess you have some moves up your sleeve." Mickaila probed as he tried to get a hold of his body from this intense battle with the warrior knights leader. 

[As I guessed, this is going to be an intense battle compared to the last portal] Mickaila smiled with excitement. 

"Come at me" Mickaila probed once again trying to sound as if he wasn't affected by the leaders intense bloodlust powers.

And as for the leader of the warrior knights he easily took the bait and began to attack with both it's weapon in hand going for a full out battle.

Clashing their swords against each other, the battle became more intense with both of them being on par with each other.

But who knew Mickaila would be at a disadvantage being it one against another with an army behind its back despite how small it was. It wasn't a fair battle however these weren't human beings that he was talking about but instead beings of a different world, an existence only seen in mangas or animes. And these existences don't feel what us ordinary humans feel. Feelings of pain, agony, suffering or even dignity. These are all the things and potentially many many more that were not listed within their dictionary. They were all just a bunch of shiny metals put together to fight for their leader's purpose without a conscience of their own. 

Despite how they were all tools used for one's gain, Mickaila dislikes how they were all ganging up on him that he was fed up with the constant revival of these things even if the perpetrator is losing its mana. 

"Wow, I never knew you would play so unfairly" Mickaila cursed as he was attacked from behind whilst being occupied when fighting off the leader.

Being hit from every corner with nowhere to hide or even a chance to defeat their leader due to the constant protection of its fellow knights. Mickaila was super pissed and extremely unhappy with how everything isn't going the way he wanted. 

He took a deep breath and sighed, "You know I hate it when someone is using its authority to gang up on another person...." Mickaila said calmly whilst his voice became more dominant causing the bunch of warriors except for their leader to take a step back. Although it didn't truly not have an effect on their leader, a flich was evidently present even if they had no feelings whatsoever but one thing was for certain... They could feel fear. 

Mickaila's natural light blue eyes suddenly turned violently purple, his aura sending chilling messages out to its surroundings with all the small creatures running into hiding and shivering underneath their dens. The warriors turned cold as ice (I mean can this be possible😂) as Mickaila took small steps towards their leader. 

By now, someone was indefinitely pissed that he doesn't even know the change in his eye colour. 

"And I hate it more when it's done so unfairly." Mickaila said firmly as he stood a few inches away from their leader with a monotone expression not even presenting a scent of anger but instead his body fused out the dominating aura spreading out to his surroundings, getting stronger by the second. 

And within that split second, unknowingly, the leader of the warrior knights suffered a hit, a bewildered move made by Mickaila with a speed and strength that was over the stats that he had. 

Something unknown, not even the system or any other human being had the ability to do. 

And by the time the leader turned to face Mickaila, he was still at his original position as if he had never moved. 

And as for Mickaila, he was internally fuming with anger, all he saw were red flames, the desire to destroy those Infront of him, it was as if Mickaila had suddenly turned into a different being, a being that was driven by anger. And as for Mickaila it was understandable, he was someone who has experienced bullying for so many years and endured the suffering, both verbal and physical by those he thought to be his family but instead his lifelong bully along with his classmates and teachers who ignored the events happening before them due to the Hades family name and prowess. Even if Mickaila was from the same household, he was nothing compared to the elder son who has the looks, the power and even the respect from different noble families for his intelligence at a young age and that was all because he was trained since birth by their father behind his birth mother's back. Despite the fact Mickaila has endured the torture for so many years believing one day it  would somehow go away, believing that Leohart would someday come to recognise him as his brother.

Mickaila has never taken a grudge against him even with the way he was treated. He believed that this was all done for a reason, he believed that he never belonged in the Hades family and since then he had tried to not depend on them too much. But who knew that the feelings he kept for so long buried within him has now  resurfaced? 

Even if he tried to believe that he wasn't angry, it was all just an act, a facade he has built for so many years to not cause a problem to his sister. Someone that has always been on his side, someone that he would do anything to protect.  

But what Mickaila was beyond angry about wasn't just the way he was treated, it was the way their society's system was built. A world where the strong rules the weak, a world where the strong lives whilst trampling on those below them like ants. 

This was something that Mickaila hated. It was evident enough that the world was unfair and that he may have a life that was better than those who were treated badly with no one by their side like Mickaila does. 

And Mickaila's thought was logical, he believed that those who are good no matter how weak or strong they are, they should still be treated with respect and dignity rather than the evil doers who use their authority and power to trample on others. 

But even with that said, Mickaila wasn't a kind person, for those who deserve to die, Mickaila wouldn't hesitate or even blink when killing them even if they were humans. He also had the ability to lead them to their demise without an ounce of sympathy. 

(Who else thinks our MC sound like a serial killer 😅)

"You've gone overboard and now you are going to pay!"

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